Saturday, June 5, 2010

this is a hodge-podge if I ever saw one

First of all. I never get expressions, sayings, metaphors, ANY of that right nearly 95 % of the time. I found myself wondering if "hodge-podge" is even a word. THANK YOU WIKIPEDIA.

Ok. BIG weekend. BIG past week. For myself and the Twifecta.

While KStew, the Puppy, and Rob were doing their jobs; I GOT a job! Which is very exciting and I promise does not mean posts on take me to bliss will cease. THIS I PROMISE YOU. You know, like that shitty NSync song from back in the day.

And in other exciting news, TOMORROW is the MTV MOVIE AWARDS also known as my favorite celebration of movies. You can bet your bottom dollar that I will have an extravagant spread of delicious appetizers prepared for lonesome self when I hunker down in front of the tv tomorrow night.

And here are things I would like to see:

I am VERY excited to see Aziz Ansari host. The promos make me laugh out loud. I want him to ROCK it.

RPattz being there is totally a given seeing the whole Twifecta has RSVP'd. Regardless, I am very much looking forward to watching him just looking ridiculously hot in his Water for Elephants haircut.

Don't get me wrong. I love New Moon but I'm not going to lie. I voted for The Hangover to win Best Movie because I think it deserves it. The Hangover continuous to leave me in tears of laughter and stomach pains every time I watch it. Its GENIUS.

I'm looking forward to having to bitchface the television if a Summit PR lady is sitting between these two and I will. MARK.MY.WORDS.

Lastly, I want these two to not only WIN Best Kiss. I want them to DELIVER an even better kiss than the awkward growling one they were nominated for. No one will die if these two kiss and the NonStens will still remain NonStens. Meanwhile us Robstens will suffer minor heart failure.

Ok next stop. KOREA.


Sometimes I am actually jealous of Rob.
True Story.

I know a lot of people didn't like this look. I am not a lot of people. I actually LIKED it. The skirt reminded me of something a lot of girls in Korea would wear so its very 'when in Rome' of Kristen to dress like that. Now let the hating commence.

If you haven't seen THIS yet:

I highly suggest you watch it from 1:25 onward. KStew kills me.

yes stewie
you show the korean host who's fucking boss

I was also made aware of what is now one of my favorite candid photos of Kristen,

And we were all made aware of classic #DomesticStew

K: Taylor - I told you to be careful where you sit.
T: Oh no - did I sit on one of my beef patties?

And lastly, because the weather is SHIT for the entire weekend here where I am, I am going to turn up the heat in my little proximity with THIS for you.

and THIS

And now I'm dead.



Jayde said...

Rob in a wifebeater all sweaty and dirty? Fuck. Me. THUD!

Anonymous said...

WHOA, Kristen with the long ponytail and those killer gams...lookin awesome!!!
Also, my dad's cousin makes a mean hodgepodge...which is basically garden vegetables and cream...YAY.


ps, i watched the clip...asians are weird