Friday, July 29, 2011

This Week in Photos - volume 4


This is going to be a quick post.

You know - quicker than most of the quick This Week in Photos posts I normally do that were ultimately designed to be quick SO even on the busiest of weeks this summer (like the one I'm having right now) I could still find time to post.

So yeah.

Busy week aside - here I am blogging from a cute little cafe in a city a few hours away from my own while one of my besties is off hustling her way to her next big contract read: i'm a proud bestie.

And busy weekend lies ahead as the famous Irish rockers U2 - you probably haven't heard of them, have you? Yeah? That guy Bono? No big deal. Well THEY are coming to my city and playing HERE:

this is RL.
And that's not even the final product.
Cram 80,000 to 100,000 people in there.
It will be epic.
photo credit @heatheranne

BUT before I get into Concert Weekend Party Mode read: liver be warned, you're going to hate me
I wanted to make sure that This Week in Photos - Volume 4 happened.

So this is IT happening

volume 4

#1 SWATH Panel aka the time Disney's Snow White didn't even come close to getting it

Fresh off of delivering what will go down as a memorable and simply perfect Breaking Dawn Comic Con panel alongside director Bill Condon, co-star/lover Robert Pattinson, and the puppy - Kristen OWNED it at the Snow White and the Huntsman panel.


She might be small.
But she's pretty damn mighty.

And of course came the reveal of the first official SWATH image and we all pretty much died.

This is no plain, old, boring, fairytale.

#2 Friends with Benefits - that movie that blew that other movie about being friends with benefits OUT of the water


No, really. I loved No Strings Attached. But then I saw Friends with Benefits and I was all "No Strings Attached? Who was in that? What was it about?" I have had this debate with many who have seen both and the general consensus seems to compare. While Ashton Kutcher is adorably cute and Natalie Portman is beautiful ; we would all MUCH rather watch JT & Mila get their freak on in this PERFECT DOSE OF chick-flick/date movie/bring your boyfriend because Mila shows a lot of skin in it, MOVIE.

So yeah. Go see it.

The please tweet me/email me/carrier pigeon me your thoughts.

And as always - this week's favorites from P i n t e r e s t and this week's theme (I realize normally there ISN'T a theme but just go with it) is Quotes.

so do it
make shit happen

chose carefully...
follow your heart

remember always

No life jacket will save you
fall helplessly
tread water
and trust....


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[A/N: As always, thank you to Jenn for always posting perfect photos on her Tumblr - please visit it @ Just Jenn and to Jess who linked me the SWATH promo pic in under five minutes on Twitter when I asked. Seriously. If the world could be run by Twitter I think it would function a heck of a lot better. And to the lovely Kim who sent me the most inspiring and lovely email - THANK YOU. You re-ignited the passion for blogging that was needed during this busy summer and there is a LONG email response headed your way VERY soon. Until next time - C xx]


JWink22 said...

*flails* I love these posts. Even if they are short, you manage to get the point across. I usually just babble on forever saying nothing.

On the topic of the world being run by Twitter. Husband was joking and told me this "rumor" (a.k.a. lie) about Kristen. My response, "Please, I would TOTALLY know before you would. I've got the inside knowledge." <---#TRUTH

thanks for the shoutout ;-)

Jayde said...

Okay, seriously loving the CB quote and the bottom pic - makes me feel a LOT better about being single! And so true to myself.