Wednesday, May 4, 2011

that time I didn't update in over a month....

I'm not going to apologize because I've said it countless times before....

Sometimes life gets crazy....

Life got crazy.....

And blogging is not fun when you feel guilty that there is more pressing matters to deal with....

BUT - back I am.... and I have also been taking to the Take Me To Bliss tumblr a lot more lately, which can be found HERE so if you're craving a little bliss and I haven't updated lately - please feel free to check out the tumblr! With summer coming, I can't promise weekly updates but I will promise to try!


Since I have last posted - A LOT went down.

And because I am NOT superwoman - I obviously cannot blog about it all.

Instead, I give you the ten craziest, random, epic events that happened since we last connected....

AND because AGAIN I am not superwoman - I would like to thank two wonderful ladies with two incredible Tumblr accounts where I found most of these photos...

If you tumble - tumble with them.....


Ready. Set. GO.

That time I realized my life really is like an episode of Gossip Girl....

If you know me, you'll know - my life is never dull and yet I'm just a normal, middle class, single girl who drives a shitty old car, lives at home because I'm TRYING to pay off some student loans but I have a really bad habit of spending too much money on Starbucks and traveling instead, I go to work every day and while it's at a casino, providing endless entertainment on a daily basis, I really do have days where I'm just goin through the motions.... But then every once and awhile something happens and life just is.... bliss.... yeah that happened.

That time a show about the Pope totally owned my ass....

If you are NOT watching Showtime's the Borgias - I just.... you need to get on that.

That time Rob kissed Kristen without a care in the world that everyone was watching....

(via @tiybor)

I don't even have words to explain how epic that moment truly was so I won't bother.
You know.
You get it.

That time Water for Elephants FINALLY came out after a year of anticipation.....

yeah thats RL.
yeah - it was pretty much everything I wanted it to be and then some.

(via @tiybor)

yes. the end left me sobbing.

"I'm not running away.... I'm coming home...."

That time Kristen Stewart wore a neon green bikini and we all died.....

Not gonna lie.
I have felt guilty about eating ever since.

That time a princess finally married her prince....

And they lived happily ever after.......

That time Entertainment Weekly FINALLY got it right with the perfect Breaking Dawn cover....

lets face it.
this movie needed to come out yesterday.

That time Obama got Osama and the world found justice....

Perfect photo is Perfect.
God Bless America

That time I was extremely jealous of Reese Witherspoon for getting to travel all over the world with Rob....

I'd be smiling too.

is perfect.

That time a gorgeous couple and the flawless Kristen graced the red carpet at the Met Gala....

Gorgeous Couple:

oh hai there Max Irons.
why so damn gorgeous?

this is where I die of jealousy.

Flawless Kristen:

this dress, on anyone else, FAIL
this dress on KStew?
Well - there's a reason KSIBTU


(via Just Jenn )

Simply put.
Every day should be Met Gala day.

The End.
And those happenings aren't even the half of it.


First of all - even though it was today and well, by the time most of you read this, today will now be yesterday, or maybe two days ago, or maybe even a week ago.... BUT today - May 4th is my lovely friend Sarah's birthday....

Yeah I sport bows on my head on MY birthday.

my dearest S - I miss you like crazy and I cannot wait until we rendezvous in my city or your city... as long as we rendezvous SOON and there's wine. Wishing you a 27th year of success, happiness, and love! xx


I am flying out west read: across Canada next week and during my visit to see bestie and her beautiful new six month old baby, I will be FINALLY meeting the incredible @kate_suena - its pretty much going to be epic. So stay tuned to twitter for THAT.

Until next time, please enjoy the edit below. Seeing as the Social Network is one of my favorite movies, well - this was just golden. - C]

(via @tiybor)



Kate said...

Dear Crystal,

hopefully numbering according to your highlights will help organise my rambling a bit:

1. "If you tumble - tumble with them....." is now one of my favourite lines (Jenn is basically my tumblr teacher <3).

2. I love when we compare fic to life then GG to fic and GG to life as well. what a wonderful web to weave! also, I need to catch up on the show, but more importantly, we both know what needs to happen in that finale. OR ELSE THERE WILL BE WORDS WITH THE GG WRITERS.

3. the bravo site is open on my computer now, and my plan is to start it tomorrow. you know you'll be getting texts.

4. I want her to always hold her heels in one hand and have her other on his arm. or on him somewhere. ahem. backseat kisses are also always a fantastic idea - I definitely get it.

5. WfE!!!!! Rob is so good looking. we all knew that before, but this movie highlighted it like WHOA. and I may or may not (definitely do) have a soft spot for Christoph. a man who shares his jacket = a gentleman. also, I want an elephant now.

6. I can't even talk about the bikni. she's too much. he's too much as well. GAH.

7. IT WAS A FAIRYTALE. SERIOUSLY. I loved her dress, I loved the Abbey, I loved the convertible - I just love, love, loved the whole thing. thinking about it all has made me super happy again. :)

8. I'm just glad that that cover scene (and basically all the good stuff) happens in the first movie. I can't wait a year for that. imprinting I can definitely wait another year for - actually, I could wait a liftime. and I feel the need to finish this comment with...#thrusting

9. perfect picture is perfect indeed! if only that election the next day had been perfect as well. ANYWAY.

10. they're both so prettyyyyy, I cannot. and rob makes the funniest faces; it's so fantastic. usually I don't love navy on black, but on him? UNF.

11. TALL. TALL TALL TALL TALL TALL. I know there is MUCH more to him than that, but the tallness. it pulls me in. and they make such a cute couple! that pic of the two of them kinda kills me.

12. it's not my favourite dress, but that's okay. the back + the over the shoulder look? flawless.

13. I have to say, the A/N is my favourite part of this post. you know why. ;) UNDER TWO WEEKS, BABY! IT'S GOING TO BE FANTASTIC.


Allison said...

I have one word for you and this blog...Perfection!!! Well worth the wait. I have yet to be disappointed and I know that I never will be. The last pic of Rob just might be one of my faves. And now it's time for me to go to Chapters and buy the new Entertainment Weekly.