Tuesday, June 22, 2010

internet provider - you need to hook me up

I have to apologize.

I have a slight fear my updating is going to be a bit – all over the place these days.

For the past two summers, we've refrained from getting internet at our house on the shore. Until now, this REALLY didn't bother me one bit.

When you have THIS view:

I srsly took this as I lay in 30 degree heat.
Bliss I tell you.

Do you really need the internet?

And this summer, my Blackberry seems to be picking up wireless FAR better than previous summers. So at first, I was totally convinced we still didn't need to get the internet. After all – it IS kind of refreshing to get away from technology.

Until I realized something.

What happens when my favourite fics update and my phone ISNT getting wireless service? GASP.

What if THE Robsten sex tape leaks? DIES

Dude - the Berry might pick up wireless but don't even think about using youtube.

It's bad enough that when THIS:

sometimes I really think you can impregnate a woman with that stare


I like to picture that entire ensemble...
on my floor

Appeared online the other night, I couldn't get anything MORE than a thumbnail in my Berry screen. A FUCKING THUMBNAIL. Not acceptable.

We're totally calling the internet provider STAT.

Since my last post, there have been A LOT of things to talk about. In an attempt to not write the longest post of life, I will narrow it down to those that either left me shaking my head or very very dead.


thats right Rob
she can talk smack but she can't handle the repercussions

Ok. We ALL know what went down at Leno. if you dont - in short emma roberts is team puppy, she was acting all snobby, twihards got PISSED. I'm not going to lie. During the show, I MIGHT have tweeted “Things I learned tonight. Emma Roberts is a bitch.”

Did I feel bad when I found out Emma was bullied from Twitter? Yes. Do I think maybe she overreacted? Yes. Am I embarrassed by the immature members of the fandom? YES.

What I should have tweeted was “Emma Roberts is acting like a bitch.” Maybe “brat” would have been nicer. The truth is – the girl WAS being nasty on the show. And my feelings about this had NOTHING to do with the fact she is Team Jacob. Some of my besties are Team Jacob. AND I dont know how we are still besties. I just could not handle her freakin holier than tho attitude and that is my rant.

Emma Roberts; I sincerely apologize.

Rob; you looked fucking delicious as per usual. If you can't be naked 24/7 you should be in that suit and skinny tie 24/7 and that is all.

Ok moving on....

KSTEW Looking Ridiculously Gorgeous as per Usual

and people dare to suggest you dont smile

Seriously. I love this girl SFM.

We've all been there. You are leaving town for a few days with the girls. Off on a business trip. And before you leave - your man absolutely dazzles the fuck out of you in bed. I use the word “dazzle” because you KNOW where I'm going with this.

So Stewie and The Puppy are back overseas doing their thing while Rob is looking good covered in dirt at the circus. And dude – whatever Rob has been doing to Kristen lately.... ITS WORKING.


Every morning I wonder where THAT glow I use to have in my cheeks went. Then I remind myself that I have been single for six months. FML.

Seriously. She is GLOWING.

And while she is glowing, she is wearing extremely awesome couture in the meantime. Including this lovely Marchesa gem.

only you can rock this kristen.
and that is why we love you

Hate the dress all you want. You're just jealous you could never pull this dress off.

And THIS dress:


I die. Its that simple.

I have to hand it to this European press tour. They managed to provide two of my favourite Kstew photos that I will seriously use whenever it's necessary.

"I did WHAT in fanfiction?"

And bitch facing at it's finest:

"Rob did WHAT to Jella?"

Seriously. Sometimes I don't honestly know WHO I love more.

[A/N: Its summer. I started my new job yesterday. We're out at the shore. You get where I'm going with this. But my promise to YOU faithful readers I love so much is this. I will post as often as I can. I love this blog dearly and I love all of my latest followers. You've all given me reason to post and I love you all for it GREATLY. So my promise to you all is that once I get my first pay cheque – I will do a wicked blog giveaway. YES. No more waiting for more followers. Unfortunately, I do not get paid until the 2nd week of July. But hey – it gives you something to look forward to after Eclipse!]


Ashley said...

Aww, you're right, she does look pretty happy. It's the puppy! Puppies and other pets can melt even the coldest heart <3

Bloggin in PA said...

dude I love that gold dress she has! wonder where its from...

Anonymous said...

Those pics of Rob?! I die. That's it. Dead.Gone. Who will look after the children at the gym?! The ghost of Britt I guess. Also, really really lovin' K Stew's fashion choices as of late! Biscuits and Cookies Fashion Post sometime, oui?


Anonymous said...

I am left thinking the same thing... I've concluded I love them both with equal ferocity. They both kill me.