Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010 - you were good to me....

2010 - for myself - was an amazing year.

An amazing year I am totally going to throw back to in exactly 60 seconds.


When I wake up to tweets such as these.....

exhibit A

exhibit B

I know that its is going to be a fantastic day and while I could go on and on about the amazingness that was the NEWEST Water for Elephants trailer, let me just say two things:



Yes. This movie WILL kill me.

NOW. Has 60 seconds passed?

While some are happy to see 2010 go out the door.... I have to admit. For myself, for a lot of my friends, and especially for Rob & Kristen; 2010 was pretty damn epic.

Which is why, as I did last year on this day, and will continue to do every year until this little blog ceases to exist, I am going to count down, NOT 25, but 26 amazing things that happened in 2010 in the world of Crystal.

Why 26 instead of 25? Because 2010 was my twenty-sixth year on planet earth. Good enough excuse yes?

So without further blabbing, I give you

Twenty-Six Incredible Moments of Bliss
in 2010

I rang in the new year with my amazing friends & Jaggerbombs.
Tonight, I will do the same with these two lovelies
WHO happen to be ENGAGED this year

But with champagne at a VIP party at the casino.

I made it to Canada's Parliament
and visited Ottawa, Canada for the first time.

I turned 26 with my incredible besties.
And threw it back to 1984.

I went somewhere I never imagined I would.
The Great White North of Manitoba.
I froze my ass off.
I nearly died on this plane.
(The pilot would argue I was perfectly fine)

I spent ONE incredible day in Banff, Alberta with Bestie
thank you former employers for that added bonus.

In June, I finished a book I've poured blood, sweat, & tears into writing.
I celebrated with a lot of wine.

I found a career.
In a casino.
And I love it.
I also like to imagine I'm as cool as the cast of Las Vegas.

I finally saw THE Leg Hitch.
I died.
As I'm sure you all did.


I represented the ONLY team that matters.

I watched my beautiful friend Sarah,
say I Do.

I fell in love with Grand Manan, NB

Had an INCREDIBLE summer on the beach.
Represented EVERY time.


I took a chance.
I was blissfully happier than I'd been in a long time.


I finally fell in love with New York.
This was one of THE best days of my life.

I tweeted from Rockefeller Centre.
I also cried when I set foot inside of it.

I shopped at Tiffany's on 5th Avenue.
I had my Audrey moment.

I saw Jimmy Fallon.
And after 10 years of being a huge fan,
he shook and squeeze my hand.
We had a moment.

It was bliss.

I was there.

I ate lunch at THE Trump Tower.

I sat where Robert Pattinson sat.
I also hyperventilated - a lot.

I finally saw a show on Broadway.
Make that TWO.

Sir Richard Branson kissed me
and told me I was beautiful.

I converted to the iPhone.
Thus commencing my hatred for AutoCorrect.

I got stung.
But it was worth it.


I spent a wonderful 26th Christmas with my incredible parents <3

I became unconditionally and irrevocably
in LOVE with Twitter.

And in doing so, made friendships to last a lifetime.
you know who you are

So 2010 while I bid you adieu, I thank you all ALL of the amazing moments.....

And to 2011 - just a few things I look forward to.

Hawaii in March
Experiencing Bliss on a WHOLE new Level

Breaking Dawn
lets UNF like we've never UNF'd before


Another Great Romance
because Why Not?

Now dear wonderful followers, its time for me to go pamper the hell out of myself, consume some Chiliean Vino, and get into my beautiful couture NYE dress from the fabulous New York City. thank you Century 21. Let's just say, its VERY KStew.

downplayed by like one thousand.

So from ME to YOU, I wish you all a VERY exciting, VERY safe, VERY wonderful, and possibly EPIC New Year's Eve...

And an absofreakinglutely amazing 2010.

[A/N to the WONDERFUL friends I have made in this fandom this year... Kate, Chipper, KJ, Jess, I cherish my friendship with you all every day. Please know you are not only Twitter friends - you are real life friends and I love you all. To friends who have stuck around... Jayde, Victoria... Mad love to you ladies xx To my new followers in 2010 - thank you thank you thank you... you make blogging worth it. to the story tellers I could not live without, the writers of incredible fanfic that not only owns me but inspires me... keep doing what you do.. you are amazing. See you all in 2011. Crystal xx]


Kj said...

Oh, C! This was a BEAUTIFUL retrospective! The pictures, the moments that blissfully inspired you this year, all perfection. I also consider you a real life, 3D friend and I'm so very grateful for every encouraging letter, tweet, email and thought you've ever directed my way. You are a gorgeous girl with a luminous spirit. Such an honor to know & adore you. Happy New Year! 2011 is only going to transcend. I'm happy we'll witness it together. Always, KJ

Anonymous said...

I'm loving all these 2010 posts people are doing! I did one myself and I don't know about you but I forgot so many things happened to me this year! Twas a great year for Twilight also! Here is to many more years to come! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year darling!
You have most definitely had a rather superb year.
Thank you for being such an amazing friend. Srsly. Love you lots!! <3

Jayde xo

Victoria said...

Mad love to you lovely Crystal. Your tweets and post always make my heart sing! You are sunshine!
much adventure, love and happiness in 2011.


JWink22 said...

I fail for not posting a comment until now. SORRY!

This newest trailer of WFE gave me chills. #TRUTH. But being totally honest, the first one didn't. I thought it looked amazing but didn't get the chills that this most recent one gave me. I think it had something to do with the FREAKING AMAZING song that was played.

Anywho, this has been a pretty amazing (ok I need to stop using that word in this post) year! Up and downs, but that's how we learn right?

*cheers* to a beyond blissfull 2011!

much love bb!!! I am so thankful that I stumbled upon your blog months ago. You have become a wonderful friend!