Friday, August 6, 2010

Is it really August?


Didn't summer JUST start yesterday? No? Last week? No?

This summer has quite possibly been one of the best summers of my life. True story.

But RL has been getting in the way lately and I promised to announce the winners of the first Take me to Bliss Summer Giveaway on Wednesday and well - that didn't happen. Nor did it happen on Thursday. But you know what? It's happening RIGHT NOW.

Better late than never right?


One of the minor delays in getting this post up was the search for a program online that I could use to randomly generate the winners but I only found two; one that I had to pay for and one that would more than likely crash my computer never to be heard from again.

So you know what? I decided to kick it old school AND to keep everything legit, I enlisted a trained, armed, security personel from work to do the drawing.

I fucking love Seth Rogen.

And here is the photo evidence of said draw. If you are pissed you didn't win and want surveillance tapes - you are shit out of luck. My office doesn't have a camera in it.

And the WINNER of the Samedi Magazine with 10 page Kristen Stewart spread IS:

And the WINNER of the Starfish Earrings IS:


Thank you to EVERYONE who entered! Because of the great interest, there will be another giveaway SOON. So stay tuned.

Now. Onto the first ever Take me to Bliss Fanfic Rec!

This week's recomendation is Second Chances by @EdwardsChipper

I don't remember who began following who but some way, some how @EdwardsChipper and I got to talkin. It all started because I began my new job and there was immediately boy drama. Isn't that how it ALWAYS goes? Almost two months later – there's STILL boy drama. But I tweeted about the irony of a situation and she responded and just like that, our DM'ing took off – like wild fucking fire.

And one day, when she asked if I would do her a HUGE favor and check out her one shot fic that she had written for the Darkella's Darkest Tempation Contest (which she totally WON btw!) I agreed because I was bored at work and because she totally had MY back and I thought – why not? An hour later, I was DYING in my office screaming WHERE have you been all my fanfic life.

So when I searched her profile and saw she had an on-going story, I immediately was like I NEED to read this because she's awesome. And you know what? It's not a Bella/Edward story. And before ANY of you run away screaming because its NOT B/E please at least read this rec and TRUST me.

Second Chances. I won't lie. When I found out it wasn't B/E I was a bit skeptical. I have never read ANYTHING that wasn't a B/E story line but because I knew she was an amazingly talented writer and because she assured me that B/E would pop up later in the fic, I read on. Hear you me – they DO come into it later and they are the bomb.

Second Chances takes place about 6 years after the end of Breaking Dawn and it's a Charlie story.

I flove you - yes

I love Charlie. No – I fucking LOVE Charlie. I have since Twilight and I maintain he is a DILF. In this story, Charlie stumbles upon a woman who was beautifully created by Chipper herself by the name of Catherine, who is in any girl's worst nightmare – stuck on the side of the road with engine trouble.

Seriously. I used this possible situation as an argument to convince my parents why I needed a cell phone once upon a time. It worked.

Now for some reason, I always envisioned Catherine as my other major girl crush, the utterly fantastic Mary-Louise Parker:

before I UNF'ed for Kstew
I UNF'd for MLP

It wasn't until I went back to the start of the story to actually get the description of Catherine for this post that I realized Catherine is Irish and has amber hair - ooops. Chipper please forgive me?

So because Charlie is pretty much awesome, he stops to help her out. She's hot. He's hot. They're older. They totes want each other. They totally get on that and are ridiculously hot together.

Because Billy Burke is hot.

But Charlie isn't the only one who has his eyes on her. So does some creepy dude hanging out in the woods who stalks her and dreams of taking advantage of her before taking her life.

Please note: If you can't handle rape, do NOT read this fic. With that being said, I do not get excited about violent rape scenes – obviously, no one does – but it fits the story and was well written and tasteful - I give her mad props for that.

I don't want to give the story away because I want you to read it. You really NEED to. Chipper writes Charlie & Catherine's unique relationship perfectly. She stumbled into town and they have no idea how long she's staying. They both have baggage but at the end of the day, they have each other. And who doesn't like the classic boy protects girl from creepy rapist vampire hiding in the shadows?

If you still need a reason on why you should read this fic, let me tell you what REALLY sold me. Bella & Edward & Nessie.

to the person who made this manip
I heart you

So now you're probably like -wait, I thought this wasn't a B/E story?

Yes – it's a Charlie & Catherine fic but the Cullens, including the now 17 year old Nessie, are VERY present in it. And Chipper writes them INCREDIBLY.

Have you ever wondered how the conversation between Bella & Renesmee would go down when Nessie finds out that once upon a time, Jake wanted to get with her mom? Done.

Wondered just how weird the conversation would be between Charlie and Edward if Charlie KNEW what Edward really was and what he did to his daughter? Done.

Flip that – Ever wonder what the conversation would be like where Bella admits to her father that she gave up her life to become a vampire to be with Edward? Also Done.

Chipper's Vamp Bella is AMAZING

This story seriously encompasses so many little things that I would love to see Stephanie Meyer even come close to replicating if she were ever to continue writing the series beyond Breaking Dawn. You know, Bella, Edward, Nessie related and not so much the puppy drooling over the baby.

Although just for the record, Kristen & Puppies = Cute as Shit.

Let's all go D'awwwww

Where was I? Oh Right. WHY you must read Second Chances.

The dynamics Chipper has written between the Cullens and Charlie with the knowledge of what they are is right on target. And his romance with Catherine? Makes me all warm inside. True Story. If you are in the market for something new to read featuring a different set of main characters but still plenty of B/E in the story, a very interesting view to the life of the Cullens six years after BD ends, and a sexy Charlie you will probably have naughty dreams about; READ Second Chances. It has lemons and it's got mystery. It has angst, it has smut, it has me by the neck.

Have I sold you on it? If so, here it is.... And make sure you leave Chipper some love and tell her that I sent you!

And if you are REALLY adventurous and in Motu withdrawal, her take on the Dom&Sub world in her winning one-shot Of Swans and Silence is unreal. It left me panting and wanting more. True Story.

Now Go! Go Read!

On Sunday/Monday, I will rec another fic that owns me right now; The Education of Professor Cullen. I hope everyone has a fanfreakingtastic weekend!

[A/N To the winners of the take me to bliss summer giveaway, I will be getting in touch with you via twitter or email to proceed with sending your items your way! Again, to everyone who entered - thank you thank you thank you. I'm a winner for having such wonderful followers who make it a joy to blog and never a chore xx - C]


Jayde said...

Yay, congrats to the winners!! :D
And doing the draw old-school is WIN! That's the way I did it, too.
This fic sounds quite good, although I really don't know how I would go with a non-B/E story. Although considering I never actually picture the B/E I had in my head throughout Twi, maybe I'd be okay... Ooooh, Education of Professor Cullen! I took your rec on that and read it. So good! Very sweet. I've already got 3 fics lined up to start reading as well as Water for Elephants (still!) and I've got two books on the way that I bought online. I'm gonna be sooooo busy!

Edward'sChipper said...

For the record, I believe our Twitter exchange started because of a certain situation with someone at your new job, and I tweeted that you and I should talk. We both were having maleshitstorms, if memory serves me correctly. ;)

I've said it once, I'll say it again. You are an INCREDIBLE blogger, and not because you just rec'd my fic. I mean, you had ME wanting to read it, and I WROTE the damn thing. ;)


You can't ever DM me too much about stupid boys after this. Or anything else for that matter.

Hugs, kisses, and eternal gratefulness

Kj said...

Oh sweetie pie...I'm disastrously behind on commenting on your posts, but I wanted to peek in and wave and say "hey, baby, I'm heeeere"...Congrats to the winners! You're lovely for having a summer giveaway in the first place, and your old-school system for choosing the winners=WIN. Wonderful review of your lovely friend's fic rec, it will go on The List. You know The List...the never-ending, always expanding list of stories you HAVE TO get to, but somehow...anyhoo. It's on The List. You know me, honey, I'm a thirsty addict, so I will always grab up new crack. Plus, you rec'd The Education of Prof EC, and I am IN LOVE, so I trust you implicitly. Oh and yeah. Team Charlie and OHYEAH Billy Burke? FTMFW.
Loves, baby girl.

Victoria said...

Is victoria ME?! Cuz if it is... SHUT UP! I NEVER win anything!!! And if it isn't me... well that would make sense cuz I never win anything and I just got all excited over nothing!
but if it's me.... OMG OMG OMG!
Also I will read Second Chances because you sold me. I cannot tell you how long it's been since I've read fanfic... over a year. But... I heart Charlie and I totally trust your taste so I will read.

elle said...

Congrts to the winners!!! Woo!!!

I just started getting into Wide Awake, which is AMAZING, but you've def SOLD me on Second Chances!!! Can't wait to dive head first into that now!

That is a fan-fucking-tastic manip! If only Elle Fanning was still small enough to play renesme, she'd be so perfect! Would it be too weird that she'd look identical to Jane? Haha.