Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Because her face belongs on Vogue

"Sometimes the fantasy is better than reality."
Starry Eyed Inside

Reality can be a bitch.

Especially when you realize everything you thought you knew all along - was complete bullshit.

Force a smile.
And keep moving on.

I'm not going to get into it. It would hurt to get into it. But I'm a little rattled and heartfelt words are few and far between right now more than likely because I've just about resigned to joining a convent. Read: I HATE men. They SUCK. They are PIGS.

Appropriately, this post has absolutely nothing to do with men and EVERYTHING to do with a woman no man would ever fuck over. Why? Because she's Kristen Freaking Stewart and she is better than ALL of us.

guys do not screw over the Stew
she screws them over.
and then they date Emma Roberts.

If the realization that KStew is better than You is new to you - you should probably go visit CC @ KSIBTU.com like yesterday.

Now where was I?

Right. KStew and her Awesomeness and ....

this was a GREAT day at Starbucks


It's like it happened out of nowhere. Suddenly there was talk of Kristen on Vogue and then images were leaking. Images like this:
I love that as I typed that,
"Crimson & Clover" streamed through my speakers
Good work iTunes Shuffle

Seriously. Twitter was freaking out. With damn good reason. If there is one holy coveted magazine that is worthy of Kristen's face - it is obviously VOGUE.

And if there is any magazine out there worthy of many zig zaged trips past the magazine section each time I went to Indigo for my Starbucks, no matter how late for work I was - it is obviously VOGUE.

So shall we discuss?

The Designers - Proenza Schouler

Once upon a time, Kristen wore Proenza Schouler to the New Moon premiere. I'd completely forgotten about said moment until I watched the BTS Vogue Shoot video. I feel the memory of said red carpet was more than likely pushed to the back of my memory on account of Chris Weitz's orange pants.

I honestly think both Slade AND Condon should wear those.
At least to one premiere.
Just because.

It could be like the Twilight Saga of Travelling Orange Pants.

ANYWAY. I was not crazy about Kristen's dress. It sort of reminded me of something I'd be embarrassed that I wore in my grade two class photo. #truestory

BUT - whatever Proenza Schouler are doing these days..... KEEP.IT.UP.

There is a reason I chose this shot of K as my Twitter Avi
And it should be obvious.

"She's like - the perfect girl."
- Lazaro Hernendez

Yes. Yes she is and we're ALL jealous.

the Shoot - Epic

As a green eyed blonde haired woman - I covet that dress

"I just shot the cover of Vogue - that's weird to say."
- Kristen Stewart

No darling. If I shot the cover of Vogue - that would be a weird thing to say. But you're Kristen Stewart. You OWN it.

Owning it in RED

Owning it in GREEN

"There's no way to eloquently put this...
I just can't go to the mall.
It bothers me that I can't be outside very often.
And also to not ever be 'some girl' again.
Just being some chick at some place, that's gone."
- Kristen Stewart

And my absolute favorite declaration from the Vogue interview....

Why she won't discuss her relationship with Rob....

"It's not my job."
- Kristen Stewart

VogueStew - you were worth the wait.

Also worth the wait? The 30 minute simmering time requirement in the Kristen's Mexican Tortilla Soup recipe.




And you will THANK me for telling you about it.
Seriously people.

This conversation actually went down when I made it for my parents:

Me: "Dad - do you like it?"

Dad: "It's ummm - different."

*please know my father has VERY reserved tastebuds*

Me: "So you don't like it?"

Dad: "No - it's ok."

-Ten minutes Later-

Me: "Dad where are you going?"

Dad: *as he walks to the stove* "To get seconds."

Me: *blankstare* "You NEVER have seconds."

The Power of the Stew
it even transcends into her recipes

NOW because I LOVE all of you
And do not want you to have to search for it...
Google can be SO exhausting


Make It.
Then tell me ALL about it.
Email. Tweet. Carrier Pigeon.

And until then, I leave you with my ABSOLUTE favorite Vogue edit, featuring the only man I refuse to hate right now.

no lie.
this is my laptop wallpaper


Please ALL survive the Snowpocalypse!

that shit is scary

As my friends on the eastern coast get hammered with snow... And those in Ontario get hammered with snow... And those two snowstorms build up to the massive shitstorm they will dump on my city tomorrow... I want you to all stay safe. stay warm. and have a dogsled to get to Starbucks. #Priorities

To the incredible @tiybor - your tumblr owns me. Just so you know.

Followers - I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE. The amount of hits this blog has been getting BLOWS me away! Please leave a comment once and awhile to say hi and give me a name to love in return!!!

New post - weekend-ish? ]


Jessie said...

Aww:) Your blog is, as always, lovely!
The stew sounds DELICIEUX! I'll need to try it! yay for new recipe.
On a side note: you're gorgeous and awesome. You'll find the perfect guy very soon. I promise! (Didn't you know that I am Cupidon?)
Big love to you and continue updating often. OX

elle said...

I made that soup LAST NIGHT! No lie. It was amazing & got rave reviews from my fam too #WIN I will def be making it again. :)

I may not know you in RL but I must say that you are infinitely better than whatever man it is that made you hate men right now. Seriously.

VougeStew FTW! She killed that shoot. Flawless.

JWink22 said...

I need to make this tortilla soup...but that would require me to actually cook something which is a very rare occassion. Legit need to take a cooking class. Especially with getting ready to be a newlywed. #IFail

The green/blue Proenza Schouler outfit she wore for the New Moon premiere...LOVED! I usually don't care for off-the-wall outfits like that, but I was in love with that one.

By the way, i'm in love with all these Vogue edits!


ladybug said...

I just found your blog last week (I think through KJ or CC).

VogueStew is just amazing! I haven't even seen the magazine live. I'm from Portugal so it takes a while to get here, but it will...and I shall buy it and cherish it!

As for the soup, sad story: I can't stomach peppers in any shape or form so I'm sitting this one out.

Now I'm off to read some of those amazing fan fic recs you have in here...because this day sucked big time for me too and I need a pick me up! ;)

C r y s t a l said...

Welcome ladybug!

First, do you have a twitter?
Second, I actually DIDNT put jallepenos in mine because I don't care for super spicy... If you can't stomach the bell peppers, you could probably still make it without! The beauty of the recipe, we realized, is you could add in lots of stuff if you wanted! I'm thinking about adding mushrooms and beef next time!

Anonymous said...

I made this last night. It was amazing. My sister said this recipe is definitely a keeper. I only put one jalepeno pepper in because I don't like it too spicy. Now, if only she can give us the recipe for the pulled-pork sandwich. I've tried different recipes for that, put they never taste as good as the ones I get at Ribfest.
I love your blog!

Jayde said...

First: hugs!
Second: VogueStew is super-FIERCE!! Loves it. I've yet to read the interview; I'm hoping I can find it online somewhere if I can't manage to track down the mag.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda hungover and starving and procrastinating on school work and really want to have that soup right now.

Ima make it sometime soon and tell you aaaalllllll about it.