Monday, January 17, 2011

those globes... oh they're golden....

It's Award Season.


The real deal. None of this People's Choice Awards bullshit.

When you Google 'award season' this comes up...
True Story.

And with the REAL Award Season, comes the very first fabulous affair; the Golden Globes. And I won't lie. In past years, the Golden Globes have proven to be even more enjoyable for me than the actual Oscars. Last night, did NOT disapoint.

What DID disapoint, to a certain degree, was the fashion choices of the rich & famous.

Really Hollywood? Come on now....

In fact, the cause of my underwhelment from the red carpet didn't really dawn on me until a fabulous, fashionable RL friend, H, pointed out that EVERYONE seemed to be wearing

"silver/gold/cream/off-white gowns. Bor-ing!"

I won't lie. At first I scratched my head and wondered what the hell she was talking about.... And then when I scrolled through all the red carpet pictures after the show... It dawned on me....


Don't believe us? I give you proof.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D
Oh yes.

Clearly Hollywood went for as H put it, bor-ing!....

Now I won't lie. Some of these plain, neutral colored dresses were lovely.... And when I say some, please know that I am definitely NOT refering to Jennifer Love Hewitt's which paired with Scarjo's Bride of Frankenstein hair would have been a flawless look! (its called sarcasm)

So which of the white/offwhite/cream colored dresses was la creme de la creme? See what I did there?

My Choice:
Hailee Steinfeld

I obviously LOVE Marchesa. Kristen has rocked Marchesa. And even though I haven't seen True Grit, I simply ADORE the young Hailee Steinfeld. She is going to go far and I won't lie - she might be one of my top choices for a stellar Katniss in the Hunger Games trilogy. #truth


When it comes to couples attending the awards, I obviously would have wanted nothing more than to see the magic that is Rob & Kristen on a red carpet together.... But since Rob attended solo (and oh TRUST me - I will get to red carpet Rob), WHICH couples did I think deserved to crowned King & Queen and Prince & Princess of the Golden Globes carpet?


King & Queen goes to....

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones

I don't care if I lose all my followers for saying this. I do not like Brad & Angelina. I was team Jennifer ONE HUNDRED FREAKIN PERCENT. Do I think they are an attractive couple? Duh. It doesn't mean I have to like them. End Rant.

Catherine Zeta Jones looked STUNNING as always in a forest green Monique Lhuillier gown. Pretty sure I will sell my soul for a Lhuillier wedding dress one day. Michael Douglas looked HEALTHY and GRATEFUL to be strolling that carpet cancer-free with his wife. King and Queen? Totally.

And the Prince & Princess?

Armie Hamer & wife Elizabeth Chambers

Newlyweds. Insanely gorgeous. And I want her dress. AND Armie for Finnick in the Hunger Games Trilogy FTW.

Moving On.

Every year there is always one dress that I initially declare "I love it" and then look at pictures later and say "Ummm - I kinda hate it."

This year, that dress belonged to:

Halle Berry
Nina Ricci

I'll give her this.
She still looks hot.

On the flipside, there is always a dress than I initially go "What was she thinking?" only to realize later "Wow - I kinda love that dress."

The dress earning this reaction this year, belonged to:

Anne Hathaway
Armani Prive

I wasn't diggin the shoulders.
Now I'm crunching my shoulders in shame.

Anne - please forgive me

And the look that I just all around hated of the night?

Well that goes to....

Lea Michelle
I don't even care what she was wearing....

I don't know if she earned this classification based on her actual LOOK or the fake looks of shock, joy, and overwhelming happiness she delivered flawlessly throughout the night. GTFO!

And LASTLY, before I of course get into the awards portion of the show....

My TOP FIVE favorite looks of the night....

Number FIVE

Temple Grandin
wearing god knows what

I don't know much about this woman
But I know of her work and I know of her courage
And I know one thing for sure...
She inspires me and she should inspire us all.

Number FOUR
Eva Longoria
dress: Zac Posen

I LOVED this dress.

Number THREE
Mila Kunis
dress: Vera Wang

Thousand points for chosing Vera.
Million points for chosing COLOR.

Number TWO
Gia Mantegna
dress: Lorena Sarbu

Miss Golden Globes 2011
I realize this dress is simple.
But I also realize...
It is VERY close to my dream wedding dress.
And for that I love it.

And finally, my number ONE favorite look:

Olivia Wilde
dress: Marchesa

One word:

Now, enough with the ladies....

WHO were my two favorite men on the carpet last night?

Do you really need to ask?

Andrew Garfield

how could anyone NOT love him?

and two... well... come on now...

Rob Pattinson





And really, pictures speak much louder than any words I could try and utter.......

The Awards Ceremony

Reflection #1

Ricky Gervais....

thank you Ellen

I'm not going to lie. I'm on the fence as to whether or not I think Gervais went on a suicide mission. Do I think he was effing hillarious? Is the Pope Catholic? Of course. Do I think he MIGHT have taken a few jokes a little too far to the point it got awkward? Umm yes.

forever LOL
thank you Chief O'Keefe.

Reflection #2

When Jesus - I mean, Christian Bale won Best Supporting Actor

Hey Bale - remember when you were insanely hot as Batman? Let's try to go back to that moment in time thanks.

Reflection #3

Garrett Hedlund shaving that hideous beard....

Dear Garrett & Leighton,
I one hundred percent multiplied by one thousand
to the millionth power support you two playing naked twister together,
just so you know.
Hearts, Me

Reflection #4

Others shined last night....

@MusingsonOther knows what I'm talkin about.
Claire - you are fabulous.
And I kinda want your husband.

Reflection #5

Aaron Sorkin not only writes a phenomenal screenplay, he writes a great acceptance speech....

1) his shoutout to Mark Zuckerberg was both unexpected and simply perfect
"I wanted to say to Mark Zuckerberg tonight, if you're watching, Rooney Mara's
character makes a prediction at the beginning of the movie. She was wrong.
You turned out to be a great entrepreneur, a visionary, and an incredible altruist."
2) his shoutout to his daughter was incredible
"Elite is not a bad word, its an aspirational one. Honey look around,
smart girls have more fun, and you're one of them."

Reflection #6

Rob getting to present with the woman wearing my favorite dress coincidence? I think not.

Oh Olivia.
I would giggle too.

Reflection #7

Even intelligent actresses get word vomit when pregnant and it is beyond endearing...

Oh Natalie...
I heart you.

Reflection #8

I fucking LOVE that the Social Network OWNED it.

I will not lie.
The Social Network = my favorite movie of 2010.

Reflection #9

I am SO not surprised Rob skipped out early to schmooze with Daddy Cullen on a balcony overlooking the HBO party...

These are the faces of two men up to something.

Reflection #10

Did this really happen at the awards party?

when two gorgeous members of the britt pack hug...
an angel gets its wings....


And that my friends is all I have left to say about that....

SO. What did YOU think about the awards? Favorite dress? Favorite moment? Favorite insult Gervais dished out? Hit comment and do what I do best... RANT.

NEXT post will feature Rob+Babies & one hell of a Fanfic Rec. Find out what story kept me up all night re-living first times....

Until then, incase you have been living under a rock that has been encased with magma preventing you from ever seeing the light of day again, I leave you with the first official still from Breaking Dawn....

no words.
wait. no.
stephanie meyer? doNOTfuckwiththis.

[A/N WELCOME new followers. Please know you will be loved here and thanked on a regular basis. I swear. To my darling Kate who not only was the first person to send me said BD still on a day from hell at work AND the Andrew & Rob pics from last night - WE and our iphones need to meet STAT. To everyone else in this crazy twitter, blogging, world - you know I love you. - C]


Kate said...


I never know exactly what to say in a comment to fully encompass how much I loved a post, but I'll try.

From dress revelations (where is all the COLOUR?! I love colour - there needs to be more of it at the Oscars) to pics first shared excitedly via text and UNF'd over again here, I ate this post up. You're hilarous and witty (not to mention beautiful and kind) and I fucking love it.

You have no idea how much I eagerly await our 3D meeting (then again, maybe you do) - I know my iPhone's excited too. Do you have Bump? If not, get that app, because we will be using it to share pics of the two of us that way (instead of only via text!).

Anyway, I'll stop myself there, but please know that I flove you, my east coast bestie. Until your next fab post and my next ridic comment,

K x

Allison said...

Great post as usual. I LOVED Olivia Wilde's dress, I too liked Halle's dress the night of the awards, but looking at it now, not so much. Only she could pull that off.

Anonymous said...

Olivia Wilde looked stunning. Most beautiful woman in the world, imo.

Otherwise the red carpet looked like a goddamn seniors retreat. Cream dresses, really??

JWink22 said...

1.)Olivia Wilde=GORGEOUS! I have loved her since her guest spot on The O.C. I however, did not like the shoes she wore with the dress. Hot shoes...but not the right color with that dress.

2.) I do NOT like Brad/Angelina either. Jen #FTMFW! He lost hottness points in my book when he got with her. Not fair, but honest.

3.) Roberto-you looked AMAZING!

4.) Andrew/Garfield hug=too precious for words

5.) Can we please talk about Rob's arm muscles in the new BD still?!?! O_O! The magazine pic did not show that much of his arm. So THANK YOU to whoever released the whole still, because I have not stopped staring and drooling since!!!!!

JWink22 said...

p.s. Garrett and Leighton...I ship it!

And he looked WONDERFUL! Being totally honest, I dug the beard in Country Strong. I like the scruff!

Jenny Watson said...

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