Monday, November 29, 2010

birthday wishes to B

Everyone once and awhile on take me to bliss I like to take the opportunity to direct all of your attention to something NOT related to Twilight. NOT related to R/K. NOT related to ANYTHING I ever talk about on here. Read: I will still find a way to relate this post to all of the above.

Today - I would like to do something I've never done before and that is to dedicate an ENTIRE post to someone who is NOT Rob or Kristen (or ME).

Are you READY?

isn't she pretty?

Brittany - or B as I prefer to call her - is a bestie. And I lied when I said she is not related to anything I have ever talked about on here before because if you read my Kristen Stewart Fashion post courtesy of Biscuits & Cookies, B is the Biscuits to my Cookies.

She is also the Dakota to my KStew....

Yes - we did that.

She is the Marissa to my Summer....

Please marvel in the color matching & floral pairings? Yes.

And she is the B to my S or the S to my B - it gets confusing with us always changing our hair colors.

B & C

But most importantly - she is an AMAZING friend, a WONDERFUL person, and someone that I will be ETERNALLY grateful to the universe for bringing into my life in my first year of university. In the eight years we've known each other, we have gotten each other through a lot - crying during the hard times and laughing during the good times.

AND she recently got ENGAGED to her wonderful boyfriend who I set her up with six years ago cause I'm awesome like that. Seriously.

yes. they are ninjas.

no. he did not propose with a shitty ring a la Edward.
he did GOOD.

SO I ask all of you - please leave a comment and wish the lovely B a wonderful and happy 26th birthday so she can feel the love worldwide. If you knew her, you'd love her.

Rob & Kristen do.

love you MUCHO

PS: told you I would find some way to make this post ALSO about twilight and R/K. Oops. B understands. She "gets" it.


Jayde said...

Happy Birthday, B!! C has always said such lovely things about you; you seem like such a sweet person! And you two are just gorgeous. Srsly. Have a lovely day! xo J

Jessie said...

Joyeux Anniversaire Brit/B! :) :) You're one lovely lady and i'm super happy we got the chance to meet! (Thanks to you, C!) I hope you'll have a fabulous day and if you ever need to drunk phone call someone, I'll be up for it;) *it was hilarious the first time haha!
XO lots of love :)

elle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY B!!!! :D Hope your day is filled with all kinds of great fun!

Love from, the west coast

JWink22 said...

Happy 26th Birthday B!!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and get to share it with special people. You have a great friend in Crystal!

Savannah Woods said...

Happy Birthday to the one named B!
You are very beautiful and I hope you have a wonderful day!

P.S I ship your friendship ;) xx

Anonymous said...

This is one of the sweetest things EVER!!! I must print this off, thanks so much bebe xoxoxox


And thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!!!!!