Friday, July 8, 2011

This Week in Photos - Volume 2

Alright lovelies.

The general feedback from last week's post - The 1st This Week In Photos - seemed positive...

Then again, there were only two comments. read: I don't bite. please say hi. it motivates me to post. #truestory

So I'm happy to announce I'm going to keep this as a weekly tradition here @ Take Me To Bliss (at least for the summer) SO please continue to let me know your thoughts AND please feel free to send photos to me that you'd like to see shared ---> No Really. DO IT!

Ok. With no further rambling, I give you

This Week in Photos
volume 2

Sexy People Posing As Two People Who Have Sex... and we kinda wish they actually do #nolies

ok Elle.
I'm only going to say this once.
DO THIS with RK.

the wrist graze?
I die.

I have a thing for kitchen counters
No, really.

Canada is For Lovers ... so jump on it r/k

At one point these two were an hour away from me.
I didn't go.

Getting Out of Vehicles Has Never Been So Sexy ... I usually smoke my head in the process

But how?
HOW does she look so perfect?

Navigating Airports.... like a boss/goddess


Fan-Made Cosmopolis Edits.... why so good?

someone remind me to buy this book.
curious mind is curious

When Rob Reminds Me of Fifty
... and I flail

dear hot photo of rob.
I do not know where you came from.
But I'm happy I found you.

P i n t e r e s t F a v o r i t e s

"hold me... and never let me go"

because you know I would

"Hold me... Wrap me Up...
Unfold me...
I am small... And needy...
Warm me up....
And breathe me....."

"baby its cold outside..."
I've totally had a guy do this *swoon*

"Our love was so comfortable..."

Until next time... xx

[A/N: Not a lot to say tonight - I think that's a first, yeah? But I couldn't do This Week in Photos without sending mad thanks to @j_carroll7 and @tiybor for their stellar tumblrs and always seeming to have the right photos to strike some blogging inspiration. You two are seriously the best. Coming Soon - another fic rec. And by soon, I mean probably Monday because it's already under way. AND it's one I'm pretty sure 90% of you aren't reading. Until then... xx]


Anonymous said...

i love you.
and all the lovely pictures you chose.
i may be a little bias since 1/2 of them came from my tumblr ;)
keep it up cause i LOVE reading every post!

ps-*smack* that's for being an hour (!!!) away from the royal couple and you DIDN'T go see them. smh. SMH.
pps- i still luff you

Anonymous said...

Omg! Love, love, love all of the pics! I had to pick myself up from the pile of goo I melted into after seeing this post. Totally swoonariffic. Yep, I just made that word up. It works for me. Keep up the good work my dear!

J. (@JRollin5)

Jessie said...

Cute cute CUTE pictures :)
I remember that the morning I watched the wedding of William and Catherine, I thought:" Omg, they look awkward together. I hope it's just because they are nervous to know that billions of people are looking at them!".
And then I saw the pictures they took in Canada, and now I can feel the love :) (And the picture you posted is just way too cute). She's a beauty!
And the pictures of JT and Mila, wow... I want them to be an item!

Great post love!
-me, aka Sianria

elle said...

The Mila/JT photoshoot is sooooo sexy! All that tie grabbing?! UNFF! RK def need to be doing an Elle shoot asap!

Will&Kate were about 3 & a half hours from me (north then south) & I totally regret not making the trip to see them. :(

Stew has sure been bringing on the pretty this week! *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Soooo i'm 99.9% sure I left a comment on last weeks blog post. But I went back and didn't see it. *sadface* I guess blogger decided not to post it. But it basically said, I'm all in favor of the pretty pictures blog post. WIN ALL AROUND!

Yes, R/K need to do a photoshoot like that with NOW! And release 100+ outtakes.