Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Garrett

I realize that I had suggested in my last A/N that there would be a new post weekend - weekend-ish....

Well, as some of you know, I happen to be addicted to a little thing that is RIDICULOUSLY time-consuming.

Google Image Search Time Consuming
You get this.
And this kills me.

What am I addicted to that is SO time-consuming you ask?

Do you REALLY need to ask?

Rob says "Seriously?"
I say "Uh YEAH"

I will however get to why fanfiction is so damn time consuming... read: fanfiction RUINS my life.... LATER.

First, because apparently I am clearly an idiot, I FINALLY saw TRON: Legacy tonight with @allisonmccallum for her birthday. It might have been HER birthday but I'm pretty sure it felt like mine and every other woman in the theatres birthday too because seriously, Garrett?


Could you BE any hotter?
The answer is obviously no.

Now the downside to seeing a movie LONG and I mean LONG (did I mention I'm an idiot for waiting so long to see this movie?) after it's released is that EVERYONE and their dog has seen it and you're going to hear the good reviews and the bad reviews.

My only dislike about the movie?

That these two didn't have hot video game sex.
OR even kiss for that matter.


just GRAB her and DO it

Now I apologize if I just spoiled the movie for you but seriously - I wish someone had told me that the two hot people in the movie were not going to mack it. We're talking about ME here who will IMDB Parent Advisory movies to make sure there is at least SOME gratification in it.

Luckily Garrett is fucking gorgeous and I would pay to go see him read a phone book for two hours. #truth

You know what WAS awesome? otherthanthehotnessthatisgarrett


I would like to kiss the genius who thought of this.
AWESOME soundtrack.
I highly recommend it in the bedroom.
Just sayin.

ALSO awesome? onceagainotherthanthehotnessthatisgarrett

The Jeff Bridges + Garrett Hedlund

I had TEARS watching a movie about video games.
now THAT is good acting.

And the awesomest (is that even a word?) aspect of Tron?

Garrett Freakin Hedlund

yes yes yes

In all honesty, because I DO like to try and be honest in my movie reviews, you should see this movie. So the story is just 'meh'. Visually, this movie owned me. Like, I was scared to blink because it was so pretty. so hypnotizing. so ALLURING. What I'm saying is that basically *I* want to get sucked into a video game - just for a day. just to do some of that shit.


Keeping with the Garrett feel of this post but adding in a little Kristen because well, we know that I UNF for the Stew....

I LOVE when my fandoms collide

NEW On the Road stills were released this past week and while I have been anxiously anticipating the release of this movie since Kristen jumped on board and back when I honestly had no idea who Garrett Hedlund was - the reality that this movie will be fucking EPIC sunk in at the sight of

dear Kristen
please know.
girls are REALLY going to hate you now.
Rob. Garrett. Rob in RL.
This is clearly why KSIBTU

Mary Lou - I love you

Holy UNF
You MIGHT be the death of me

What am I trying to say here?

On the Road needs to be out NOW

Yup. Pretty Much.

Remember that time-consuming habit that I spoke of?

Fanfiction. aka literary crack.

Well as per the lovely Kate's recomendation (the girl has NEVER steered me wrong) I decided to dive into Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by the INCREDIBLE hunterhunting.

Well it now owns me and my ass until I'm finished reading it. WHICH I predict will be in the next twenty four hours and THEN I will rec the shit out of it to ALL of you. I know that a lot of you have read it. I realize that, like Tron, I was REALLY late to the CWIA party BUT I made it and I have clearly and vividly seen what all the fuss is about. This story is AMAZING. It has seriously consumed my thoughts, dreams, I turn into a drooling puppy eyed girl whenever I see a guy with tatoos now - its kind of ridiculous.

so YEAH.
there's THAT.

And LASTLY because there was just not enough Rob in this post I give you the whole BritPack.
You can thank me for the WIN in this photo later.

[A/N: Check back Sunday night for my Clipped Wings & Inked Armor recomendation. If you have NOT read this story - you seriously NEED to. TRUST me. I will give you a million reasons why on Sunday.

To Kate and Jayde - thank you lovely ladies for the beautiful cards in the mail this week!! Sending mad love to both of you xx ]


Allison said...

First, I have to say I feel privilage to be mentioned in your blog. Thank you.

Second, it makes me SOOO happy that you really enjoyed Tron. I'm glad I could be the one to share its awesomeness with you. Garrett is like a piece of birthday cake even when it's not your birthday. I too could just sit and watch/listen him read a phone book. I am currently listening to the Country Strong soundtrack. I can't get enough of that boy.

Kate said...

Once again, I am laughing my ass off over that photo. IT'S JUST TOO GOOD. You know what else is good (you def do)? Garrett in a bodysuit. *nods* I loved him in Country Strong, but the cleanshaven version in all those gorgeous pics above is my fave.

[Side note on CS: I would totally burn AND melt for him, even if all he did was whisper that lyric in my ear (OHAI nice visual).]

Well, no. Him + Kristen in OTR is my absolute favourite (and the movie isn't even out yet - this is gonna be intense). ANYWAY, the point is Garrett = WIN.

Oh, Tattward. It's been so damn fun reliving him with you. Can't wait for your post this weekend about it all! Then on to the next fic... ;)


ladybug said...

Your Tron review is basically my Tron review. I'm not usually a super hero/video games kind of person but I really liked the movie, specially the visual aspect, it was so pretty all the neon lights against the black! The connections between the characters...I totally teared up in the end!

OTR is probably going to be the death of a lot of us. There might not be anyone left after we see it. JS

Well, I was in need of a fanfiction rec for this week! You just might have me convinced to finally read CWIA...

elle said...

I am STILL late to the Tron party. I can't find someone to go with me, not that I'm against going alone, I'd just prefer to be in company to gush over Garrett! I'm in the process of wearing someone down. Heh. I have a serious adoration for Jeff Bridges, I am looking most forward to seeing him & Garrett interacting.

GAH!!! Those OTR stills that were released had me drooling. Seriously. Can. Not. Wait. for that movie to be out! Like yesterday!

So glad you are reading CWIA! I'm excited to read your review of it. I believe it was my first ever TwiFic.