Friday, July 2, 2010

Damnit - I just want to gush!


I'm starting to see a trend. And it involves posting at 2am.

If you asked me at what point in my life was I the most happiest, I'd tell you that it was when I moved to Las Vegas.

Seriously. The constant high on life and the glow in my cheeks was indisguisable. It was bliss.

I LOVE casinos. I love the casino environment. I loved being a part of said environment when I worked in Vegas so naturally, the fact that I am back to working in a casino environment again (even if it is in Canada) is seriously like finding a truly blissful spot to just be.

In a casino; I'm in my element.

Unfortunately, with the kind of hours I have been working; it doesn't give me as much time for blogging as I once had but I promise you, I'm not gonna stop blogging. You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

There are SO many things I want to gush about right now. It's kinda ridiculous.

yes. that is how I look right now.
except not even remotely as awesome as the Stew.

I WANT to talk about ECLIPSE.

But I'm not going to just yet.

Why you ask? First of all, I have this weird thing where I like to see the movie at least twice before I divulge my feelings on it. And that won't happen till next week. Secondly, some besties still have yet to see it.

And really - won't we all still be talking about it next week? Of course.

I will tell you that I made THIS for the event and was not beaten up by any NonStens.

robsten FTMFW

What I DO want to gush about tonight at 2am in the morning while I wait for the casino generated oxygen they pump into the air to rid itself of my body is Robsten Coming Out Party part deux aka The Eclipse LA Premiere.

oh Taylor. you must get SO sick of being third wheel.

I think these photos are all kinds of win. I love the Twifecta. I really do. And I know what you are thinking. 'But she HATES the puppy.' You're right. I seriously dislike the puppy. Because the puppy just doesn't get it. I've seriously disliked the puppy since he told Edward Charlie was off arranging a funeral. I can't watch the scene without air punching the shit out of Taylor. you do NOT want to know how badly I was cringing in the "kiss" scene in Eclipse. SFM.

But my hate for the puppy does not transfer to Taylor.

Do I think he is 'oh my god so damn hot'? NO. He is 18 people.

I do think he's a great kid. Keyword here being KID. He knows where his place is in the Twifecta and it's not inside Kristen. Wait - did I just go there? I did. Yet even though Rob "got the girl", Taylor still acts like the protector to Kristen when Rob isn't around and I think that is absolutely fucking adorable. And seriously - I give the kid mad props for eating a million beef patties to look like that. I love beef but dude had to have gotten sick of it after awhile. Not to mention his odds of contracting some kind of beef spread bacteria had to be increased tenfold. That's taking one for the team Taylor and it looks good on you. Even if you are 18 and I refuse to think of your six pack as "hot".

And that is my Taylor rant.

You know that place Taylor isn't in? It's called LOVE and these two clearly know it very well.

seriously. where do you find a man that looks at you like that?
If you know - please divulge.

Those two kill me. They also remind me constantly that I need to get a boyfriend. You know - that looks at me like THAT.

And to Rob that was so disgustingly hot that I forgot to breathe through 3/4 of Eclipse.


I feel like these bedroom eyes were directed at someone with killer legs and green eyes as wide as the moon - yes?

Speaking of which...

love her SFM

At first I did not like the dress but now - I absolutely love it.

AND that's
the Power of Kristen my friends.

I don't know what is going on here but I think this might be one of the cutest Robsten pictures of the night.

So as if we weren't spoiled with the incredible Robsten action photos on the black carpet at the premiere, the following day we were treated to the After Party pics. You know - the ones that traditionally in the past have involved Rob and Kristen barely distinguishable in VIP sections where they "joined each other" after entering separately and then "left separately" at the end of the night. Right?

WAIT - what?

While the nonstens might argue these two were merely posing for a photo - I'm going to argue you do NOT curl your cheek into a man's chest like that unless he is the man who means everything to you. Read: FATHER or BOYFRIEND. Well we know that ain't Papastew.

It was an epic week to be a Robsten shipper and I'm sure the best has yet to come. sextape, yes?

In the meantime, I leave you with the one photo that leaves me in shivers every time and reminds me of what I want to find in life....

Someone who will always protect you and keep you from falling down...


JWink22 said...

awesome post bb! luved it, especially for 2 a.m. that's dedication. lol.

that pic you said was cute but didn't know what was going on...I am 99% sure it was when Rob walked up to Kristen and kinda surprised her (right before they started taking pics together). yeah, I was watching the livestream when this happened and literally "SQUEED" and jumped outta my seat. My brother was at the house when this happened, and probably thinks I've officially lost it. haha!

after-party pics...yeah, DIED of cuteness overload.

and it is extremely rare to find a man who looks at a woman like that. the way he looks at her is just, yeah ridiculously in LOVE!

Edward in Eclipse-OMG!!!!!! yeah, I could stare at that all day!

JWink22 said...

P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Robsten shirt. I want one. lol!

Jayde said...

I love you, and we are soooo friends for a reason. That is all.

KJ said...

Couple thoughts: You KNOW I love the Grapsing Jacket pic...I think it's sooo revealing and indicative of the dependency and partnership R and K have with each other. They literally tether each other to the ground. Yes, the Eclipse BC was definitely a Debut of sorts for our lovely pair...Oh and it's only gonna get better, know it's true.

Secondly, I echo your thoughts on Taylor. I'm actually a supporter of the kid...same reasons. He is obviously dedicated to his work (hello, I Love beef too, but not enough to carry them around in a mini-cooler with me on dates). But it's his absolute obvious adoration and protectiveness of Kristen that is FTW. Plus his loyalty and consistency as a friend to Rob and Kristen as a couple. The things he must know!!! And yet...not a peep. He is trying to build a career and while I may not follow him into Stretch Armstrong territory, I can appreciate his big hopes despite his own father's hindering ways.

Ok that's all. Lovely post as usual, my girl.
<3 you.

Anonymous said...

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