Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vacation is Bliss

Amidst the craziness that is life, Charlie Sheen, and Annie Leibovitz's imagination these days, I'm getting away from it all and going on vacation.

Vacation = Bliss

yes even bloggers take vacays

I realize I was just on vacation in October when I went to New York City but let's face it. That was soooooo 2010. This is 2011. Snow has overtaken the city I live in. Read: I hate you winter. truly. And basically upon learning that my parents were going to Hawaii for a conference, realized that I simply needed to go with them. Who cares if I'm 27 years old? You are never to old for a.... wait for it....


Griswolds Forever

The Griswolds never went to Hawaii in any of their movies but I bet you if they did; it would have been EPIC.

So yes, in less than six hours, I will be boarding the first of three planes and beginning the twenty four hour travel (16 of that in the air. read: woah my restless leg
s) to Beautiful, Hot, Sunny, Blue (or so Elvis says)....


ohhhhh yeah.

I will be hanging ten on Waikiki Beach....


Sunning myself on the beach by day, schmoozing with business men at cocktail parties & black tie affairs at night on the Big Island at the beautiful Fairmont Orchid...

is this real life?

Attempting to find the oh holy DOLE WHIP.....


Boarding yet another plane to take me to.... you guessed it...

Jurassic Park
*cue TRex Rooooarrrrr!!!*

wait - is THIS real life?

OK so maybe we're not going TO Jurassic Park but we're going to the next best thing. The beautiful, tranquil island of Kauai where they FILMED Jurassic Park. #stillWIN

I will be flying by this via helicopter
we don't half-ass family vacays people

And I will seriously, MADLY, miss all of you which is why I'm damned and determined to post FROM Hawaii. Of course, if you follow me on Twitter @takemetobliss you will more than likely see plenty of tweeted photos because you KNOW I will go overboard (or fall into a volcano mid-tweeting)

BUT with *looks at clock* ONE hour until I have to get to the airport, I have time to discuss TWO more very important things.


I will look at your waist
I will look at your waist
I will look at your waist

I lied. I can't talk about Vanity Fair because honestly - I don't "get" Vanity Fair. I don't "get" what Annie Leibovitz was picturing. I don't "get" why anyone thought this cover was a great idea. And you know what?


oh boy...
THAT is how Vanity Fair is DONE

And we forgive you for letting them do that to you because you gave us THIS:

I'm.... He... Legs....
the things I would do to YOU


As if today wasn't already awesome because the 24 hour countdown to vacation was ON - THIS beautiful batch of Water for Elephant stills came out and we all died all over again.

I dont care if this pose looks awkward
they make it hot.

the smirk
the jaw
we die

I swear. The one thing getting through post-vacation depression will be the approaching release of Water for Elephants. True Story.

So my friends, seeing as its 3:40am in the morning and I need to be at the airport at 4:30am - I should probably wrap this up. I apologize in advance for any typos, grammar mistakes, or pure nonsense. You understand why.

Until next time.....


[A/N: I am really really really really really really going to try VERY hard to post from Hawaii. As the lovely KJ @MusingsonOther has told me, Hawaii is certainly a place to be inspired and find tranquility. Which means I should be able to blog - right? So please don't hold me to anything and if I DO post - well then you will be pleasantly surprised. To the amazing Kate @kate_suena VOLCANO. And now its off to Hawaii! xx C] I have four words for you : UNLIMITED TEXTING MOTU


Bliss Begins Within said...

you are absolutely glorious and I am so pleased you're going to one of my favorite places for bliss. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...feel your feet sink into the sand and the smile grace your beautiful face. UNLIMITED TEXTING and what about DATA PLAN? DO you have your FF stocked up too? Adore you, honey. Happy Vacay and safe travels. Mahalo. xx, KJ P.S. I KNOW you'll be inspired to write. Looking fwd to your blissful musings.

Kate said...

Those may be the best four words anybody has ever said to me in one go. At first I didn't realise it was split in a funny way and just saw VOLCANO (YAY! seriously, perfect code word), but I totes follow you and will definitely keep you updated.

I'm so ready for my turn to be jealous as you soak up Hawaii (and get a TAN - zomg, see I'm already green eyed). Enjoy it to the absolute fullest, live in the water and on the beach (pics!!) and I'm sending you love and wishing you safe travels!


JWink22 said...

Jurassic Park *brb while I fangirl*

I could watch those movies ALL day!

Hope you and your family have the best vacay ever. I hear Hawaii is amazing!

Moving on to the VF cover...while it isn't my fav photoshoot, I can whole-heartedly appreciate his outfit (sans hat) on the cover. Open, loose white shirt=CHECK! Low-slung, snug black pants=CHECK! UNF=DOUBLE CHECK! I just hope for some epic outtakes like NOW! Especially one from where he's dressed in all black.<---this x100


elle said...

I am LOVING your tweeted pictures thus far! I seriously whimpered when I saw your view. SOOO BEEAAAUUUTTIIFFUULL!!!! I will die happy, only after I get the chance to see Hawaii IRL. I hope you continue to have the best vacation EVER & I look forward to many more blissful pictures. :)