Sunday, November 7, 2010

A lot can change in a year...

If there is one thing I have realized in the past two months since I disapeared from the blogsphere it's this....

What a difference a year makes....

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and this is my... beautiful life...

A year ago, life as I knew it was complicated, stressful, heartwrenching, and torturous. Decisions had to be made. Life was about to change.

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And somewhere amongst the madness, I found comfort in this incredible fandom. Some pick up the pieces with a good pharmaceutical prescription... I wrote my own prescription.

discover twitter... you'll find soulmates... trust your RL friends... they really do know whats best for you... go see New Moon as much as you want... who cares? sit down and read that Motu fic... it'll change you... keep up your blog - it de-stresses you... write every day - you know its your passion...
don't be afraid to take chances...

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yes. I am insanely happy.

Again - what a difference a year makes....

Most of you were aware that take me to bliss was taking a TINY hiatus. Read: I had no choice because my piece of shit one year old laptop died on me a week after the warranty expired.

yes. I am doing it wrong.

Around the same time that the hiatus for which I had no choice but to take commenced, my car ALSO decided to die on me. Then my Blackberry decided to join the party and all the while, I'm left thinking:

true story

The good news is, two months later... my piece of crap HP is working... so that I can blog.... I'm in the process of shopping for a new car... so that I'm not driving around in a deathtrap.... and I traded in the Blackberry for an iPhone.... so I'm pretty much in love with that little slice of heaven....


To prove to all of you faithful followers that I am insanely grateful for, in the upcoming week I am going to prove my dedication to this blog and to all of you by moving the site to it's very own domain.... that is the technical term - right?


In the first few weeks when the site is up and running, I will have another GIVEAWAY

yes. thats right.
TWO items.
so ALL followers get excited.
Excited yet?

And as a little preview of whats to come.... Those of you who follow me on twitter know that I was recently in New York City on vacation... What you might NOT know is that I not only had the time of my life but that I dragged my poor mother to countless "Remember Me" locations on said trip...

Let's just say there were enough photos taken to merit their own post...

Oh yeah.
We went there.


LASTLY - as this IS the last post on the original take me to bliss -yes i'm actually kinda sad about this - I would like to THANK Rob and Kristen for THESE epic photos on the first day of shooting....

Yes. I cannot think of a better way to say adieu to the original blog.

oh hello you two.
we've MISSED you.

how much do I want this dress?

there is nothing sexier than protective men
*cough* motu *cough*

Of course as soon as I saw all of the previous photos, I thought "GOLDEN"....

When tweets about "kissing" photos started popping up in my newsfeed..... well.....


nothing causes me to melt more than forehead kisses.

And then I pretty much died.


feathers... this leads to feathers...
and creepy hybrid babies by the name of renesmee
that I SOOO will not get into it because that never should
have been written.


With whatever brain power I still have left following THOSE, I will just say this.

The new site SHOULD be up and running by Saturday November 13th. If it isn't, clearly the zombie apocalypse happened. You can be sure I will pimp the hell out of it on Twitter and I will post the link on here JUST to make sure.

Until then.... please no one go into cardiac arrest over Brazil.

At least not until the set photos of R/K with feathers still randomly stuck to them.



Anonymous said...

So glad to see that you're back at it! Umm, who else wishes they were in Brazil? Definitely considering trading in my Vegas ticket for a Brazil one. Who's with me?!

Jessie said...

your back!
always lovely and Im extremely happy to hear that you're feeling fantastic!
Love you!! :)

tiybor said...

So glad you're blogging again! You have a fun style, bb, and your citing my tumblr is so sweet! Keep updating me about the blog move!

elle said...

WELCOME BACK!!!! :D So glad things are looking up for you! I've been missing your posts.

I REALLY want to see a post of all the 'Remember Me' locations you visited! I hope it happens. :) I'll have to live vicariously through them.

Robward & BellaStew in Brazil very well my be the death of me.

Can't wait to see the new domain!! How exciting!!! :)

Jayde said...

I am friend fail.
But I heart you and am so glad I have Twitter as well - it allows me to speak to not only to you but so many other amazing, amazing people.
Heart your face. Mwah!