Thursday, June 17, 2010

a little post just to say...

A little post just to say... I promise I will be back by Monday...

I think this photo says it best.

This week has owned my ass. This weekend owns it too. Parties. Festivities. BBQs. Me attempting not to gain twenty pounds this weekend.

On Monday - I start my new job. My new career.

I don't know if that makes YOUR head spin - but mine is certainly foggy right now.

Today I escaped the city and hit the highway bound for our summer home to spend the afternoon by the shore relaxing. At the beach, we have no cable. no internet. occasionally zero cell service.


it was so amazing - in the AM I'm heading out of the city until Saturday to do it again.

And just like a refreshed and glowing Kristen returned to the red carpet in Rome.. I'll be back Sunday night with a better tan, a rested head, and a new post for you all.

At least - that's the goal.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

And to my newest followers - your kind words have made my life blissful and I heart you for it.



KJ said...

Hey there, lady. Thank you so much for your very kind and flattering comment on my posting. I'm humbled greatly by the response. Congratulations on ending that drought of uncertainty known as unemployment very well...I'll need to review your previous blog posts to see probably, but what is your "new career" going to entail?! Exciting times. . .I'm so pleased that CC has made yet another beautiful connection, so happy to find your pretty (and I mean that it's very aesthetic and pleasing to look at) blog! Take care, sweetie and congratulations again! I know that panic/disappointment you speak of, very well. Please keep us updated on how the new adventure unfolds--you make me smile.

ChronicNerd said...

I am beach bound as well for the weekend. I write my last final for the year Saturday at 8, and my bags are already packed to be on the dunes by 2. Enjoy the sun they are promising us for then next few days!

Anonymous said...