Friday, June 11, 2010

Its SUMMER - so you know what that means

It's Summer in the East Coast. Which means one thing...

We like to enjoy it. You know - seeing as we only get about three-four months of it every year.

So while today I did THIS

pink toes. pink flipflops.

I will probably do a lot more of THAT this weekend.

But seeing as in the past few weeks I've gotten a lot of new followers, I felt it was important I post at least a second time this week.

And hai new followers! Leave a comment and let me know you are there! If there's more of you than I'm aware - it may be time for the first ever Take me to Bliss Giveaway!

How can you make this come quicker? Leave some LOVE. or hate. Whichever.

Now. It never fails whenever I leave the city and head to the beach for the day, shit happens in the fandom. Last time, right before my Blackberry lost all contact with the wireless network, I saw on Twitter that Rob was partying with Bob Saget drinking milk. I can't make this stuff up.

So what happened? I was a fucking anxious woman on the beach screaming at her Blackberry. My friends think I'm crazy enough as it is. THIS does not help.

Today - thankfully on the way home - I found out about THIS:
jealousward FTMFW
What can I say about this minute long Bella & Edward kiss released today? I DIE. First of all, even before she watched this clip, Bestie goes : "why doesn't he wear a shirt. like. seriously?"

I LOVE when Edward is funny. "You can't trust a vampire - trust me!" I died. And it wasn't even THAT funny. But its such a change from the usual dark, brooding, i'm so selfish for letting you give up your soul for me, depressing Edward. It's a glimpse into what Edward would really be like if he was getting laid regularly.

Lastly - when Bella says "maybe rush a little bit." If I had a boyfriend, I would immediately start using this line ALL.the.time. Except of course in relation to sex. Rush that and I dump you.

So yesterday I saw this:

And I immediately thought this:
Dear Ashley,
I love you. Really I do.
I was actually sad when Summit wanted to replace you.
And just so you know.
A lot of people didn't give a shit.
But please for the love of God.
Love Me

Did you know that MTV Movie Awards is on right now. AGAIN. And I'm watching it AGAIN. For the 8th time. Yes. I have no life.

And the mentioning of it gives me the opportunity to post THAT hotness and offer two possible scenarios one could photoshop this shot into.

A) Don't they just look like they could be cutting their wedding cake? Yes? No? Am I nutzo?
B) Admiring their Golden Child. youknowitsgoingtohappenoneday

Also revealed today. Or yesterday. I'm bad with dates.
I want to hold YOUR hand
I'm really like clingy Edward who isn't afraid to TOUCH his girlfriend. Keep up the good work Edward.

LASTLY. Before I spoil your eyes with Rob hotness fresh off the set of Water for Elephants. Two things must be said.

1) I watched Walk the Line last night for the first time in years.

This movie is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies. true story.

Anyway. Upon re-watching this favorite movie of mine I realized.

2) Reese Witherspoon is AMAZING AND....

She is going to make a freakin amazing Marlena. That is all. End of story. I will die.

And speaking of Water for Elephants and how it will be the death of me....

to whom it may concern
where does one apply for the position:
Rob's Dirtyfier?
yes. I made that word up.

I... I...
words just not coming

Sometimes I find myself wondering if Rob comes home to Kristen and Jella after work and tells her all about how Reese and Ryan Phillipe started dating young, got married young, had babies young, and Kristen just bitchfaces him.

Really. No life. Whatsoever.



JWink22 said...

loved it! I kept waiting on a new post from you. lol.

please excuse while I watch that kiss scene clip yet again.....DEAD! seriously, I've watched it like 20 times. play, rewind, play, rewind play, rewind....

and the whole "maybe rush a little." um how about, "you best be rushing a whole DAMN LOT!!!"

Jayde said...

Welp, I have not watched that clip cos I'm trying to stay pure.
But dude. Rob gripping her hand like that in the SNOW? Fuck. Me.
So hot. Like, woah.
And that first WFE pic of him?!
So fucking hot.
And OMG. Reese! Love.Her.
I love that film and when she won her OSCAR? I bawled. Love her.

Anonymous said...

Did you know I have to wait until July 17 to see the movie because I'm in Europe until then. You should feel sorry for me! LOL. Great post!

kaseylovesForks said...

Just found your blog a few days ago and fell in love!! Its so forkin hilarious i almost shot milk out of my nose while reading this!!! 2 rock!! cant wait for the nest one :-)

Anonymous said...

I just realized I could comment with my livejournal account name :)

Also, I cannot WAIT to read Water For Elephants :D