Friday, December 10, 2010

Bet you weren't expecting this...


there is so much win in this photo
its a personal favorite

Remember once upon a time when I said that take me to bliss was moving to WordPress and breaking up with Blogger?

Well, as breakups sometimes go, take me to bliss REALLY gave WordPress a shot, only to realize that they did NOT get along AT ALL. And after all of the cursing WHERE are why Widgets you piece of shit!!!??? and name-calling WordPress? How about WordFAIL? I gave up. Like totally gave up.

except I was batting that microphone against my head.

SO I decided to get back together with Blogger. We're seeing a therapist. Hopefully this will work out.

AND in the meantime, we have a new layout - you like?

Not only will you find a list of all the fanfics that slay me on the left, if you look to the right....

thank you R & K
thank you @tiybor for this perfect image

You will find PERMANENT shout-outs to the other ladies whose blogs I have MAD LOVE for <3

And that 'For the Love of Fanfic' post I hinted at on Twitter? It should be here before the end of the weekend.
Kristen says Goodbye & Come Back Soon

[A/N: so my original plan, 8 hours ago at Starbucks when I began writing the Love of Fanfic post, was that I would be posting THAT tonight. Then, because I'm overzealous, I thought, 'hey! why don't I tackle WordPress again and post my epic fanfic post on my new blog?'. Then, I locked myself in my room on Friday night. Then, after an hour of making wicked widgets, WordPress wouldn't show them. Then, I started to bite my nails. Then, I started to pull at my hair I spent $100+ on yesterday at the salon. Then, I started swearing. Then, I realized I hated WordPress. So I spent the next two hours re-designing THIS site and at 12:00am realized I still hadn't finished said fanfic post so HERE WE ARE. It'll be up by Sunday night. That is a promise. So PLEASE let me know what you think of the new site. xx- C]


Kj said...

Honey, It's BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations! I'm so sorry you and WP didn't work out, but I think your reconciliation with Blogger is quite lovely and has an aura of hope..Thanks for linking us up honey, I'm afraid I'd go thru withdrawals if I were separated for long. I also love love love the FF crack you have up--especially R & W. Absolute divinity. Like you. I got your card today...THANK YOU...! xx

Jayde said...

Babe. I LOVE IT!!!!!
Seriously one of the prettiest layouts I've ever seen. I just love it. And SO looking forward to these fic recs!! AS you know, I am DYING for something new to read. I'll also be paying close attention to your must read section on the side - there's a few there I've not delved into you.
Heart you and your blog!
J xox

P.S. THANK YOU for listing my little bloggy at the side! <3

Jayde said...

Whoa. Delved into YOU?! WTF?!?!? I am super embarrassed. I meant yet. LOL!

tiybor said...

Let me just say how bowled over I am to have my lil ole tumblr included in such a roster of beautiful blogs... THANK YOU!!!

And also, I LOVE your layout! Everything from the map background (I collect antique maps) to the sepia toned photos, it looks REALLY nice.

Looking forward to the upcoming post this weekend!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Totally diggin' this look. Also totally diggin' the list of fic's on the sidebar. Those be some good ones! Who cares when you update as long as you update! I have a hard time getting myself to update. It's easier to look at everyone elses! Ha, Looking forward to the next post!

Victoria said...

Blogspot is best! Another lovely post! :-) Also, I'm sending you a lil email at fb. Get back to me asap k?


elle said...

LOVE the new layout! It looks pretty in here. :)