Wednesday, September 15, 2010

when life gives you lemons... I recommend shooting tequila

And I will start accepting tequila donations in 3,....2,.... 1,.....

Have you ever heard of the expression 'when it rains it pours' ?

That is my week. Multiplied by 10000000000000000.

I must have mad fuckin skill

First my car died.

Then I came down with a cold.

Then my laptop battery adapter died.

Then I found out it wasn't the adapter - it was the socket in the mother board and its TOAST.


for realz

Dear Universe
I didn't realize you had a beef with me.
Please get over it.
I'd like my good fortune back thanks.
Hearts, me xo

So because I refuse to even attempt to do a blog post on THIS old piece of .... wait I'll be nice to my former laptop that now belongs to mom and dad.

*takes a moment to inhale*

Until my laptop is fixed (which the computer techs have said will be a miracle) or Until I buy myself a MacBook (yes this IS the only thing getting me through this), I may not be posting UNLESS I find some form of inner strength to do so from this piece of... *inhales sharply* .... this still functioning ancient Dell laptop I once loved with all my heart before replacing it with a new HP and handing it over to my parents.

At least I can still tweet from my Blackberry.

You know - until lightning strikes it because this is just my life right now.

[A/N: I am BEGGING. Please DM me if anything updates -> EP, EoPC, UoEM, Second Chances, LimB, Matter of Trust, Say Hello Wave Goodbye. As well, please DM me immediately if the R/K sex tape descends upon us but obviously this goes without saying. Sending mad love to you all. - C]


Kj said...

Awww my sweet girl! I had a similar week too, and am just now emerging from my painful cold-haze to try and write Musings today. HUGS HUGS HUGS. I have yet to go back and comment on your EP post last week, but I wanted to thank you for shouting out to me, because I know from our "EP journaling Exercise" that you were in DEEP DEEP, baby. So much love to you darling. I'll be responding to your emails soon too. I appreciate your feedback on the website, etc. But mostly, I appreciate YOU. Much love, xo,KJ

JWink22 said...

So sorry you had a crap week bb! I flove you and hope it's a better week this week!!!!!!!

If it makes you feel any better, my work is a continuous suck fest. lol

hugs and kisses xoxo

p.s. you were a wonderful texting Vegas guide this past week. I really appreciated it!

Anonymous said...

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