Friday, July 15, 2011

This Week in Photos - volume 3

TWO posts in one week?


Apparently I'm disciplined this week but you know - there's still a month and a half left of summer. I can still totally fuck this up. BUT let's hope I don't because the response to the This Week In Photos feature has been wicked! so THANK YOU for the warm welcome to the new feature. It makes MY life a lot easier.

First off - because I know A LOT of you are Harry Potter fans... read: i've never read the books and the only movie I've seen had Rob in it. I suck. I know. I know how I will feel when the Twilight saga is complete so I would like to say two things:



Cedric was cute. Edward is fuckhawt.

And now....
volume 3

Kristen demonstrating that "running" errands has never been sexier


Right before these photos leaked
I ate a giant plate of nachos.

I don't even know when this was taken - but @tiybor posted it and I died

utter perfection

the Photoshoot that just keeps giving and giving and giving....

you know - I love this photoshoot
WHY can't the Harpar Bazaar shoot
be the one that keep's on giving....


the Time Spiderman made me go UNF

since when was Peter Parker so damn hot?
oh right - when they casted Andrew Garfield

P i n t e r e s t F a v o r i t e s

"oh lover boy..."

story of my life

"rolling in the deep...."

Mad Love for Mad Men

L o v e

everyone have a wonderful weekend! xx

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