Sunday, December 12, 2010

For the Love of Fanfiction


It's that little secret we ALL keep. That guilty pleasure that makes us excited, giddy, sad, depressed, aroused.... I mean really, its better than porn.

this has happened to ALL of us

When it comes to fanfic, I wish that I could honestly say its just a hobby. An occasional past time. You know, that I totally don't stop what I'm doing when my favorite fics update or halt traffic.

Well I'd be lying.

yes that is me reading MotU at a bar.
no I don't have a huge bottom lip.
that is my tongue. I was drunk.
I was having fun. I was dancing.
Then I was reading MotU in a corner.
I have a problem.

Luckily, while my friends that night do not read fanfic - they "get" it.

I mentioned recently that a year ago, a little fanfic by the name of Master of the Universe changed things in an insanely HUGE way for me.

Moving on with my life, post-breakup with the man I thought I'd marry, I decided to see what all the Twitter fuss revolving around Master of the Universe was all about. The particular fuss that week was huge - it seemed some people were highly offended by the swift removal of a tampon by Edward. Which once I caught up to that chapter, caused me to wonder, 'you weren't offended by anything up until this point, doms, subs, red room of pain, sex toys - but you're offended by a tampon?' REALLY?

But this little story, that turned into an epic one, really did change my life. Instead of crying myself to sleep every night over the hardest decision I'd ever had to make, I read. I read a lot. I read till five o'clock in the morning every night. And I healed. I became strong again. And I realized, that if *we'd* really loved each other in the almost four years we were together, we'd have loved each other unconditionally, in all our fifty shades....

So in honor of the anniversary of my dive into world of Twilight fanfiction, a dive I would not regret in a million years despite the hours, days, months of my life it seems to eat up, I have decided to dedicate an entire post to all of the stories that left an imprint on my heart in the past year.... Which, also gives you all some excellent recommendations in the process.

Shall we?

In my head, somewhere deep inside the realms of visual imagery, there is a bookshelf, and every single one of the stories I am about to mention, are on display, front and center.


Note: I made a lot of these banners using photos that reminded me of the characters. If I didn't make it, its taken from the authors profiles or their fic websites. No copyright intended.

Master of the Universe
by SQicedragon


Ohhh Fifty. This story obviously had to come first because it really is one the most incredible stories I have ever read. While it served as a safety blanket at first, it has turned into so much more for me now. I definitely don't only speak for myself when I say that this story consumes my thoughts more often than not. I even introduced two RL friends to this fic, who read it, loved it, and are now seasoned fanfiction addicts like myself.

There aren't enough words to express what this story and these characters mean to me. I wish when people ask "whats your favorite book?" I could reply "Master of the Universe" and they'd know exactly what I'm referring to. More so, I wish when someone asks "Who is your favorite author?" I could respond, "Icy." because her talent and imagination are unparalleled. I can only thank @SQicedragon from the bottom of my heart for once upon a time, sitting down, and creating Fifty. It only takes a reminder of the dollars raised for Fandoms Give Back to see that Fifty and Icy have made a difference in more lives than just mine.

The University of Edward Masen
by Sebastien Robichaud

This story followed shortly after I began reading MotU and it holds a special place in my heart as well. I also had mad love for the fact that it took place in Toronto. While I've never lived there, I've always wanted to. Its one of my favorite cities in Canada and with all the references to Bloor street as well as my favorite Starbucks on Bloor - how could I not be sold? Add in tremendous angst, a less than perfect Edward, and some insatiable lemons, it was incredible WIN.

Retail Therapy
by Cosmogirl7481

I love shopping. SERIOUSLY love shopping. So when I began reading this story, which not only featured an Edward who is the ultimate Darcyward, a strong, ball busting career woman Bella, and the mention of tantalizing designer labels, I was SOLD. This fic is mostly light and fluffy, features delicious lemons, and is complete. So really, what are you waiting for?

Love in my Box
by Cosmogirl7481 & marvar29

When the aforementioned Retail Therapy completed, I will admit. I was a little dizzy. At the time, it was one of the only light, fluffy, with only a pinch of angst, fics that I was reading. Read: take away a girls Xanax, she's gonna want more! So when I learned that @cosmogirl7481 and her wifey @marvar29 were putting together their very own fic - I was intrigued (because these two together are PHENOMENAL) Did it deliver? Why else would I be mentioning it on here? In fact, I can honestly say this is the FUNNIEST fic I have ever read in my life. No lies. And not only is it sheer comic brilliance, it features lemons that will leave you weak in the knees. I promise.

by QuietRuby

This fic, will forever be known to me as the story that caused me to burst into tears upon reaching the very last line. True Story. I have so so much MAD love for this story. I have since the first chapter. Everyone should read it. There's humor. There's angst. There's lemons so juicy you'll find yourself re-reading the chapter, over and over. I can only hope that there is a sequel in the near future because I think I might already be in Matter of Trust withdrawal. Did I mention the last line of this fic is PERFECT?

by ChampagneAnyone

For reasons I don't remember, it took me a little while before I gave Guardian a chance but I'm ridiculously glad I did. This fic is incredible. The author is brilliant. You can tell that she is a smart, witty, career woman in real life because she writes the business related sides of this story to a tee. I even find myself learning a thing or two. This story is heartbreakingly beautiful and the lemons? Holy UNF. And Ally dear - you're always in my thoughts! Stay strong <3

A sexually inexperienced college professor Edward? A punk rock princess, sex kitten Bella? This story is pure innocence, fluff, and sex. Hot, pure, unadulterated, leave you panting as you read SEX. Seriously. I could not say enough about this fic when I rec'd it this summer. So if you haven't read it, you have NO idea what you are missing.

Second Chances
by EdwardsChipper
take me to bliss Review from Summer

I read a lot of fics this summer - this one still owns me. The author? @EdwardsChipper not only is an ANGEL to me - she also happens to be an absofreakinglutely amazing writer as well. The fact that this fic ISNT centered around E/B and still owns me - incredible. Their secondary roles in this story suit me just fine because she writes a Charlie that will make you NEVER look at movie-Charlie the same ever again. Trust me. *drools* Need further arguments? Read my review of it from this summer. Its BRILLIANT.

Under the Apple Tree
by Danieller123
take me to bliss Review from Summer

No words. Just. NO words..... This fic SLAYED me. If you asked me which fics completely did a number on me, I would say MotU, Under the Apple Tree, and Emancipation Proclamation (and OH trust me I'll get to that one...) This story brought out emotions I didn't even know I possessed. I cried reading it. I cried thinking about it. I cried dreaming about it. Its HEAVY on the angst. Yes, you will have to stop sometimes it gets so painful but EVERY, fucking word is brilliance. Read it. It'll change you. It'll live with you.

Edward Wallbanger
by feathersmmmm

Sex. Sex. Sex. Edward spends most of this fic screwing. It's what he does. Just not with Bella. Which is why this fic is a serious slow burn but a slow burn that is so, so, so worth it. This story might not have been life changing but it certainly provided endless hours of reading bliss. And the last few chapters? UNF.

Emancipation Proclamation
by Kharizzmatik

There is a reason this 80 chapter fic made it into the top three fanfics that have owned me. Because it is unbelievable. This story STILL haunts me. It's soundtrack, so perfectly chosen, HAUNTS me. The characters LINGER in your memory. I don't have one bad thing I can say about this fic - except that it ended. It's dark. It's angsty. It's unlike anything you will ever read again. And it might make YOU wish you were secretly a Mafia princess. I'm still reminding my parents to produce my birth records for proof.

Last Tango in Forks
by AwesomeSauce76

I don't know HOW I kept this fic at bay for as long as I did - I regret that decision because this story is to die for. Honestly. I made the mistake of reading most of it at work. Which pretty much led to me being doe-eyed and short of breath for eight hours and several straws were chewed to pieces during the process. If you haven't read this - do it. NOW. This is a guilty pleasure if I ever read one. And while it occasionally broke my heart, it mostly rose my heart rate to dangerous levels so read at your own risk.

And my two newest fics to recommend....

A Little Crazy
by tby789 & lolashoes

I must thank @MusingsonOther for rec'ing this to me. In doing so, she honestly introduced me to one of the most powerful stories I have ever read. It's a o/s. It's only 55 pages. It will break your heart and mend it at the same time. It will make you cry - more than once. You will crave it long after you're done. I don't even want to say anything more other than this. If you have not read this story, you owe it to yourself to do so. Trust me.

Righteous and Wicked
by cherry.blossomz

Again, I must thank @MusingsonOther for this rec as well. It is a relatively new fic, 20 chapters in, and my best endorsement for it, is exactly what KJ said regarding it: It will make YOU feel the need to go to confession. Edward is a sex-addict architect. Bella is a catholic girl's school teacher. Don't judge. This fic will suck you in faster than you can say one Hail Mary. And when it does, please email me to gush over it because trust me - you will need to. As KJ suggests, make sure you have something for oral gratification nearby.

Library is Closed.

did you know when you google image search "library closed"
THAT comes up?
True Story.

There... A years worth of stories that kept me intrigued until the very end, or still have me reading as they creep towards the end. Surely if you have a thirst for some new fics, you will be satisfied if you give ANY of these stories a chance. And when you do, please please PLEASE send me an email to discuss. I'd love to hear your thoughts! I leave you with an INSANELY hot picture of Rob that I saw for the first time on Twitter tonight.... You're welcome.


[A/N: to all of the amazing authors mentioned on this post - thank you thank you thank you for spinning the tales you tell, creating the Edwards and Bellas you write so well, and providing endless hours of reading bliss for me. I'm incredibly grateful - C]


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post! The majority I've read but now I'm looking forward to reading the rest! This is exactly what I needed right now. I'm not even sure where to start..I'll let you know on twitter (ThomazineNicole) which one I read first and we shall discuss. :) The way you write your reviews is perfect!

misty said...

OOOh, these are really good. There are only two I have not read so I am going to get on those. Like you I was sucked in by Icy as MOTU was the first fic I read. It kind of spoiled me actually. I am now a true fic addict. I will follow you on twitter (i am mrowemoon) as you have great taste in fics :)

elle said...

What a fantastic topic to make a post about. Seriously. Twilight fanfic owns my soul. Total guilty pleasure.

MoTU and EP are WAY HIGH on my list of favs, I have plans to start Under the Apple Tree once I finally finish EP (I hate when life gets in the way of my reading fics)... I'm scared though. I swear I don't breathe the entire time I'm reading EP. I worry what UtAT will do to me. *sigh*

I'm excited to add a few I've never heard of to my ever growing "to be read" list.

Jessie said...

Aww your blog makes me happy :) I'm honestly excited (in many ways, AH!) that you introduced me to some of these fanfic :) Even if I'm not the biggest fan of Twilight (but of course, I read all the books with pleasure!), I really enjoy listening to you, dear C, and I'm always super curious and glad you introduced me to this world :)

JWink22 said...

oh BB, you are for real going to kill me....I never finished MOTU *ducks and runs*. It's not that it wasn't phenominal (defo did not spell that right), but I just got so busy. Now i'm going to have to find whereever I left off.

As for the others, I really need to get on it. #IFail

At the present moment, a co-worker peeked and saw what I was writing. She asked me what it was, and I was too embarrassed to say. She was like, "is it porn?!" omg, face blood red right about now!!! I guess it was kind of a lie when I said no. bahahaha!

Anyways, be checking your mailbox. A Christmas card should be coming soon. It's not as pretty as yours though. :-)

Fangrl said...

Great recs. Some I've read and others were new. Wanted to share one of my all time favorite tear jerkers, "Ithica is Gorges".

I cried in every single chapter. So raw and sorrowful that it is a thing of beauty.

Thanks for sharing your fanfic addiction. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

D Lebel said...

I became a fan of your blog because we're FB friends... in turn I became a fan of fanfics.

Motu OWNED my life for 2 weeks, it consummed me completely. I can totally see how it would bring you up when life hands you lemons( no pun intended). I got 10 girls from my work COMPLETELY addicted to it, we would bring our printed copies with us @ coffee & lunch and try not to blush so much.( then it got to a point where we could not read it @ work... lol)

Then you introduced EP into my life, that story changed me. It is pure genius. I can think of anything else to say... grandiose. (true story : I've been trying to teach my bf some Italian... it's not the same)

I'm so very happy that this post came out. You always have impeccable taste in fanfic and I'm sure the stories that I have yet to read will be just as amazing.

Continue reading and posting/gushing about the fanfics. I don't know what I did before your blog and fanfics. Thank you C! xxx

Anonymous said...

So, I read this when you first posted but since I was on my phone, commenting was not possible. So here I am!

MOTU was the first fic I ever read. I heard you rave about it so much that I figured I should give it a try... plus I was ridiculously curious about the word of fanfic (which scared the shit outta me). Basically, I loved it. Then I got the THAT chapter and just about died. Lil' old pure, virginal, sweet and innocent me had NO idea about any of that sorta stuff. Oy. But I stuck it out because of my love of the characters. And I'm so glad I did!

UoEM was rec'd to me by you also and I was SO in love with it. The fact that she had been in love with him for all those years yet he didn't even recognise her? Broke my heart. Plus all the angst? LOVE. I am a sucker for a dramatic, angsty story.

Retail Therapy - another rec from you! haha. SO good. I really loved this Bella and Edward. And it was SUCH an amazing story.

LimB. Funniest. Fic. EVER!!!!! I was literally laughing out loud and it's kinda hard to get me to do. SO brilliant. I love how nerdy Edward is and how damn naive. It's sweet.

A Matter of Trust - once again, another rec from you. This is one of my faaaaavourites. I love how fun and (mostly) light it is. Such a fabulous story! <3

The Education of Professor Cullen - yet another rec from you, C! So hot. Fo' reals. And I LOVE rebel B. Bitch is badass.

Wallbanger? Love, love, love, love, LOVE!! Another fave. Such a fun story to read! It was so sweet and charming and cute.

Under The Apple Tree I WILL read eventually, but I need to psych myself up for the intense heartfail in it.

I also have a shit ton of recs for you which I will email you!

J xox

Holy Grits! said...

Love your list of fics. One of my favorites before i found your blog is A Little crazy by lolashoes and tby789. I'm so upset that i can't find it anymore. COuld anyone pretty please email me the full story at because i would really love to read it again forever grateful