Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'll never look at an Apple Tree the same....

*peeks into blog universe*

I'm back!!!!!

Its September and a lot has happened since I last posted. And by a lot I mean EP happened.

Which was why a week ago I posted informing all of you that take me to bliss would return as soon as I was caught up to speed with EP. Now I simply have to survive the two last chapters and epilogues. *runs off to google defibrilator distributors*

But today I am not here to talk about EP - that will wait until it ends and I'm having a nervous breakdown.

Today is about :

Under the Apple Tree
by Danieller123

personal photo of the most beautiful
apple tree I have ever seen

Once upon a time, I got all of my fanfic recs from @KStew411 Almost a year later and either several thousand brain cells lost or gained, sometimes I don't know... @KStew411 introduced me and thousands of others to some incredible fanfic. motu motu MOTU.....

But since the retirement of @KStew411, I've turned to keeping an eye out on what the lovely people I follow on Twitter are reading. After the hundredth tweet about Under the Apple tree, mostly by @MusingsOnOther who I cannot thank ENOUGH for bringing me into the world of Utat - darling I'm eternally grateful..... - I decided to sit down and read it.


I have read A LOT of fanfics. read: i have no life also read: I have the luxury of having a job where I am allowed to sit and read whatever I would like for 8hrs every day.

and I mean NEVER has a story rocked me, floored me, rattled me, shook me, CHANGED ME, as much as Under the Apple Tree has done.

I'm serious.

Novels do not make me cry. Fanfic never made me cry - until Master of the Universe and that was a first - and since Motu, I have yet to read anything that evoked such strong emotional reactions from me and I mean STRONG.

One night, I was literally sobbing in my office at work to the point that I had to close the door and get a grip on myself. True Story.

I will totally understand if at this point, you're thinking "Uh - do I really want to read something so depressing?"

The Answer? Yes. Yes you DO!

Bella Swan, a stripper turned high end hooker, is as damaged, broken, and genuinely fucked up as they come.

b e l l a

Edward Cullen, a widowed doctor, is just trying to pick of the pieces of his shattered life.

E d w a r d

When Bella discovers she's pregnant with a child whose father is one of countless clients, she wants nothing to do with the parasite growing inside of her. Her word; not mine. Desperate times call for desperate measures and such measures land her in the care of a gorgeous doctor on duty - Edward Cullen.

h o p e l e s s

In an attempt to save the helpless, pregnant fallen angel who's walked into his life, Edward offers Bella employment in his home as a housekeeper and after careful consideration and definite hesitation, Bella agrees and moves into his home bidding adieu to the life Edward's encouraged her to leave behind. One unthinkable to continue in her condition.

F e a r

At first it's not easy - did you really think it would be? They clash yet they pull to each other. Bella drops to her knees quickly in an attempt to take away the pain plaguing Edward over the murder of his not-so-innocent wife he failed to save. Edward fights to show Bella that there is more to sex than a means to make ends meet and all the while, in a small town that talks, Bella's former occupation rests anything but easy amongst those outside the walls of the Cullen house and especially between Edward's family.

t r u s t

And as the walls begin to crumble and trust begins to form - this story unravels into something unlike anything I've ever read before it....

l o v e


What I LOVE about Under the Apple tree - beyond the obvious incredibly written chemistry and relationship between Bella and Edward - is the supporting characters and their lives.

Alice owns a bakery that Edward visits for lunch..... I love Martha Stewart Alice. LOVE her.

A l i c e

Emmett is a landscapper that moonlights as a stripclub bouncer and selfless, caring pimp to Bella in order to provide a good life for his wife Rosalie....

E m m e t t

Bree is Edward's niece whom he spoils and whom owns one of his kidneys following a life-threatening illness....

B r e e

Jacob is a small boy (yes I LOVE non abs-cocky-puppy Jacob) who frequents Edward's office with questionable bruises and black eyes....

J a c o b

And Grace... oh God Grace.... I can't even... You just have to read it....

G r a c e

These characters stuck with me unlike most fanfics I've read prior and they only add to the amazing story that Danieller123 has created.

As the tiny life grows inside Bella, something grows even stronger between Bella and Edward and every minute.... every second of it.... will utterly break your heart and make it whole as you fall in love with all of these characters... and especially - Bella & Edward.

p a s s i o n

I promise

I will also promise you that this story is insanely angsty, has toe-curling lemons, adn will make you fall hopelessly, desperately in love with an Edward & Bella that will consume you once you've been broken and healed by this story.... and long after you've finished reading. The only other endorsement I've given that was this strong was Master of the Universe so yeah - TRUST ME.

b l i s s

And because I don't want anyone to scream at me - i'm warning you in advance. This is a depressing as shit story - no matter how unfreakingbelievably amazing it is. Some of the situations involving Bella and her unborn child are dark and the story is HEAVY on the ANGST.

But in my humble opinion - you haven't lived until you've read this story.

And on that last testament, please go read Under the Apple Tree by Danieller123. It's complete. It's amazing. It will stick with you forever.

[A/N: September has arrived which means I am back in the city full time. What does this mean for you? Frequent Postings!!! It's a promise. Second - HUGE congratulations goes out to the lovely @JessWink22 who recently got ENGAGED! If you aren't familiar with her blog, you should be, so gooooo -> Random Rants - Kristen & Rob Thirdly - the past week has been drama filled and a few of you were VERY there for me and only a tweet/email away. Ladies, @Kate_Suena @EdwardsChipper I can't believe three months ago - you were strangers. And @Sianria - the chocolate was AMAZING xx. Next post will be up over the weekend! -Crystal]


Jayde said...

I love angsty stories, but this one sounds full on...
I have a week's holiday coming up soon, I think Imma leave this one til then!

JWink22 said...

awe bb, thanks for the shout out! too sweet.

this sounds like an awesome fanfic to start reading. work has been crazy, so I've still not gotten to finish MOTU #FanficReadingFail

Looking forward to more posts!!!

Katrina said...

I absolutely hated MOTU it made me sick. I couldn't read past the tenth or so chapter so I just stopped.
What did you like about it?

C r y s t a l said...

Katrina - I know the first part of it is hard to swallow but it becomes so much more as you read along. Their chemistry and their relationship is unbelievable. And I'm a sucker for angst which motu has plenty of! But I do agree - its not for everyone!