Monday, November 15, 2010

you're what the french call - les incompetents

I've never once considered myself to be computer savvy.

Blogger and I got along fine for years because it was so easy to navigate that a hamster could probably run a blog on it.

true story.
that shit could totally happen.

But when Blogger started acting funky this summer and ultimately aggravating me to the point that I wanted to throw my laptop against the wall and stab my eyes out, I reached a point in my Blogger relationship where things were getting VERY stale.

And then EVERYONE started raving about how amazing WordPress was and I decided I was ending it with Blogger. It was breakup time.

this movie was EPIC for me.
seriously. if you have not seen it - do it.
especially if you were in university when Facebook came out.
trust me

And speaking of The Social Network, you should probably know I am now in absolute love with another British Import:

I fucking love you Andrew Garfield.

I might actually threaten to take my entire local theatre hostage if they do not bring in Never Let Me Go for at least one night. ONE NIGHT. Is this too much to ask?

Where was I?


Breaking up with Blogger.

So I was moving to WordPress and promising all of you faithful followers that by Saturday the 13th I would have a new site up and running and if I DIDNT it meant the zombie apocalypse happened.

I'm only worried about the way you wrote "worry"

Obviously the zombie apocalypse didn't happen BUT its good to always be prepared just in case.

so so true.

ANYWAY. Because I am what the French call "les incompetents." - thank you Home Alone for what is one of my favorite movie quotes of all time - I can't figure out WordPress for the life of me. And after three hours of TRYING, I looked like THIS:

word press WTF

SO what does this mean?

It means because I suck at life & WordPress, take me to bliss WILL still be moving to its own domain BUT it will be staying Bloggered up until I can figure this WordPress shit out.

AND because the universe hates me right now.....

this look?
my permanent look right now.

I am not making ANY promises as to when the new site will be up. It will be soon. It will be amazing. And that is why I need time. Because amazing isn't created overnight - now is it? Unless of course we're talking about Robert Pattinson's creation cause yes - that totally was overnight. Or in an afternoon - maybe his parents were ALL about the afternoon delight.

OK. So that is that.

NOW because I was posting the night of the epicness that was Rio, amazing editors hadn't yet had the chance to tweak and polish the photos into sheer perfection. Which is why I would like to now share my favorites...

note: these are pretty much ALL compliments of the fabulous @tiybor
follow her. visit her tumblr.
she is awesome.

I've only ever dated one guy who looked at me like that.
I walked away from him in an airport.
And now he's married.
Cause that's life.

And clearly I have stupid moments.

so this is a slight variation of the first
It still gives me goosebumps.

this one seriously kills me
when a boy protects a girl - I die


I want to be THAT happy

THEN Saturday, all of THESE came out.

Summit seriously - you gotta give us SOMETHING from Baton Rouge or Twihards united will not survive until November 2011. And then you won't make any money. And that would REALLY suck for you now wouldn't it?

Ok. When I first saw these, I seriously scratched my head. I think I noticed Rob's blue shirt first. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE him in blue? Then I noticed Kristen looking like a goddess in the top left picture. Then I giggled at her strangling Rob. THEN I facepalmed because I realized THEY ARE PLAYING CHESS.


I get it. It's the book cover. Clever.

Couldn't you have just had Edward sweeping a chess set from the kitchen island before making sweet love to Bella over every surface of the house? Cause that would have been even BETTER.

THEN I saw this Saturday night and heart failure ensued in a mall parking lot.


two words:
sex lines

oh my...

And because Summit knew I needed extra motivation to go to the gym:

I seriously doubt SM approved of that bikini.

AND because clearly it was important I start hyperventilating AT work:

November 2011 needs to hurry the fuck up.

[A/N: If I had to bet money on it - and I do work in responsible gaming so I would only make safe bets, OBVIOUSLY - I would say the new domain will be up in 7-10 days. You can be sure I will post the news on here, on twitter and on random bathroom stalls worldwide. So please check back! And because I don't know what I would do without these ladies, to my B, my Kate , my Jessie , and my Chipper - you girls are amazing xx]


Edward'sChipper said...

I love you madly. I think you know that. I love you almost as much as you do Kstew. Yes, it's that sick. lol!

Fantab comeback post darling. Screw Wordpress. Live in the retro. Stay with Blogger until it kicks us all to the curb. Or until we kick our laptops cuz it suck ass so bad and we can't blog for like...months. :D

Mwah, darling. Thank you for all of the pretteh as well. The swimming shots. I died twice when I saw them. Now a third. *drops*

<3 you, Chip

JWink22 said...

flove you and this blog bb! i'm in the middle of updating my blog right now cause RL has been majorly stepping in the way.

i'm pretty sure bridezille is going to come out of the wood works sooner rather than later!

I can't wait until the new site is up. I need to send you an email. Feels like we haven't talked in forever!

Canadian Puck Bunny said...


Thank you for making my day. LOL.


amygrant83 said...

I love your writing style. Have you ever thought of journalism?

Jessie said...

I'm super excited for your new Blog dear!

Jayde said...

Like I said earlier, I am MAYJAH #FriendFail. I blame RL, uni and being sick. Boo.

Those pics of those two kill me. And also make me so fucking jealous! I want a cute boy to hold my hand like that.

And "sex lines". Duuuuuuuude. Love. It.

Have you seen the pic of him wearing his wedding ring? Fuck. Me. I die. Weirdly, it's only really him I find hot with a wedding ring.

Can't wait to see the new blog! I am sure it is ahmazying.

I haven't really been loving my blog lately. I've been thinking of just starting over.

<3 Jxo

Anonymous said...

ksc f hvo h, sex. cph l, mqw pirski! eclk y dhx kd.