Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We have a bird called a Puffin - I swear.

So I realize the 2nd fanfic rec of the summer, for The Education of Professor Cullen, was suppose to come out on Sunday/Monday.

I also realize its now TUESDAY.

Please now realize, it's not happening before Saturday.

Real Life got in the way and by got in the way I meant I was suddenly facing a Stage Five Clinger.

Have you ever met a Stage Five Clinger?

at least she's gorgeous

One thing I learned this weekend. NEVER give your # to a guy you have never spoken to but based on looks have no intentions of ever dating. You are doing both he and yourself a giant ass favor. You will also save yourself the fear of ending up where hot pockets originate and I ain't talkin about the factory.

Now in five hours - yes I need to go to sleep - my mother and I are leaving on a three day trip to HERE:

Pocket Edward is totally getting his picture on the ferry

Anywhere's I have to take a ferry to is seriously awesome in my opinion especially if it has views like THIS:

I wonder what my mom would say if I suggested cliff diving. Yes?

And whilst in Grand Manan, I will be going on THAT:

So that I can see LOTS of THIS:

free willy
or you know - a
similar fascimile

Yes. Sometimes I seriously take for granted what Atlantic Canada has to offer.

We also have THESE ridiculously cute as shit birds called Puffins.

I kid you not. I will find this little guy and I will make him my Jella.

SO while I am gone, please DM me if anything updates *cough* addicted to fanfic *cough*. Because while I've been told my Blackberry will NOT work on this island, I made sure our hotel has wireless. Booya!

Yes, I just said booya and yes, I blame it on lack of sleep and the stress of dealing with Stage Five Clinger.

But when I get back, there will be more fanfic reviews and there will be a detailed UNF filled discussion of THIS:

Rob you're already supposedly IN Canada. Haul ass East and go see some big ass fishies. Guaranteed there are NO paparazzi on this island. Just Puffins. And me.

[A/N: To the winners of the Summer Giveaway - I will be mailing everything out over the weekend, Monday at the latest, so stay tuned. To my lovely Twitter friends who keep me in the know, please keep me in the know for the next three days. I will send you each a whale & a puffin, k? Have a great week everyone - C ]


JWink22 said...

I totally want a Puffin!!!

Were you able to get rid of the stage 5 clinger? I hope so, those are no fun.

Edward'sChipper said...

Stage 5 Clinger! LMAO! More like a stage 10!

Oooh. I want a puffin. And I want to make him my squishy. No Jella for me, kthx.

Have a great trip, and hopefully S5C will take the hint! ;)

Jayde said...

Ahh, I am a slackarse friend. I only just saw this post now!
Welp, thank God you didn't end up in a Hot Pocket!
Also, I love that you used a pic of Isla Fisher! Even if it was to talk about a Stage 5 Clinger. I adoooooore her and she used to be in my fave Aussie soap before she made the treck to LA and got famous. I was devo when she left! (The show has also gone to shit of recent and I haven't watched it in a year...)
Also, I have loooooved the pics you Tweeted of Grand Manan! It looks SO beautiful. I must haul ass to Canada one day. I'm *hopefully* going to LA for the BD prem (one of them, not sure which yet) and have thought of venturing up north to your fine country. Anywho. We'll see. Also, Rob is totally fucking delish in that pic. *THUD*