Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When Fanfic Owns You.. Rob makes you UNF.. And Vacation Photos Make You Want To Go Back.


I'm done blaming summer for keeping from updating this blog more frequently.


Seriously - I do not remember a time in my life where I read so much and got absolutely NOTHING done. I'm fortunate enough that I have the opportunity to read AT work which basically means I read at HOME. at WORK. at BARS. at RED LIGHTS. at CONSTRUCTION. in line at STARBUCKS. oh and the other night? in the BATHTUB on my LAPTOP. I know - I'm stupid.

And because I was pretty sure I was the only die-hard Twilight Fanfic reader to have not read the infamous Emancipation Proclamation [read: fanfiction crack on a stick] I dove into it and I have NOT come up for air since.

yes. yes. YES.

I do not remember my life before EP.

Ok that's a lie. I do but it was less exciting and less depressing. Truth.

But I'm going to save my EP ranting for another day.

Tonight - I'm posting VACAY PHOTOS

But FIRST. I love when I get tweets like THIS while at work.

I FLOVE you.

Roberto? I FLOVE you too.

oh hai there bedroom eyes

I don't know what it is about pinstripes
but I LOVE them on men
so naturally...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE them on Rob.

And then of course, the cause of death in my office last night:

Seriously. The innapropriate thoughts and visual images I have just starring at his lower back and deliciously perfect love handles? I'd be in confession for life. True Story.

Ok - where was I going with this post BEFORE Rob caused me to start hyperventilating ALL over again?

RIGHT. Vacation Photos.

AND I will use one of my favorite photos from my two day vacation to announce the next Take Me To Bliss Fanfic Rec!

Under the Apple Tree
Take me to Bliss Rec
Coming Sunday August 29th

you know - if zombies or an undead jimmy hoffa don't show up at the casino


In case you are new to my blog or just a little behind in posts, two weeks ago my mother and I escaped the city for two and a half days of bliss on the remote island of Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada. It was amazing. It was memorable. It was bliss.

Which is why I wanted to share the photographic evidence of said bliss with all of you.

Please enjoy and if you're ever in Atlantic Canada - take my word on it. Grand Manan is a MUST.

Wednesday August 11th

Grand Manan is only accessible via a 1.5hr ride on a ferry. This was our ride pulling into shore.

Because Pocket E travels everywhere I go on vacation, he clearly had to come to Grand Manan.
Safety first Pocket E. If the ship sinks, go straight for one of these.

Because the East Coast is a seafood lovers dream, we simply had to try some local delights including some of the best seafood chowder I have ever tasted in my entire life. Truth.

South Head Point Cliffs. Simply Majestic.

Cliff Diving Anyone?

This might honestly rank with the rocky mountains as one of the most breathtaking views of my life in Canada.

Grand Manan is home to the best whale watching in eastern Canada. As a former marine biology major until I switched to Psychology, I was pretty damn excited.

Snoozing Sperm Whale. In the tour operators 28 years on the sea, they have NEVER seen a sperm whale in these waters. #WIN To see one twenty feet from our boat just snoozing & snoring away? #WIN

And then someone woke him up....

So he was all PEACE OUT....

I was pretty sad until a momma & her baby Right Whale decided to swim up to our boat and the baby decided to do THIS:

Oh hai there bb. True Story? Myself & half the boat was in tears this was so unbelievable. This photo is the only one I got because my hand was shaking so terribly. Luckily, the tour company posted the video on youtube.

I would be the girl at the front of the boat in a black yoga jacket & red headband. You know, flipping out.

OH for those of you asking if I found a puffin - I DID but he got away too fast and therefore I couldn't put him in my purse - errr.. I mean take his picture.

Moving on.

I can never take enough photos of boats in fishing villages. Never.

Wine in water glasses? Yeah I did that. Confession? I LOVE hotel keys on old fashion plastic keychains. There is something classic about them.

Thursday August 12th

This is not where we stayed but I am in LOVE with this Inn.

During our island adventure, we ran into Squishy suntanning on the beach.

Squishy. You complete me.

A treacherous cliff-edge hike led us to Hole in the Wall. I think it might have taken a few years off my life but the view was worth it. I think.

Island Coastline.

Whale Cove near Sunset.

Sunset at Whistle Point where we sat and watched whales swim just offshore. Bliss.

Friday August 13th

One of the five whales to see us off as we left the island on the ferry. This is an added perk to visiting Grand Manan. You're pretty much guaranteed to see marine life during your ride on the ferry.

Leaving Ripples Behind Us.

And to think this island is only three hours away from me.

Grand Manan 2010? You were EPIC.

[A/N: I wasn't sure about posting these photos. From past experience, RL posts don't seem to get as much attention as R/K posts. I get it. R/K are pretty much the hottest couple in the world and my real life kinda pales in comparison. But I had emailed some of these to a few of you and you loved them - so I decided to post them. With a little Rob thrown in there for good measure. I hope you enjoyed! - C]


Anonymous said...

you are so sweet on those pics. No wonder your writing reflects it1 Thank you.

Kj said...

Oh beautiful girl...I'd seen some of your vacay photos earlier, but these are simply stunning. Everything you wrote about today are the same things that haunt me. Pinstripe-wearing Rob on a Bearskin rug?? Seriously?? Check. EP owning my body and soul and life? Check. Following bliss amongst the natural world? Check. Truly truly beautiful pictures. And Beautiful Rob (uh, duh). Truly enthralling (yes, you asked in an email if that is the right word? It. IS) EP. Win, baby girl. WIN.
love you. xoxo

JWink22 said...

It saddens me that my email would not be nice to your email so I could have had these earlier :-( But I'm seeing them now, and they are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!! I've been meaning to ask you for a while, what kind of camera do you have? because your pictures always turn out incredible!

And the Rob pics....WOAH! I was serious when I said they needed to come with a warning that said: MUST BE SITTING DOWN AND/OR ALONE WHILE VIEWING THESE!!!

Picked up where I left off with MOTU....WOW should never have stopped. Yes, no words. Thank you for encouraging me to continue.

I FLOVE you too BB!!!! :-)

lara said...

I made the blog! sorta. wooooo Squishy is so cute!

elle said...

You were not alone... although now I think I am the only die-hard twilight fanfic reader who has not read EP. I AM trying though... I actually brought my laptop into work with me this morning with the first 8 chapters open to read only to find that they were unreadable/blurry. It was heartbreaking. So I shall go another day without knowing what exactally it is that I'm missing.

That photoshoot of Rob.. Oh mah gah! UNF! Could he be any more beautiful & so jam packed full of sex??? There are no clean thoughts going through my head when looking at that boy *sigh*

Your vacation pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! I live on the opposite coast of Canada and the farthest east I've been is Ontario.. but I'd love to visit NB one day.

Jayde said...

Um, MAJOR #FriendFail on my part! Gah. But I loooooove these pics of your vacay! So, so incredibly beautiful! xox