Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lack of Internet - its rather debilitating

I started my new job on Monday. It was WONDERFUL.

After little more than three months of being unemployed, let me tell you, returning to work was anything but bittersweet. I am SO glad to be working again. I was actually sad that after my first two days, I already had two days off. I work in a casino environment so the usual mon-fri 8-5 doesn't exactly apply to me. goodbye weekends it was nice knowing you.

Because I am working the entire weekend and basically every day until Eclipse midnight showing and thank fuck I am off at 9pm that night. I have been enjoying my two days off.

You know - morning coffee on the beach.

we seriously do not own a non-nautical mug

And yesterday - I actually dug two pounds of clams and made Cape Cod Style stuffed baked clams for dinner because sometimes I can be all talented like that.

yes. I really did get those in front of our summer house.

But as I mentioned in my last post, escaping the city means giving up being connected to the internet. Luckily, the internet people are coming tomorrow because right now, I'm posting this from a picnic table in the nearest town. Wireless FTMFW.

Yes - Being disconnected from the world and limited to my Blackberry who's capabilities of connecting to the internet are seriously crushed by the black hole of horrible service that is the waterfront property we own, I miss A LOT of whats going on.

Such as THIS:
The first two thoughts that came to my mind were:

1) Kristen looks absolutely gorgeous - obviously.

And as my eyes rested upon the Rob and Taylor cover, I thought:

Last time I checked, Robsten existed and Rob + Taylor hadn't come out as a couple, yes? I know I'm out of the city but I haven't left the planet.

EW WHAT were you smoking when you thought THAT cover was a good idea? Seriously. Please. Let me know. Do you know how many haters are going to take that cover and run run fucking run with it?


The only thing that SAVED the EW issue in my opinion was the amazing interview. I love a man who will stand up for his woman - Rob I am looking at you.

And the fact that I can take THIS photo

And get THIS much better photo

The shirt grabbing might have given me heart failure at first sight earlier this morning in a garden center and my mother may or may not believe I have absolutely lost every last marble.

Could there ever be any better looking couple? No. Never.

And if there is, I don't want to know about it.

I also missed the surfacing of the photos of Kristen's night on the town last night supporting Scout Taylor Compton at the premiere of Love Ranch.

I don't know a thing about Love Ranch but I sure do know that I LOVE Kristen's look last night.



Lastly, I missed the Total Eclipse of the Heart special on Kimmel last night. I know. I'm a horrible fan. In my defense, the cable guy is only coming on Friday and I was practically sobbing through the tweets during the hour it was airing. Seriously considering waking up our neighbor to ask them if I could plant my ass in front of their TV for an hour.

When I heard about Rob's calming touch of Kstews knee during her nervous knee-bobbing - I DIED.

And thanks to the picnic table wireless I discovered this afternoon, I was finally able to listen to THIS:

For those of you who have no clue who this is or what this means - please let me inform you.

Rob wrote this song about Kristen when they were filming Twilight - PRE-Robsten - He gave this song to his buddy Lee MacDougall to sing - PRE-Robsten - and now its been revealed that it is about Kristen and it is super fucking cute because now Robsten exists and he loves her SFM.

And we love them. And now I must flee because my battery is about to fail on me and as you can all guess, picnic tables do NOT come with plugs.

[A/N wishing you all a wonderful weekend! I will be spending it working but I promise to post again as soon as I get a chance!! The internet is officially up and running as of tomorrow at our summer house so I will be back to being in touch with the world on days off again. Thanks for all the follows and comments. You all make me smile every day. xx]


KJ said...

Pitch-Perfect Post, C! Very impressive that you worked that out despite your internet difficulties. Phone-only web contact is excruciating, at best. I sympathize. I may or may not have fainted when I saw the shirt-grabbing too, in the EW pic. There is NO better looking pair out there, TrueFax. Glad your new job is working out brilliantly, and yes, we shall talk shop soon. You have such a lovely, clear sense of writing, one I cannot seem to embody. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Oh, btw, you're linked on my page--I want peeps to follow their bliss towards YOU!
P.S. Word on the treatment towards "single twenty-somethings". It's like people thought we'd drop on the spot as we have nothing to live for? My single years from 2005-2007 are making it into a book, I tell you, and then a movie. I had a MARVELOUS time. xx

JWink22 said...

Wonderful picnic table post! ;-) Congrats on your new job...hope it's everything you want and more. R u ready for 2nite??? I can hardly keep up with all the news anyway. I can't imagine what tonight is going to be like with the premiere.

I may have squeed a lil when I saw that new EW pic. Shirt grab....yes please! As for the Tay/Rob cover........ummmm, yeah. I was a little confused when I first saw that o_0???? alrighty! Hopefully we get many more outakes in the next few days. EW always seems to deliver.

Looking forward to your next post. Come visit the site when you get a chance. It is seriously lacking in the followers department. lol

Jayde said...

EW mag - gah. It shits me off.
Seriously, their faces look smooshed together. That's just weird. I kinda feel like K was supposed to be in the middle but they cropped her out. Weirdos.
I haven't seen any of the TV stuff since Leno and barely any pics of the premiere. Bad fan!! There's just SO much to sort through! I'll get to it all eventually.
Glad the new job's going well!

elle said...

Calming leg touch during Jimmy Kimmel - *DEAD*.

I flove them SFM!

Rob's song kills me too. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

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