Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Week in Photos - volume 6 Let there be R/K/W

[please note: I wrote this Thursday night. So if I say "today" it was "thursday". Pretty easy, yes?]

There is nothing I love more as a blogger than when the very day I go to sit down and write a post - the universe delivers absolute photo PERFECTION.

On the flipside, there is nothing I hate more then when I have the perfect post ready to go and the universe delivers absolute photo PERFECTION - four hours too late.

LUCKILY as it would seem my week has been going - today was the former.

And as per usual - when it rains, it POURS Rob, Kristen, W (yes W as in W Fucking Mag) GOODNESS.

volume 6
"thank you baby jesus issue"

#1 the TV couple I can't handle apart aka Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf

Some set photos leaked this week.... And my hope went through the roof...

If you watch Gossip Girl - you know last season ended on a cliffie. I was there. I was with Kate (@kate_suena) actually and even as a unseasoned GG watcher - we were both going WTF.

And now I'm sad because I really really REALLY miss Kate. Like A LOT.


BUT I need to stay on track and what I was going to say was:

Universe - if you have not gone to bed following the amazingness of R/K/W as I'm calling it that you so beautifully vomited on the world today, please hear this.

hope. this gives me hope.

#2 the awards show I refuse to watch - EVER ... aka Teen Choice Awards

One good thing came from that night....

Without a doubt
My favorite Rob photo from that night
Moving On.

#3 Hi My Name is Crystal and Breaking Dawn Will Kill Me aka EW did GOOD

So I woke up to this today.

Dear Bella
Thanks for making it easier to haul ass to the gym today.

Dear Hamptons,
Photoshop these two into ALL your tourism ads.
You will thank me when tourism BOOMS.

Dear Edward
Bella is leaning forward to give you good view of cleavage.
Why are you smirking at her face?
Also - you're on your honeymoon.
WTF is with the chess?

Dear Rob
Way to look so comfy in bed with Kristen
You're in your happy place.
There's just cameras and a director crashin it.
I get it

Dear Baby Renesmee
I never liked you
Way to ruin the honeymoon.

Dear Victoria Secret
Thank you in advance for white bikinis.

But REALLY - can this movie come out NOW? Please? Yes?

#4 Nevermind - W magazine killed me .... aka how does she keep getting hotter?

As if the EW photos weren't enough, along came this:


There are just some magazines that are CLASSIC. They are GOLDEN. They are COVETED. Of course Kristen deserved to be on the cover and can we talk about the SCREEN TEST? Cause you know - its kind of a BFD!!!!!!!!!!

You know what else is a BFD?


I cannot.
No really.



And then THIS happened:

<span class=

yes Kristen.
I fucking love me a vampire too.

Excuse me while I rob my local magazine store in the middle of the night in an attempt to get this magazine.

And as always - This Week in Photos Best in P i n t e r e s t taken from my Pinterest Board which can be found HERE (except for the first image. I saw it on FB and it was genius and I had to share because sharing is caring)

forever laughing

forever my life

forever edward & bella

forever true

Until next time.



Anonymous said...

First off-I'm gonna need me a shirt for the BD premiere that says, "I fucking love me a vampire." Someone get on that stat...and put it on

Secondly-HOLY HOT KSTEW! W mag was all I expected and then a million times more. How is she so perfect? I made husband was Entertainment Tonight last night to see the preview of the pics. We basically had a whole KStew discussion. I said, "do you think she's pretty." His response--->I'd f*** her. Classy husband. lol. But I have a hard time disagreeing with him, so all is good.

Thirdly-I NEED BREAKING DAWN IN MY LIFE LIKE WOAH! Why is it still so far away?!?!?

Lastly-I'm gonna need a new R/K shoot like stat. This is not acceptable to not have anything...especially when it's the end.

Wonderful post love!


Kate said...


It's been way too long since I properly commented on a post, and HOLY SHIT I MISS YOU SO MUCH.

Now I'm remembering watching GG - that was after Sam, wasn't it? Which btw, remember that time we MET SAM?! And seriously, WHO were those people in front of us?!? Now I want a caesar. Anyway, I need the new season to start, and I need us to have watch alongs. js.

I am so glad you introduced me to pinterest, because I am obsessed. If I didn't love it so much, I'd say you're a little evil for feeding me a new addiction. But it all worked out well - that rain quote is one of my favourites.

Also, LMAO: "Way to ruin the honeymoon." TRUTH.

I'm loving these summer posts - and WAY TO GO, YOU for being so fantastic with your posting schedule!!