Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things that make me UNF lately....

This week there are a few things I would like to share with you.

You know - things that make me UNF

#1 If you are NOT watching Pretty Little Liars I feel very sorry for you. How about you change that?

I was originally sucked in by the poster for this show. When it comes to selling me a television show, marketing goes a LONG way. I had no idea what True Blood until the week it premiere. I was in Los Angeles and the billboards were EVERYWHERE and they were AMAZING. Add in that it was on HBO which pretty much guaranteed cursing, nudity, and lots of fucking; I was sold.

But with Pretty Little Liars - I won't lie. As much as I LOVED the poster, the fact that it was on ABC Family worried me. Was this just another show meant for Selena Gomez? Then I saw five minutes of it last week and was instantly mindfucked. Sixteen year old high school students having affairs with their hot english teachers. Drugs. Girls hooking up with their bitchy sister's Oxford med boyfriend. Parents having affairs.

Yes Families of America - this is TOTALLY something the whole family should curl up to watch with a big fat bowl of popcorn!!!

Please note my heavy sarcasm.

Please watch this show - you can thank me later.

#2 True Blood is back. You know - in case you needed a reminder.

Half Naked Eric Northman should do the trick, yes?

While I wouldn't say the season premiere killed me, it certainly involved serious lack of oxygen flow to my brain and major UNF. Eric should be naked ALL.THE.TIME. As should Jason. And at this point, I am SO Team Eric & Sookie that if Bill & Sam want to have sexy showers together, I seriously do not care. I never really liked Bill or Sam anyway.

#3 Seeing as take me to bliss is 90% twilight.kstew.rpattz. related, one would think I am going to discuss the biggest twiconference, press junket, shit show of the year that went down this past weekend.

Sorry to disappoint. There are so many other bloggers out there with better resources than myself who did a WAY better job than I ever could at recapping this past weekend.

But because I am completely infatuated with all things Rob and Kristen, I will say this:

To those who STILL believe these two are NOT together:

exhibit A

exhibit b

exhibit c


Please get your head examined. I worry for you.

And Rob and Kristen?

They really don't care because they are AWESOME either way.

#4 If you still believe Kstew is ugly we really can't be friends anymore I beg you to re-evaluate.

You know - so we can be friends again.

#5 Speaking of gorgeous Kstew... I have a favor to ask.

If you know where I can get THAT kind of sweater, please tell me. I'll seriously love you forever and buy you a puppy. Maybe even Taylor Lautner "the puppy" if he can be bought. Not that any of you would want Taylor Lautner. Tsk Tsk.

#6 If you know what is good for you, on June 23rd 2010 you will watch Jimmy Kimmel Live (except it won't be live cause it went down tonight)
WHY you ask?
Because I said so.
Because of THIS:




#7 LASTLY, I want to send a HUGE congratulations out to one of the besties. Who is sometimes generous enough to pry her lips from her lovely boyfriend to give me some DakotaStew loving from time to time.

it may not be as hot as The Runaways
but for two straight girls
it was the best we could do without vodka squirt guns

On Thursday night we celebrate A's birthday, graduation (she is now a dental hygienist), and the fact that she is leaving us to go start a life in Nova Scotia with her man and a new fancy job.
A - your birth... your graduation... your going away... is definitely something worth celebrating. Edward Cullen said so in those exact words. sort of. We love you and wish you and G all kinds of happiness, riches, and regular wall-banging sex in your new place. Oh if you have a kitchen island - I suggest that too!

And that is all for me because Leno is about to start and I've heard Rob is all GQ Rob tonight.

So really, this could be my last post ever cause between tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars, a University of Edward Masen update and now GQ Rob on Leno, it might be the death of me.

It was nice knowing you!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. its my gossip girl for the summer. its so fucking good. i would kiss my english teacher too, if he looked like that. and for the rob and kstew pics, one if my new desktop background. i want to just watch the every day life of these two like it were a tv show.

Jayde said...

Pretty Little Liars has me intrigued... I may have to Yidio it now that Grey's and Glee are on hiatus!
KStew = Love.
Those dresses, espesh the one for Kimmel? Wow. Lovely, lovely, lovely.
And Rob? *DEAD* (duh)
That boy is making me love him more.
He's so frickin dorkalicious and charming! Oh and the accent helps... I have a thing for boys with English accents. Mmmmmm.

Ashley said...

K Stew looks very pretty in the minidress (above #5). That might be one of the best pictures she's taken :)

JWink22 said...

Did you see Rob's interviews this past weekend at TwiCon???? They seriously made me ROFLMAO! Boy needs some serious sleep...but we can forgive him, because he gives us the epicness that was this weekend cause he was tired. "YOU WANNA PLAY LIL BOY?!?!?!?!" And when he said "buttchunks" at the Eclipse panel Saturday night...let me just inform you as to how many times I rewinded that shit....like 50!