Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby there's a shark in the water.....

Two things:

I am in love with the song "Shark in the Water" by V.V. Brown. When it plays at work, I'm literally skipping through the casino.

Appropriately, it's Shark Week and I'm loving it. Little known fact? For a vast majority of my life until 2nd year of university, I wanted to be a marine biologist. That was until I realized I REALLY belonged in casinos.

gets me ALMOST excited as Robsten photos

Alright so I know I said I would have my Take me to Bliss Fanfic Rec post up by the end of the week but again - I feel I'm not where I want to be with what I want to say about the incredible stories I want to rec AND I think I bit off more than I can chew by choosing SIX fics I want to recommend.
SO I have decided to rec TWO fics a week starting on Wednesday when I will ANNOUNCE the WINNERS of the first Take me to Bliss Summer Giveaway.

On Wednesday I will rec "Second Chances" by @EdwardsChipper

note: I did NOT make this killer banner

And on Sunday I will rec "The Education of Professor Cullen" by @she_viking

Note: I DID make this half-ass banner.

So check back on Wednesday & Sunday for these recs - I think you will like what you see!

Now - onto other exciting things in the world of R/K

I really have to hand it to my AMAZING Twitter followers. You guys are always keeping me in the loop when I'm working and limited to following everything on my BBerry. I especially love when I wake up in the morning to tweets that look like this:

In reference to photos that look like THIS:


Seriously. Am I the only one who's hairs on the back of her neck stand up at the thought of his breath against my skin as he whispers in my ear? No? Didn't think so.

I don't even care that on-lookers noted that he merely whispered in her ear and that this wasn't actually a kiss shot. DO NOT CARE. What I DO care about is that supposedly minutes later - he left out a back door and she followed shortly after and in my head, they totally went back to their hotel and...... I will let YOU fill in the blanks but I'm totally picturing some Motu style elevator action.

Need a minute? I understand.

THEN today at work, THESE outtakes from Cosmo Girl back in the early Twilight days surfaced.

Rob - YOU, you are fuckhawt
And Kellan?
Sometimes I forget you were 3ft away from me in November

And how gorgeous you were in the flesh

But really, as much as I was drooling over Rob in these photos and that HAIR that I miss so damn much, there was just one thing that I could not stop freaking over!

PLEASE take a moment to note HOW FREAKING LITTLE TAYLOR IS!!!!!

Two things.
  1. How was he THAT small only two years ago? I have a new found respect for meat patties.
  2. I'm about to admit something shocking. If Taylor had THAT hair now, I would totally think he was hot. #truth
And I can't even discuss how flipping gorgeous the outtakes of Rob were. I can only admit that THIS photo is now my wallpaper on my laptop.

I miss your sex hair like woah

Also this week, there seemed to be A LOT of photos surfacing from the Water for Elephants set. Including this one:

Oh Rob I heart you

Sometimes my dad tries to get away with wearing socks in his sandals and as soon as I see this train wreck happening, I'm on it. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Me: "Dad - seriously, either take the socks off or wear sneakers."
Dad: "But why?"
Me: "Because you look like you're in your sixties."
Dad: "But I am in my sixties"
Me: "Yes but you don't want to LOOK like you're in your sixties."
Dad: -blank stare-

How much do I LOVE that Rob is totally embracing the fact that he pretty much looks like he belongs at some Florida seniors resort? I love it A LOT.

And then there was THIS photo:

Yes, I would call Kristen too on my breaks if I had her phone number.

And lastly, the photo that pretty much caused me to DIE at work today...


holy shit

Holy Jesus. Yes, I will not survive Water for Elephants. And if Rob utters the line from the book,

"Please," I gasp, my voice cracking. "Please. Let me be inside you."

I will really, seriously, hundred percent, be done with and I've accepted this.

[A/N: Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who entered the Summer Giveaway. As I mentioned above, I will be putting all of the names into a random generator tomorrow night and finding the TWO winners. Hint? If you didn't already enter - you can probably sneak by if you comment before tomorrow night! To @JessWink22 @Jayde17 @MusingsOnOther - you ladies make me smile every day and keep me 'in the know' when I feel like I'm on another planet. To @EdwardsChipper - thank you suggesting I read your fics, I can't wait to rec Second Chances and I'm glad you are always around to hear my E rants at work. Lastly, to all of you following me, you make blogging something to look forward to every day and that means everything to me! Cheers - C]


EdwardsChipper said...

LMAO! I flove your blog. No really, I so flove it I should wait to read it on Monday mornings at work when I'm a total bitch, hating life, and want to take a blowtorch to my colleagues. It's SERIOUSLY good, cheap therapy.

And my gawd, girl! All the shoutouts and fangirlin love? You're going to make my head explode! It's too much!

I will be at your therapistic services this week as most of the bigwigs have jetted down to Boca for a conference, one that I'm MOST joyous to not be attending. But while the FATCATS are away, the mice...well, they read naughty fics at their DESKS! Yes, they do.

Love you, my dear. Keep up the well-done, nearly professional, downright gut-busting therapy for me. And throw in as many fuckhawt Rob pictures as you like. Me likey too!

Victoria said...

You always make me giggle. I'm not obsessed with rob or kirsten or robsten but I am obsessed with your obsession cuz it's freaking entertaining. You are a GREAT blogger!
And yes I miss his fuckhair too.
The world does. Fact.

victoria said...

I meant sex hair... whatevs you knew what I meant. :-)

Jayde said...

Mmmm, I agree. As much as I am LOVING Rob's new hair (because it's the same cut the boy I liked from pre-school to grade 6 had and it reminds me of him), I DO miss the sex hair. Although, I do like the term 'fuckhair' as Victoria put it above. Nice!
Nawwww! I saw that pic and I was all "OMG!"

Awwww I love ya too! <3

megan said...

I don't get Shark Week love. Maybe because I don't have cable.

Amanda said...

I <3 shark week. It is gong to be an eventful week at my place in CB, and those little sharkies I got from PH are going to have a front row seat :P
PS- I have massaging chairs and internet connection at the new office, so when my pateints dont show, I can relax and read your blog! Miss yah!

JWink22 said...


"Please," I gasp, my voice cracking. "Please. Let me be inside you."

Oh wow, I really need to finish reading WFE. I haven't had a chance to sit down and really get into it yet.

Thanks for the shoutout BB! You are the best, and I'm glad I found you :-)!!!!

josh healy said...

hi, hope it's ok to contact you here. we would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: giveaway scout ( have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, josh

elle said...

It's always so sad to see it come and go so quickly. :(

Those Cosmo Girl outtakes were nearly my undoing. UNF. Talk about sex hair Pattinson... Serio. I wish I was the cause of all that dishevel.

Can’t wait for your FF rec’s!!! I’m SO ready to dive right in to something wonderful.