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Introducing - An Acquired Taste by Magnolia822

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

I love rec'ing fanfic. LOVE it.

And I love that YOU love when I do it.

So imma keep doin' it!!!

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that is all.

This week's rec is from an author that I've already raved about on here - the fabulous Magnolia822. She is the genius author behind Strange Brew. AND if you missed me rec'ing Strange Brew well please haul ass HERE. Like right now.

BUT this time around I am talking about her NEW fic....

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dont hate on it

An Acquired Taste is the absolute perfect blend of light and funny. WHICH may I add - is a quality I sometimes steer clear of when reading fanfiction. No lies. I can't get enough of the angst. It kinda makes me wonder sometimes just WHY I'm so drawn to reading stuff that makes me miserable and leaves me in tears as I devour chocolate and eat my feelings... or chug vodka....

But there's just something about the way that Magnolia822 writes fluff that I cannot stop myself from reading it. Which is why as soon as @kate_suena said "hey - you know the author of Strange Brew has a new fic, eh?" please note Canadian stereotype I was all "what is life, what am I doing, holy shit need to read now."

please note:
just like I didn't actually say that
kate didn't actually say 'eh'
we're COOL canadians


Addicted to the Food Network? Yeah. This fic is probably for you.

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Lolypop82 did and she's much cooler than me.

No but really. If the Food Network owns your ass - you ESPECIALLY need to be reading this fic.


I LOVE a smart, ballsy, business woman Bella.

This Bella is all that and then some. In An Acquired Taste, Bella and her BFF Rosalie are owners of a very successful New York City catering company called La Vie en Rose. Bella has an idiot boyfriend by the name of Felix and a major hate on for a particular British hunk she once spent an amazing summer with only for him to disapear without so much as a goodbye. He DID however leave her a cat that I will totally get into later.


Edward can be summed up by the title of his cullinary reality show in An Acquired Taste: America's Hottest Chef. Except he isn't American. He's British and yeah - he's pretty hot. See where I'm going with this? He's a total womanizer. Parties with Lady Gaga. And he's enough to drive Bella to drink and talk to her cat whenever his show is on air.

It's ok Bella - Fic makes ME drink.
And I totally talk to my cat ALL the time.

But it wouldn't be fanfiction if Bella and Edward didn't get it on - now would it? And no. If it's not a B/E pairing I don't read it. So sue me. Except please don't because I bought a car today so now I'm poor.

Where was I? RIGHT. Bella and Edward bow-chicka-wow-wow.

Summer love. Been there. Done that. Bought the postcard. Occasionally cry over the postcard. #noregrets.

all sumer flings involve skinny dipping.
its like - a requirement.

Bella first met the British import that is Edward Cullen when summering in the Outer Banks with Rose and while their summer fling sizzled - it left a sour taste and a broken heart when he fled back to the UK without a goodbye. To make matters worse, he left Bella with a kitten he'd given her, named PV. Which I mean really is better than crabs right?

So in the present day, when Bella is tormented by the sight of Edward being a pompous ass on his new American television hit, she takes to the her email account to dish up a little revenge - best served cold.... see what I did there?

This fic is 9 chapters in and updates very regularly - at least once a week. And since there have yet to be any tantalizing lemons (which I KNOW there will be soon and I KNOW they'll be amazing because ummmm hello Strange Brew) let me tell you what you CAN look forward to in these first 9 chapters.

A Wicked Gay Emmett

honestly. when Emmet is gay in fic - I love it. He is like the gay guy friend I have always wanted. This Emmett is NO exception. He OWNS it and I love him.

Stellar NYC References

RL. Me. Outside a Mario Batali restaurant. In NYC.

I love New York City. LOVE it. I want to go back tomorrow and I want @mycleveralias to meet me there. Seriously. East Coast Meet Up NEEDS to go down in NYC.

ANYWAY. I love when fic takes place in NYC which isn't very often. This fic not only takes place in NYC - NYC is practicly a character in it. Think how NYC was portrayed in Sex and the City. You not only love the characters. You are in love with New York.

So far this fic has excellent NYC references from the neighborhoods to the celebrities who call NYC home. I LOVE it.


That is MY cat. But she's pretty much what I picture PV to resemble. If you loved TK2 in Clipped Wings & Inked Armor then you will LOVE PV. Guaranteed.

So there.

Three reasons why YOU MUST read this fic, on top of the fact that the Bella and Edward in this fic are AWESOME.

And again - if you have read Strange Brew, then you understand the magical power that is Magnolia822. read: she's incredibly talented and you'd be a fool not to read her stuff.

So GO READ this fic ----> An Acquired Taste

And then TWEET me or EMAIL AND tell me how much you love it so that we can flail together when it updates. Ok? Ok.

[a/n - again, I only made the one banner... the wicked manip was made by lolypop82 and as always, mad thanks to the fabulous Magnolia822 for being so good at what you do. Sometimes people read fic because of the storyline. And then sometimes an author is just do damn good you don't care what the story is - you'll read it. You are that author and your fics are always perfection! so THANK YOU for all the smiles, laughs, butterflies, and let's face it - flailing. - C]

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