Friday, July 9, 2010

Sometimes I Think Magazine Editors Read Fanfic

If only I got paid to blog – oh wait, I'm drafting this at work so technically......

As I continue to love my job – flove is the word of choice these days as plain jane “love” just isn't cutting it – I continue to find it harder to find time to blog. I just had two days off. Two days where I should have found time to blog.

But then the weather was epic – I'm talking over a hundred degrees with the humidity and seriously, we only get days like that two months out of the year so I really wasn't about to spend those inside blogging. Nor was I about to bring my laptop outside. That piece of technology overheats bad enough as it is inside. It seriously would have burst into flames had I brought it outside. True Story.

So here I am – making an honest attempt at a quick post!

Tonight at work, I got the chance to see Regis Philbin. Or as I like to call him, "the Reeg"

Why did I think this was a big deal?

Because of THIS:

someone else loves "the reeg" too

Seriously. The stories I could tell but can't due to a little work thing called "confidentiality."

The real reason that I have been dying to blog since yesterday; has nothing to do with the Reeg. Nor does it have anything to do with the fact that I DID see Eclipse again and WILL blog about it soon. If I tried to blog about it now - it would be WAY too rushed. I do not want my Eclipse rant to be a quickie. Quickies are only a good thing when they involve Fifty Shades.

What I DO want to talk about is how Harpars Bazaar owns my ass.

umm dead?

Clearly the editors at HB read fanfiction. Yes?

Because THIS is so Motu - I can't even handle it.

oh fifty.
i need to find one of you in RL.

But what I really loved about this photoshoot - back in November when it first came out - and even more now, is how beautifully they captured R/K being "together."

do you think he said 'hold on tight spider monkey?'

I don't know what it is about her hands on his body but I die.

Bella riding on motorbikes with Jacob? NOT cool.

Kristen riding on motorbikes with Rob? And probably riding him later that night? WIN

Speaking of WIN all around:

holy fuck.

I'm gonna say it. I love Robowski hair. I really do.

But at the end of the day; that hair just downright KILLS ME.

And since I have to get up in six hours; I'm going to wrap this up. But not without saying...


And because tomorrow I will be attending the wedding of one of my lovely besties, who has always been a fan of take me to bliss, I want to take two seconds to spread my joy to the rest of the world with how happy I am for Sarah & Greg.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love together. You better be ready to "Shout" because you can bet your bottom dollar I will be requesting that shit tomorrow night. Love you both MUCHO.

And if you cannot wait to hear my official thoughts on Eclipse; you will not have to wait any longer than Monday. I will have said thoughts ranted by then.



Sarah said...

<3 you!

JWink22 said...

Someone made a comment on Twitter, and when I clicked on it, it was the new HB outtakes. I gasped a little and about fell out of my chair. I was legit not expecting that. What a wonderful surprise ;-)

The hand on her face/throat-yeah, DEAD! Why were these not in the magazine???

I think it's hilarous how concentrated Rob seems to be on driving that motorcycle. Makes me giggle.

Can't wait for your Eclipse review!!!


KJ said...

Darling... right?! When I first saw the HB Outtakes, and after I recovered from the dead faint on the floor...I thought THE SAME EXACT THING....Fifty much??? Good God. MotU outtakes and HB Bazaar outtakes? Ok, Outtakes OWN. MY. ASS.
Flove you, darlin.

elle said...

HB Outtake Rob is SO VERY Fifty! *swoons*

Anonymous said...

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