Monday, August 30, 2010

Because it's my life now...

Until I am finished reading Emancipation Proclamation, I cannot update this blog. I know I said there was another fanfic review coming on Sunday (yes the day that just past and was yesterday - errr two days ago as its now 1:45am on Tuesday) BUT I cannot wait to discuss Under the Apple Tree and how my life as I know it changed when I read it BUT I just can't do it justice until I am done EP.


SWEET Jesus and for the love of the Golden Child.


THAT is why. Mafia Princeward OWNS me.

And badass Mafia Carlisle? I don't know if I hate him or love him but 64 chapters in and I'm pretty sure if he were real and in my bedroom right now I would JUMP him.

How I let this fic wait in the wings for so long is BEYOND me and until I am finished reading it, I cannot concentrate on anything else let alone rant about how AMAZING another fic is.

The GOOD NEWS? I'm 14 chapters away from being done which means HOPEFULLY there will be a new blog post of actual relevance by the weekend.

Capiche? thats very mob-ish, isn't it? fitting? yes?

In the meantime, I'll continue to look like THIS while reading.

If you are NOT reading EP - how about you get on that? So you know - we can talk about it and exchange prescription drug preferences because God knows I'm probably going to need it.

kidding - i think.

If you are STILL not sold, as if me saying I need Atavan to survive post-EP is not a big enough endorsement, please watch this because THIS among a million tweets surrounding the epicness SOLD me.

Ok. Now that I just spent a half an hour on this post that I could have been reading EP - off I go!

Laters Baby.

[A/N - yes I am kidding about the Atavan but I will totally have liquor nearby when this fic is done. And Toblerone. And if you read EP, you know what I'm talking about. And to @KJN52 and @kate_suena who have been by my side since I jumped the band wagon late and began this fic - you realize I will be coming to BOTH of you for therapy, right?]


Kj said...

Yesss my sweet girl. We have our EP support group as you know...i.e. journal Entries... I think you'll agree that as you progress towards the final *sniffle* chapters, this story only gets stronger, the writing more brilliant and the reactions more visceral. I don't know what to say about EP just yet, I just hand it over to people and say, "it will change your life"...much like Under the Apple Tree, as you know very well, C. This story is elevated, and I am sure will be known as one of The Greatest, if not THE Greatest written. It consumes wholly. And it reminds me to breathe...even through the pain.

elle said...

CAN'T.... STOP.... READING.... EP. O_O I'm only 8 chapters in, but I am completely and utterly hooked. I want to go home and lock myself in my room.

C r y s t a l said...

Elle - I had the same issue you mentioned in your last comment! I would open a bunch of chapters on my web browser to read at work because the wireless isn't always dependable and they'd be blurry. Now I have to scroll through and make sure all the words have appeared. Annoying but SO worth it.
Do you have Twitter?!

elle said...

That's what I ended up doing too... scrolling through each page to make sure they were all good. SO VERY WORTH IT. I'm hard into a serious EP trance right now. Chapter 36. Ugh. It owns my soul. There should be a support group.

I DO have Twitter! I don't talk on it much... but it's @rashal