Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is this Real Life?

Truth be told. I never really ever had that 'I need to go to Hawaii' mentality. Paris; yes. London; yes. Thailand; hell yes.

Hawaii? Maybe when I get married if we can't afford Greece for our honeymoon, we'll go to Hawaii.


In one week, I've realized, clearly - I need to have my head examined.

THIS was real life an hour ago.

just imagine this in person

In one week, I went from THIS:

This was after twenty six hours of being awake.
With only 4/27 hrs of travel time complete.
I just cannot show you the arrival pic.
I was pretty much dead

So yeah - I went from THAT to THIS
yes. I'm totally an island girl now.
and yes - thats one of many Mai Tais.

Honestly, I am having the TIME of my LIFE in Hawaii.

Not to mention, the twenty-seven hours spent travelling to Hawaii (15 of which were in the air) combined with only 2.5 hours of sleep in a 40 hour time period, proved to be VERY exciting for many reasons other than that fact that we were landing in Hawaii.

For starters, one of our three stops along the way was in the BEAUTIFUL, OWNS MY HEART, city of.... wait for it....

@kate_suena - we're moving there now yes?
I'm pretty sure that I NEED to move here.

AND not only was there incredible excitement over returning to Vancouver - a city I would probably sell my soul to live in - the new Water for Elephants trailer surfaced while in Vancouver.


but I will get to THAT

After - wait for it - 40+ hours of being awake, 2.5 hours of sleep, and 27 hours of traveling, we landed in hot, humid, Honolulu so that I could wake up to THIS view in the morning.

who cares that it rained the whole one day I was there

And then after two nights and one full day in the hot surfer boy infested town of Waikiki Beach (and did I mention COCONUT frappacinos at Starbucks?) we boarded yet ANOTHER plane to the Big Island at the Honolulu International Airport where something even GREATER surfaced online.

Yes. You got it.

The SECOND new Water for Elephants trailer in three days.


and TRUST ME - I will get to THAT

Of course, the view in Kona on the Big Island has been equally amazing....


But instead of me posting further photos of my vacation [if you are friends with me on FB or follow me on Twitter, you've surely seen enough photos to make you want to murder me. I get it]... I need, with what energy I have left after a day at the beach and way too many Island cocktails tonight, to say a few things.

sweet jesus is it april 22nd yet?????


I'm 99% sure security I could stare at this ALL day EVERY day

no seriously.


I needed to see this movie like yesterday.

And this is coming from the girl who is IN Hawaii and has every reason to be excited for things MUCH more happening NOW than a month from now...

Speaking of which - I should PROBABLY get back to tanning, drinking, and drinking in Hawaii.... But hey - I posted, right? And I'm not going to lie - I totally did NOT think I actually would. So as Charlie Sheen would say - WINNING, right?

So from beautiful blue Hawaii....


also real life.


to Vanity Fair - your idea to tell me your issue with Rob would be released on my day of travel, thus making me excited to buy said issue to read on the plane and then deciding to only release it in LA & NYC? NOT cool. I can't re-route flights last minute like that.

to Kate - I do not know what I would do without you. please know this. also please know that you have been worth every extra $$$ spent on photo texting, chats, and tweets/emails when wifi was nowhere near. xx

to Jess - thank you bb for keeping me in the know. thats why there's a post card headed your way. xx

to everyone else who has tweeted, commented, texted, basically messaged me while thousands of miles away from home, as the Hawaiians say - MAHALO xx

Next Post? MAYBE before I fly home on the 17th. We'll see how quiet nights in Kaua'ai are! ]


Kate said...

I seriously love that you made time to post from Hawaii!! And I will never tire of the amazing pics, so keep them coming.

I wish I was under every single palm tree, swimming with all those turtles and eating that delicious fish too! But hearing your stories is pretty damn good as well.

I've said it to you countless times, and now I'll say it again - IS IT APRIL YET?! WFE with Rob and Reese and Christoph and everything else wonderful needs to get here RFN.

Lastly, your note made me crazy happy, and in return please know that I feel the exact same way. Every time I get a text/email/tweet/call from you it makes my day; I SO appreciate it. Love you babe, and go enjoy that beach view for me!!


P.S. the move to the west coast is imminent - we will be together in Van sooner rather than later!

JWink22 said...

First of all-your pic are BEAUTIFUL! And trust, we never tire of seeing you post new ones. Insanely jealous & spiteful that we are not there with you...maybe ;-)

Second, and yes, WFE needed to be here like 3 months ago when we got the first trailer. Patience is not a virture and I'm squirming in my seat for this movie to get here.

Don't feel bad about the VF issue. I've been to my Barnes & Noble twice already with no luck. What makes LA and NYC so special? *pouts*

Anyway, looking forward to your post card!!!!

Have an amazing rest of your vacation!