Sunday, July 18, 2010

Things I've Realized Lately

Its been a week since my last post and for that I apologize; heavily.

I want to take a moment to thank all of you lovely new followers - and those who've stuck around - YOU are my reason for blogging. I enjoy it immensely but without the positive feedback, it would sort of be pointless.

WHICH is why next Saturday I will be announcing the first ever

take me to bliss

I was hoping to announce it this week but I have yet to find the perfect item to actually give away SO it will be announced on Saturday complete with details on how to enter as well as what is up for grabs. And rest assure - I will ship it to YOU wherever in the world YOU are. Bora Bora. Isle Esme. Alaska. It will end up in your mailbox.


Things I Have Realized Lately

please do not mind my sweatiness
it was 100+ that night

I realized sometimes you don't need to catch the bouquet. A little piece of it is a good enough reminder that one day you will totally throw a bouquet into a bunch of screaming, wedding horny women and in the meantime, you can look forward to all of the gorgeous men you have yet to meet and have HOT, unattached sex with.


I realized that as if I didn't already dislike Miley Cyrus heavily - her dog had the nerve to try and eat Marlow. If you didn't already know, I have wanted a small dog my entire life. For the longest time, I wanted a chihuahua. UNTIL I saw Ashley Green's dog Marlow last year. Instant Love.


wait wut?

I'm posting this photo for two reasons. ONE to prove to a bestie that I can in fact post a picture of Jacob that is not a stock photo of a puppy. TWO I realized this week that my mother is VERY Team Jacob. In fact, when I took her to see Eclipse and the above scene happened, THIS happened:
Edward: "Doesn't he own a shirt?"
My Mom: "I HOPE NOT"
Me: *facepalm*

umm hello!

I realized that I really need to see this movie STAT. *runs off to download on Itunes*

I realized that now that I have a job and have been paid (my first salary pay I might add - yes I'm kinda proud) I really need to haul ass to HMV and pick up Remember Me and The Runaways. Fangirl Fail - I know! But a broke unemployed fangirl can only do so much and I swear to you - never again.


I realized that Rob might be the death of me in that tuxedo.

And speaking of gorgeous men being the death of me, I realized that reading fanfiction at work is a very bad idea. Especially when a certain gorgeous employee - who makes me weak in the knees and forget my name every time he looks at me - is working. True Story.

And speaking of fanfiction - stay tuned later this week for my first take me to bliss Fanfiction You Should Be Reading Post. Need a new fanfic to try? Looking for a little something different from the usual B/E fics? Then you may want to come back.

Until then - comments are like my own personal brand of heroine to quote a dashing seventeen year old vampire.

Please leave me some bliss!



Christine said...

I love you. I love your blog. j/s

"Please update soon!" - I say that because it's the comment I get in reviews that cracks me up.


elle said...

How did you like The Summer House?

Can't wait for your fanfic recommendation! I'm itching to get into something great after having finished MoTU, although I don't see how anything will compare. *sigh*

JWink22 said...

Those WFE tux Rob pics DIED me! For real

I'm excited about the giveaway. Can't wait to see what it is!!!!!!!

Want to know a confession, I haven't read any fanfics all the way through. yes, bad fangirl. I started readng MoTU a while back and got to the chapter where he shows her his "lair". lol. When I read that I was like, "uhhhh, don't know how I feel about this." So I keep reading?

C r y s t a l said...

Elle - welcome!!! I haven't watched the Summerhouse yet. I really need to get around to downloading it. I know the trailer gave me hot shivers, so I'm excited.

C r y s t a l said...

Jess - you DEFINITELY need to keep reading. I will admit, when I first read it I was a bit terrified by the D/S stuff but now? Oh my God. Somedays motu is all I can think about. its truly amazing.

Martylvkp said...

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