Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life is the Most Spectacular Show on Earth

Excuse me while I die a thousand deaths only to re-watch the Water for Elephants trailer and die again...

I wasn't going to talk about IT tonight.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to talk about IT.

But IT was SO insanely beautiful. powerful. mindblowing. shiver-inducing. AMAZING. that IT needed to be discussed tonight. At 2 o'clock in the morning.

Can we please all take a moment to simply go WOAH? I mean, really, I know that we have ALL been going WOAH since the LQ ET exclusive surfaced. Followed surely by some OMG, OMFG, HOLY SHITs and HOLY UNF when the ACTUAL HQ Apple trailer appeared.

Personally, I pretty much died when I saw the background.

oh hai there racing heart...
please don't beat out of my chest - yet.

It's haunting similarity to another Reese Witherspoon movie that HAPPENS to be one of my ALL-TIME favorite movies, slayed me.

Yes I love my Kstew.
But I also love my Reese.

Seriously. Long before I UNF'ed for the Stew - I UNF'ed for the Reese. Cruel Intentions. Fear. Legally Blond. Walk the Line. Yes. These are all movies that I can watch over and over and over....

Know what else I can watch over and over and over?


And by IT, I mean the Water for Elephants trailer. In case you live under a freakin rock.

And while the smart, responsible, thing to do right now, at two am, would be to go to bed; I'm going to break that unfreakingbelievable trailer down into moments that made me go:

"ooohhh my god...."
"THAT was amazing."
"THAT is how I pictured it."
"THIS is genius."

You with me?

Lets be honest. I was in tears before the trailer even started. When the 20th Century Fox logo flashed and I heard "Ladies & Gentleman" I was done for.

At this point, shivers were popping up all over my body. The music was OWNING me. The score has the PERFECT dose of haunting circus music to it that I now cannot get out of my head.

Old Jacob *heart breaks* Does anyone else think that instead of him remembering everything from a nursing home bed, he'll be re-telling his story to the present day circus worker guy? Read: the guy who was awesome in Elizabeth Town & Family Stone. Cause that is totes the vibe I am getting from this trailer.

The menagerie. PERFECTION. Extra points for what appears to be a lama in the background. I definitely just said "Tina - eat the food!" out loud.

Ummm no words. UNF.

BEAUTIFUL. This is my mother's favorite part. We basically sat in front of the flatscreen (that I piped the trailer into thank you HDMI cord) and watched it over and over and over. Can I just say again that Reese is the PERFECT Marlena?

This is pretty much where I died. Like. Stopped breathing and probably lost some brain functioning.

Rob + Kristen = melt
Rob + Baby = knees buckle and heart skips a beat
Rob + Rosie = FLATLINE

At this point, all my wishes from the book were coming true because I had witnessed several shots of threesomes. And by threesomes, I mean scenes with Jacob, Marlena, and August. Because I LOVED the dynamics of those three in the book and from what I can see in the trailer, their rail car is EXACTLY as I imagined it and their dynamics will be killer.

And Jacob jealous IS exactly the way I imagined it. Did I mention that Rob in a tuxedo is the definition of UNF?

While I have NO idea what the hell is going on in this scene... Did I miss something in the book?... I have MAD love for whoever came up with it.


Further proof that this movie will play exactly as it did in my head. True Story.

To whoever pointed out Rosie in the background of this picture? ILY.

... yeah I'm at a loss of words for this one too.

Now at this point in the trailer, I don't know about all of you, I legitimately start sobbing. Seeing an elderly man cry will do that to me on an ordinary day but between the music and the power of the trailer up until this point, THE FLOOD GATES OPEN.

and they continue to flood. THAT is perfection.

And THAT just makes my knees buckle and my heart race. Seriously. SO much WIN.

And lastly, there is something about this shot at the end of the trailer that just MADE IT for me.


So what did YOU think? Was it everything you hoped for and more? Were you surprised? Have you not read the book and now you're all omgididntrealizethismoviewasboutmorethanelephants? And for those of you that have read the book, what moments are you most looking forward to seeing in the movie? I want to know!

And now, I must go watch the trailer for the thousandth time and die again but not without leaving you with a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l edit from This is Your Brain on Robsten

AND taking a moment to send a HUGE birthday wish to @EdwardsChipper - smooches & mucho love are sent your way darlin!

Please resume your trailer watching & hyperventilating.

[A/N: two posts in one week. impressed yes? to my new readers - welcome! I hope you stick around and please don't be shy! to my ladies who keep me grounded - you know who you are. to my mother who put up with me while we decorated the xmas tree tonight and I checked twitter every 0.5 seconds - ILY and we have plans on April 15th. New post probably over the weekend! - C]


JWink22 said...

this trailer looks absolutely MAGICAL!!! Beautiful cinematography. Whoever is responsible for this alone should win an Oscar.

As for the rest of the trailer...OMG, is it April yet?!?! I had to pick up the fiance from the airport last night and knew the trailer would hit right about that time. So when we got home, I turned on the tv to Entertainment Tonight. I couldn't really ogle the trailer in front of him, so I was trying to steal glances every now and then. He kept talking the whole way through it, and I was "SHUT UP!!!" hahaha!
Needless to say, when I pulled into my driveway at home and say the wireless connection pop up, the trailer was the first thing I looked at. Yeah, couldn't wait until I got inside!

And I am thrilled to point out that a shot from Chattanooga, TN made it into the trailer!!!!!! *proud TN fan*. The shot of older (not Hal Hoolbrook Jacob) Jacob at the house with Rosie behind him...yeah, that is one of the scenes they filmed in TN...on my birthday...which I'm still kicking myself for not making that 3 hour drive. So close yet so far away!!!

Yes, this film will be beyond AMAZING! CANNOT.WAIT!

Anonymous said...

Loved the way you broke all this down! I loved the book and really anticipated the film. SO excited to see it. The trailer looks amazing! :D

Jessie said...

We'll take April 15th off, and we'll be first in line, with tickets, popcorns + Kleenex!

Anonymous said...

I still haven't watched it... don't hate me! I #FAIL.

I'm also yet to read the book even though I've had it for almost a year. I #FAIL.

But Rob = UNF. I DIE.

And I really love him with this short hair. He looks so cute and boyish. <3

Gia M said...


Vicky said...

I loved the trailer, and can't wait for the movie! it's going to be amazing. Haven't read the book, but i might think i want to, but i'm afraid that i will be disapponted by the movie if i read the book first... btw, thank you so much for this post, it gave me goosebumps

Anonymous said...

I LOVE WFE!!!!! I read the book, watched the movie, I'm even planning a vintage circus nursery and I'm not even pregnant yet LOL

I wanted to share a link of a photo shoot inspired by Water for Elephants. The mood, the lighting, the CLOTHES, are so beautiful in these pictures...ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

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