Friday, January 21, 2011

"but you hate country music..."


where do I begin?

I have realized something lately about this little blog. I have the tendency to go for BIG... For instance, I tweeted this an hour ago.

Yeah - you're definitely NOT going to find ALL of those in this post.

WHY? because I somehow crazily think I have more downtime than I actually do and plan insanely huge blog posts and then find myself screaming bloody murder four hours later. #truth

SO I have a new plan. You wanna hear?

bahahah #win

Instead of doing ONE post a week, as I have typically been doing, I will try to do several smaller posts. Do I think I will actually succeed in doing this? Mmmm probably not. BUT I'm sure as hell going to try.


FIRST of all. I have to send absolutely crazy mad love shoutouts to the two ladies who sent bliss from afar and landed on my doorstep in the form of three A-M-A-Z-I-N-G packages.

To the absolutely fabulous and inspiring KJ (aka @MusingsonOther ) .....

I am in LOVE.
With both this AND you obviously.

And to my #twin, Kate (aka @kate_suena ) who I am forever in debt to this fandom for bringing into my life...

Yes. Thats TWO packages.
Darling - two things.
1) you know me better than I know myself I think
2) thank you - for everything and all the smiles

See folks?

Us people who are obsessed with our Twitter and our Sparkly Vampire movies are not only seriously on to something... the universe hands us the most amazing friends on the planet.... it just doesn't make it convenient for us to visit them alll the time...


The REAL reason for this post, which, I apologize in advance is seriously lacking in Robsten. Where it lacks, I feel I've MORE than made up for it with a very healthy dose of Garrett Hedlund. Yes?

Now, because I have been dying to talk about it since last week.....

Country Strong

donotcare if Gwyneth was the star
this post is ALL about the Leighton
and ALL about the Garrett
and I'm madly in love with this photo

I remember the day the trailer for this movie came on TV and I immediately chirped "I cannot wait to see that movie!" to which my mother, a lifelong country music fan who still finds it hard to believe her one and only daughter HATES country music, said "but you HATE country music..."

She had a point.

Most country music to me is like the sound of nails on a chalkboard. Exceptions? SOME Sugarland songs ("Stay" makes me cry for days), SOME Lady Antebellum songs (please, forever in love with Need You Now) and Johnny Cash -> see where I'm going with this?

So what was my response?

"Don't care. Garrett Hedlund is HOT...
I LOVE Leighton Meester...
And it TOTALLY looks like Walk the Line 2.0"

In case you are new to the blog or aren't properly informed; Walk the Line is one of my all-time favorite movies and when drunk enough, I will duet "Jackson" at Kareoke.

So yes... take THIS actress that I love dearly... I won't lie, Gossip Girl IS my guilty pleasure...

sometimes I wish I was Blair Waldorf

And put her in a romantic movie with Garrett Hedlund?

oh hai there you two....

And turn it into a Walk the Line-esque romance.... don't believe me?


similar, yes?

this is KIND of scary...

see what I'm sayin?


Yes. I know what I'm talking about here.

So yeah, put the beautiful Leighton Meester in a movie where she has the most insanely cute scenes with the fuckhawt Garrett Hedlund while they sing and undress each other with their eyes a la Walk the Line and yeah....

I can DO country.


Seriously. If you haven't seen this movie and your reasoning is because you, much like myself, cannot stand country music - do NOT let that stop you. I have not stopped listening to the music from this movie since last week. AND tomorrow, which happens to be my birthday, I'm going to see this movie AGAIN, because I am that in love with it that I want it to be part of my birthday celebrations. True Story.

And while I want to get into it and discuss every perfect element of this movie.... I won't because I respect that some of you a) haven't seen it or b) don't want to see it and just don't care. which you should get over it and go because ohmygawd....

But I do have a few thoughts to share...


You will spend hours dreaming about Garrett smiling at you like that - like woah.

oh hai there other similarity....


You will want to personally track down this kid, find him, and hug him.
Maybe even steal him.


While I have been UNF'ing over Leighton & Garrett...
I should mention.
Gwyneth ROCKS this performance.

Tim McGaw makes me laugh.

Want to know a funny story? It's a rhetorical question. You're hearing it.

A zillion years ago, my boyfriend at the time, a HUGE country music fan - I know, seriously, it was painful for me - convinced me to spend $100+ on a country music concert ticket to see Faith Hill & Tim McGraw. Did I mention it was an all-day OUTDOOR concert in a grassy but easily turned to mud should it rain like hell field?

Yes I was VERY (sarcasm) excited for said concert. Especially when it RAINED all bloody day.

I look happy.
But know.
I was NOT happy.
Especially not when I ate a soaked hotdog minutes later.
the rainbow WAS pretty though.
sorry to ex-boyfriend. I cut you out. Oops.

Now why does this tie into Tim McGraw making me laugh? Because other than THIS moment captured on my camera that I'm surprised survived all that rain...


... Tim McGraw was SO drunk that he kept falling over... Faith was beyond PISSED off at him... And when they sang together, she had to hold HIM up. My my Tim..... did Faith teach you a thing or two for your movie role in Country Strong? End of RL Story.

SO. The point of this post is this.


And then obviously come tell me ALL your thoughts including how badly you wanted a Beau (Garrett) after you saw this movie...

Now, things to look forward to in UPCOMING posts....

The discussion of THIS....

I love that this is RL

AND a fanfic rec that I cannot wait to squeal about to all of you who haven't jumped on the band wagon....

AND in the meantime, please, if you don't already - follow me on Twitter -> @takemetobliss and for all my followers, please don't be fooled by the new AVI. I couldn't resist #voguestew


Until next time, I leave you with this stunning Walk the Line still that I just found and MIGHT need to print and frame - just because.


Kate said...

Before anything else, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I wish I was there to celebrate with you, and I know you'll have so much fun tomorrow and this week. Enjoy it all, birthday girl! <3

I'm so glad the packages got to you, and this week especially - perfect timing or what, eh? It was so much fun putting them together, and I'm so happy you loved! I don't know who or what to thank out there in the universe for bringing us together, but holy hell I am glad it happened.

There's so much win in this post, I don't think I can comment on it all in this small space. So whatever I don't cover here, know that we WILL be talking about tomorrow.

We seriously are #twins. Walk the Line? One of my faves. I remember seeing it in theatres for the first time, and will never forget, because it was in California (need to go back nowww). I am not a country music fan either, so my fam, who I was with at the time, went "you want to spend your time in LOS ANGELES (note: I go just a little, ahem lot, nuts for LA) going to see THAT?!" I can understand their disbelief. So I dragged them to the theatre (my sis was so pissed off) and sat down and LOVED the next 140 minutes of my life. For the rest of the trip, I was obsessed. That soundtrack was ~80% of what I listened to driving down the coast between LA and SF. I also bought Johnny Cash's biography and read it on the plane ride home. Anyway. Yes. Walk the Line is definitely a mutual love!

Country Strong - what to say! I have many(inappropriate) comments I could make about Garrett, but I'm sure the same things are running through everybody else's heads (serio, if you haven't seen this movie, go see it NAO), so I'll save them. He was definitely my favourite part though - songs, acting, all of it. Travis broke my heart and at the same time was in maybe my favourite non-G scene. And while I'm not a huge fan of Gwenyth's, I thought she did a very good job with the role. I'm jealous of your second viewing - I known you'll see and get more out of it than the first time!

I can't wait for VogueStew (get to my Chapters now please) and of course SEI!!! You know the amount of mad love I have for that story.

Until the next post,


Kj said...

Ok, darling, what is this I hear about your BIRFDAY??? Tomorrow? HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY my blissfully kind and lovely girl! I have been under the weather this whole week, so forgive the erratic nature and the briefness (the latter counteracts the occurrence of the former) of this comment.

1. The cracked glass of the MOO Mashup Print disturbed me when I first heard of it, as you know. But looking at your picture, there is something so "imperfectly perfect" about the cracked frame, that enhances Otherness and Beauty. Which is the entire mission of Musings...So I'm actually kinda in love with the battered yet beautiful gift you received. Mostly I'm pleased you won and received the print you wanted. It's my fave as well.

2. Country Strong. Haven't seen it YET. Was planning on going tomorrow. I have known for a long time that I adored Gwyneth's singing voice and of course her acting abilities, but the draw for me is ..of course..GARRET. And I really really love the chemistry that I've glimpsed in previews between Leighton and him. Walk the Line is one of my faves as well, so any comparison you make between the movies--I'm sold. I'll let you know my thoughts upon return.

3. Vogue Stew. I can't even...There are no...gah. I am writing a new Musings that coincides with this monumental, stunning event, and all I can do is stare. And be stunned. And stare some more.

4. Starry Eyed Inside. Of all the fic discussions you and I have had, we haven't spoken of Rochelle. My Reader Sisters and I don't even call her by her full name anymore, it's simply "ROCHELLE". Because Rochelle Allison writes magic. She writes nostalgia, heartbreak, love and romance in such an exquisitely unique and effecting way, that there is no. other. author. out there that can emulate. She is a goddess and her stories simply soothe my soul and heart and remind me that every single moment is a gift. I've read every single one of her stories, and am only starting Sessions right now because I wanted to savor it as a whole (she's finishing it up as we speak and it's either posted already or bound to be in the next few hours). I look forward to hearing your always eloquent thoughts on SEI.

I adore you and love your "voice" in your posts. I hear your joy, kindness and soul in your words, which in translation, means beauty.
Yours, KJ xx

Allison said...

You have hit the nail on the head!! Country Strong is totally Walk the Line 2.0. After I saw the movie I had to come home and download most of the songs.

I like the fact that they put out a second record with 'more' songs from the movie, but lets be honest, all the songs from the second record should have just been on the first. I don't want Faith Hill singing 'Give In To Me' I want Leighton and Garrett. I was extremely impressed with Garrett's singing, that voice can melt butter. Leighton was so cute in this movie, a nice change from being Blair Waldor.

Gwyneth reminded me of Faith when she performed 'Coming Home', she did so good in this movie. And can you believe that Tim and Faith have been married for 14 years!!

Lastly, when I listen to 'Timing is Everything' it makes me a little misty. Garrett does such a great song singing it, I kind of prefer his version to Trace Adkins and I LOVE Trace. I could listen to him talk with his southern accent ALL DAY!!

Thank you once again for another great blog, I look forward to getting in to more detail with you about Country Strong.

Anonymous said...

ohmygod everyone's comments are books...i just wanted to say that that b&w picture of Leighton is GORGEOUS

Jayde said...

I am SUCH a slacker. But better late than never, right? Those packages look so awesome! Also, jealous you've seen CS HOW many times now?! It's not even out here yet. Boo. And I'm not sure I even know anyone who'll want to see it with me. Sadface!! Um, Walk The Line? Gah. It kills me EVRYTIME. You know when I start to bawl? When it says onscreen about their deaths. I can only hope I find a love so strong (but, y'know... without all the other failed marriages first and the addiction issues). Love!

P.S. Garrett? UNF.