Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Official Take me to Bliss Giveaway

So I have mentioned many moons ago that when I finally got a job, I would do a giveaway. It took a lot longer to get to this moment then I would have ever imagined and even longer it seems to FINALLY get that paycheck to enable me to even DO a giveaway. Unless I was making crafts as giveaways and sending via carrier pigeon - even pigeons probably have a fuel charge these days.

BUT - wait no longer.

summer love. summer fun.

Now I like to think I have some of the most wonderful followers in the blog-universe and while I might not have as many as some bloggers out there - not by a long shot - I have wanted more than anything to thank those who've stuck around since day one - RL besties & the lovely Jayde.

As well as thank those who've hoped on board since day one - I'm looking at you if you visit my site regularly! If you visit and don't comment - please at least do on this post so you can get in on the giving action!

And because I absolutely LOVE all of you - I have come up with a giveaway to please everyone. EVEN the Team Puppy people.


Do you LOVE Kristen? Do you UNF for the Stew? Do you live outside of Canada and therefore luckily do not have to ever see French magazines of zero importance at your grocery store?

If you answered yes to any one of those questions, I give you THIS:

A brand spankin new shiny copy of Samedi Magazine a Canadian French magazine which recently featured a ten page spread & interview with Kristen. Can't read French? I have you covered. I will personally stick post-its throughout the interview translating the *juicy* answers. Besides - all you need are two eyes to enjoy the pretty. One eye will even do the trick.


Do you read my blog because you are a bestie? Could care less if Kristen & Rob are really doing the nasty? Are you Team Jacob or Anti-Bella? Would you much rather a giveaway you can actual use in day to day life? Do you have holes in your ears?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I give you THIS:

Keeping with the "Summer Giveaway" theme, I chose a beautiful pair of silver starfish earrings sold at a local market. I have a pair myself that are featured in the above photo. You didn't think I would WEAR your earrings then give them to you "new" - did you? These earrings come in a genuine Atlantic Canada mussel shell - just as an added touch. Allergic to shellfish? Maybe you should give me a heads up. I wouldn't want to be responsible for your untimely death.

SO how do you get one of these two items delivered to your doorstep? Easy. Simply comment on this post stating WHICH giveaway you would like to be entered for. Want to be considered for both? GO FOR IT. Leave your name and email address [or your Twitter name] so that I can reach you if you win.

As a bonus entry, you can also answer the following question:

Which of these is my favorite Kristen movie outside of the Twilight Saga?
  • Into the Wild
  • Adventureland
  • The Runaways
  • In the Land of Women
Guess correctly and you will receive a bonus entry for the giveaway of your choice! Hint: If you are entered for BOTH giveaway items, you will receive TWO bonus entries with the correct answer.

Contest runs until midnight EST Sunday August 1st and I will ship ANYWHERE in the world. You heard me. If you are in Bora Bora - I will get your giveaway to you.


In the meantime, I have three things to say in regards to current events.

Someone needs to buy this for me stat. OR tell me where I can buy it so that I can proceed further because that shirt needs to be hanging in my closet thanks.


I LOVE that Rob loves In n Out. My first In n Out burger when I lived in Vegas was truly fucking bliss. I might have actually cried. True story.

Seeing photos like THAT at work will result in a non-productive night and cause you to trip over your own feet when you leave your office trying to compose yourself.


[A/N The take me to bliss fanfic rec post is COMING - tee hee. I'm going to be honest. I'm extremely terrified about praising these fics and their authors because I want to convey just how incredible they all are and properly pimp their fics. But I will post by the end of the week, so stay tuned. I cannot wait to share with you all my latest fic loves that are truly owning me. Do you have a fic you want me to read/rec? Let me know. I'm always looking for new suggestions!-C ]


Jayde said...

Oh my gosh!
I love you lots! True story. You are one of my Twitter besties. Mwah!
Giveaways? FTMFW!
And I would please like to be entered for both :)

Name: Jayde (but you already knew that!)
Twittah name: Jayde17
Your fave Kristen film besides Twilight? I'm gonna say The Runaways. And be pretty fucking embarrassed if that's wrong.

So glad to have found your blog almost 18 months ago and also to have found such a darling friend.
Okay, enough fucking mush! haha

Jessie said...

I'm (one of) your wonderful co-worker and I'm commenting NOT for the contest, (because there's bigger Twilight fan in the world who would be super happy to get these fabulous gifts!) BUT, I just wanted to say that you're a wonderful blogger and I truly enjoy reading your blog:) You are definitely entertaining my dear:)
SoooOoo Just for fun, ok, after we talked about your fav movies with Kristen, let me think..I know you reallllly loved The Runaways...But you also talked about Adventureland too! They are so different that I dunno if you prefer the "biography/drama/craziness (in a good way) type movie, or the geeky happy funny type! Since I love your happiness, I'll go for Adventureland, just for fun;)
P.s.! I've watch The land of Women. May I say: Omfg. I cried sooo much lol. But wow Adam Brody is yummy.
So Voilà my love! Good luck to all the future contestants;)

Victoria said...

I think your fav KStew flick besides twilight saga is Runaways.... I hope I'm right!
Please enter me in the earrings contest! What a cool idea!

JWink22 said...

Yay! I'm so excited about this. Great giveaways, and HELL YES I want to be entered for both...who wouldn't?!?! lol

Name: Jessica
Twitter: JessWink22
Answer to question: I'm torn between 2, but I will go out on a limb and say In the Land of Women (just to be different...haha!)

JWink22 said...

P.S. If you find out where that KStew shirt is, let me know. Cause I WANT one, like now!

Anonymous said...

you know what sucks? when you go to press that damn 'publish your comment' button and your internet goes out and you lose your comment! ahh. lets try this again!

im going to be doing some hardcore googling for that kstew shirt once i finish this comment! ill let you know what i find. :) id like to be entered for BOTH giveaways. could you tell i was an only child? haha, just kidding! anddd, i didnt know you had a twitter! mine is ThomazineNicole and my name is Niki, if ya didnt catch that up there ^.

by the way, for your fic rec, have you read 'wide awake' yet? it comes in at my second fav next to MotU!

elle said...

I have a serious desire for that ten page spread!

I love your Summer givaway picture, it totally fits perfectly with fun and summer!

I am going to take a stab at your fave KStew movie... Into the Wild? Gosh, between those you posted I have a hard time picking one myself. I love them all for completely unique reasons which can't really be compared.

I ALSO want that shirt! Seriously, where can I get it???

That picture of Rob. UNF! I need a cold shower.

Shannon said...

ahhhh too amazing! I would LOVE the Prize 1. AND My favorite Kstewalicous movie is definitely The Runaways!
Email -
Twitter - Shannon_Haile

ANNNND you should totally make "Team Robsten" shirts. I would totally buy one!

Anonymous said...

yo, it's B, you know my e-mail, I obviously want the earrings, and ima say ADVENTURELAND is your fave out of the options. Much love xoxox
I leave you with this:

What are you majoring in?

Russian literature and Slavic languages.

Oh wow, that's pretty interesting. What career track is that?

Cabby, hot dog vendor, marijuana delivery guy. The world is my oyster.

Also, I tried to google that shirt for you (which i'm sure you did already) and ended up a some site called celeb jihad looking at cleve shots of k stew.

Anonymous said...

ps: i googled the kstew shirt. i found that it was from Belgium from a place called Zaza with the designer being Claudia Sträter. i didnt find a website though! :(

Sarah said...

I enter for both! Bonus answer - The runways.