Friday, January 7, 2011

fried brain cells CAN be worth it occasionally

Out with the old....

In with the new....

yes, 2011 will include A LOT of beach

And in this particular fandom, it would appear that 2011 is already, incredibly, in our favor....


Oh yes. I'm going to talk about THAT *looks up at the hotness that is R/K*

But first, I need to take a minute to properly welcome 2011.

My New Years Eve was surprisingly, the BEST NYE of my life. And if for two seconds you question that maybe I say that every year, please let me assure you. New Years Eve + Me usually equals tears and at least a fight, break up, catching of boyfriend cheating, car accident etc.

HAPPY to report, this year consisted of NONE of the above. Only a fantastic night, with wonderful people, and a dress that I only wish I could wear every single day.

I think she would approve.

And with the ringing in of the new year, I decided to actually make not one but THREE new years resolutions to declare on take me to bliss. Because announcing said resolutions to all of you makes me that much more determined to stick to them. of course seeing as this IS the internet i can totally NOT stick to them and you'd never know either right? #horriblenyresolutionskeeper

So here we go.

1) The Hawaii Diet

Aim big right? HA! In NO way do I expect to look as good as Kate Bosworth nor do I expect to even be able to stand up on a surfboard in Hawaii BUT I can resolve to do my best to look fabulous while falling off a surfboard in Hawaii.

2) Finish editing my book... By summer.

Remember that time I wrote a book? Yes. That happened. Remember when I finished it last June? Yes. That also happened. Remember when I said I would finish editing, grooming, perfecting it by 2011? Yeah no, that didn't happen. Case and Point.

3) Listen to the Fortune Cookie

I got this fortune cookie on New Years Day. True Story. And I immediately decided I couldn't have asked for a better new years resolution if it slapped me in the face.

Alright. Because they have been released into this incredible cyber universe, they will totally happen. Right? Right.

Moving on.


Now, I'm about to admit something that will make some of you jealous. Because I am blessed with an incredible boss and have the luxury of having a job that on most nights, requires me to simply sit in an office and appear busy, I was actually able to watch (yes, WATCH) the PCA on the computer at work.

Even Kristen is shocked.

But what soon became apparent, not long into said awards, was that not only was I getting paid to watch the People's Choice Awards, I was getting paid to slowly and painfully, have my brain cells fried to bits.


Queen Latifah needs to retire from hosting. Selena Gomez needs to just look cute and innocent from now on and not sing. Zac Efron needs to watch out because TaySwift is totally coming after him next and I called it HERE on take me to bliss. ALSO. Why does Zac suddenly look hispanic?

These are all thoughts that kept me alive until the royal trio arrived one hour into the show and my sanity was restored.

And THIS made all the dead brain cells worth it.

holy hell.
could she BE any more beautiful?
the answer is just NO.

And then THIS happened....

yes. you are precious.

Of course I wanted Rob to win Best Under 25 (or Kristen). Of course I wanted him to win Best Actor. But to be brutally honest, I really didn't want Twilight to win EVERYTHING. Sure it was wonderful when it happened at the MTV Movie Awards but even I felt uncomfortable towards the end when the announcers weren't even "surprised" that once again, Twilight won.

So yes. I think the two awards they accepted (as well as the others they won that were less celebrated) were JUST fine. And I was THRILLED Kristen won because we got to see love sick puppy dog eyes from Rob in the audience.

Wait. We saw that ALL night anyway.

the look... of love.... is in... his eyes...
*hums to herself*

And when I think of all those reporters who suggest Kristen NEVER smiles at awards shows... Well... I have to agree with Kristen....

She ponders. I ponder.

And I'm left remembering a time when Kristen defended herself in an interview by saying that she feels that its the one second where she ISNT smiling that the cameras focus on her. Which, if any of you have ever posed for photos for longer than five minutes or appeared on television for more than five minutes (I've done BOTH) you will know, SMILING HURTS AFTER AWHILE.

And YES, sometimes we NEED to relax that jaw for a second. But no, snarky, hateful reporters wouldn't know a thing about that, now would they? Nor would they notice how damn smiley our beautiful Kristen was all night at the PCAs with her love on one arm and co-star and friend on the other.

Nope. Not smiley. Not chipper. Not happy. AT ALL. *facepalm*

Of course when Eclipse won best movie and Rob delivered yet another memorable speech

"thank you so much for the phone, peoples choice...."

Yes, there is good reason why I switched my shifts at work so that I can be home to watch him at the Golden Globes. As everyone on Twitter has suggested, Drunk Rob at the Globes, will be priceless.

And lastly, while I could spend another whole blog post ranting about how badly I wish I had THOSE legs....

txt from me to bestie :
how do I get those legs?
seriously. Like.
I would probably have to be born again,

I will end this discussion, with what might possibly be one of my favorite candid R/K photos EVER and thank the Peoples Choice Awards for not only frying my brain cells beyond repair but for delivering an epic night of Robsten loveliness.


AND one last thing before I shut up and dive under the covers in an attempt to get rid of the head cold from hell....

I have heard a lot of feedback on twitter and via email that many of you LOVE my fanfic recs. Which just excites me more than you'll ever know. Seriously. I could talk fanfiction ALL day long. Just ask @kate_suena who I have even had lengthy phone discussions with regarding all things fanfic.

SO in 2011, I will continue to recommend new stories to all of you as they become a "blip" on my radar. Yes. I'm having major #ThePlan withdrawal. And no, you will not get that reference unless you have read The Plan. Which if you havent, what the hell are you waiting for?

The FIRST Fanfic Rec of 2011, will be.....

We Were Here
by lola-pops

I made this banner.
Thats why its crappy.

WOAH. so @kate_suena rec'd this to me the other night when I mentioned that I have a hard time starting stories that are already quite long. She suggested I try this particular story because it was only three chapters in, was already juicy, and the author's previous story Summer of Salt was a huge hit. I was sold. After all, three chapters was nothing; I started EP when it was 70+ chapters in.)

Let me tell you. I was sucked in within the first twenty SENTENCES. This story takes place in high school but these characters act ANYTHING but typical high school students. I think what initially captured my interest was that it reminded me of one other fic I loved, Facebook Friends by GreenPuma. BUT, I'm not afraid to admit it. This story totally has the power to blow that one right out of the water. Some of the pairings are different. Some of the social groups are daring. Four chapters in, pieces of the story still shock me because they stray from the norm. But so much about this story is unique, that I couldn't wait to rave about it on here and tell ALL of you to immediately start reading it.

As with most of my recommendations, its angsty. Its dark. It's tantalizing.

And when you find this out for yourself, please make sure to send @sweetlolapop some love and let me know your thoughts!

[A/N: As always, thank you to all my wonderful followers who have followed me into 2011. For those of you who stop by but remain silent, I'd love to know you're out there so certainly don't be afraid! I don't bite! To the ladies who offer me inspiration daily, @kate_suena, @MusingsOnOther, @Edwardschipper, @Jayde17, @JessWink22, @tiybor - whether it be hours of chatting, delivering inspirational musings, offering beautiful photos and edits, or just making me laugh. You ladies make take me to bliss what it is! Until next time, C xx]


Kj said...

Sweetie, your blog makes me smile. You have such a light, lovely, sweet energy about you and it comes translates through your words. I like and support your 3-part resolution. I think I have very similar hopes for myself and 2011. And as for the PCAs? I'm STILL reeling from the gloriousness that is Kristen, her LEGGGGS and the adoring looks from Rob. I mean, ADORING, WORSHIPPING looks from Rob...And I love the Trio together. They always have the most lively, incredible energy...Anyways, I don't know that I've officially wished you a happy new, my sweet girl, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2010 was phenomenal and 2011, by the looks of it, and if IOW and the PCAs are any indicator, is going to be Outrageously Prosperous!! xo, Always, KJ

Anonymous said...

Yep, you're pretty much awesome.

And that NYE dress? Um, wow. Please tell me the secret for always looking so damn pretty? I promise you I ain't even trying to be sweet, I'm just reporting on fact. Srsly.

My NYE consisted of me being (I *think*) flirted with by this weird guy who I went to high school with. He helped me out of the chair when I was too wasted to get out of it myself and kissed my hand when I left the party. Sounds sweet, but he is just SO not my type. Maybe he was just being nice? Since I have like, NO experience in this area I am stumped. Argh! I also drank too much and spoke in a British accent. Srsly.

PCAs - thankfully, we got them live here on cable. And since my bro was at work, I was able to watch them on his TV. Queen Latifah should never sing or host anything again. It was BAD. Also, when she spoke to the Holy Trinity? I CRINGED so bad. It was ridonkulously awkward.

I, too, am kinda glad Twi didn't win everything. And I'm honestly not surprised Rob didn't win anything. There was some big competition.

KStew is the I fucking love her. She is so damn adorable.

That candid pic of her and Rob? When I first saw it, my first thought was that they looked like a really in-love young married couple. Random thought, but it's true.

Also, let's talk body language. THIS:
He is leaning forward watching K whilst she accepts her award. He looks like a super-proud and totally smitten BF. Anyone who thinks they're not on are clearly f*cking blind.

Jayde xo

Lola said...

First off, you are just gorgeous. Second, you're hilarious!! Third, thank you so much for writing the rec, and for your insight into WWH. It's kind of consuming me right now, and it makes me so happy to know that it's reaching people. I'm going to go tackle you on twitter now. :)


JWink22 said...


LEEEEEEGGGGGGGGGGGGGSSSSSSSSSSSS #FTMFW Omg, someone has been working out! Prepping for some smexy time scenes are we?! *wiggles eyebrows* Yes, our dear KStew looked like absolute PERFECTION.

And lose of brain cells does not even begin to describe it. If I could count the number of times I felt like banging my head against my desk watching that holy awful of a livestream....I mean who were those hosts?!?! Yeah, never again. I knew in the back of my head that they wouldn't walk the carpet. But after an hour into the show and still no sign...this=torture. Dear camera man, I am still disappointed in your skills. You should have panned to them more often.

Good luck with your 2011 resolutions bb! I hope you stick to them better than I do mine. Oh wait, I never actually make any. bahaha! One year, I failed within the first week of making it. lol. Oh well.....


Anonymous said...

That's a sweet fortune!

The last fortune cookie I got, I ate the fortune along with it by accident!