Friday, August 19, 2011

This Week in Photos - volume 7

Every time I think this post might really not happen - it happens.

Could it be that after posting SEVEN consecutive Fridays in a row (minus that one time I posted on Saturday instead because of internet connection fail) that I just don't have it in me NOT to post?

Yeah. I kinda think that's it.

And you know what?

I kinda think I love these Friday posts....

So yeah. #Letsdothis

volume 7

#1 Like Crazy

<span class=

I kinda think I might madly be in love with this movie...

It's a known fact. I'm a sucker for angsty movies. Just like I'm a sucker for angsty fics. Angsty books. And let's face it - my own love life tends to lean far more towards angsty than happy. Yet somewhere amongst all the angst - I'm actually kinda happy. read: no, really - I am.

So when I clicked on a random link and stumbled upon this random trailer - it was TOTAL love at first sight. Never mind the fact that Ingrid Michaelson covering one of my favorite songs of all time playing in the background killed me. The chemistry between these two actors? WOW. When a trailer brings me on the verge of tears - yeah, I'm kinda sold.

#2 Ides of March

As a media geek.
This poster BLOWS MY MIND.

I love George Clooney. LOVE.HIM. Catch me in a common mood I get into and I would actually be caught saying if I could meet either George Clooney or Robert Pattinson - I'd pick George. No really - I have loved George Clooney since high school.

You know who else I love? Ryan Gosling. Any of you familiar with Breaker High? Probably not. It was a Canadian TV show that he was on when I was in JUNIOR HIGH.

SO when you combine GEORGE CLOONEY and RYAN GOSLING and put them in a movie? I basically die. And don't even get me started on how fucking down right awesome this movie looks beyond the fact that it's two leading stars are gorgeous. Do Not. Because I will not stop.

#3 Breaking Dawn - the ugliest poster that was ever printed

Cause this is a joke? Right?

the smart thing to do here would be to move on.

#4 Breaking Dawn Stills - that make up for shitty posters... kinda

It seriously blows my mind how grown up they look. I mean even Edward which isn't exactly suppose to happen but unless Summit had placed Rob in a freezer to maintain his youth (which I seriously wouldn't have put past them) it was bound to happen.

I love this shot. I really do. You wanna know why? Because unlike a lot of people who hate Elizabeth Reaser - I actually love her. And I loved her as Esme. And I felt how much she loved Edward and Bella. And so yeah - I LOVE the looks on ALL of their faces in this shot. And I really, especially, whole-heartedly love that I'm sure Elizabeth is thinking 'No really - you two need to get hitched for real. Like tomorrow.' And she is not alone in this thought.

Yeah. Something about this shot does things to me. I sort of think it's because it REALLY reminds me of MOTU Edward & Bella. At the Heathman. Just a thought. *runs away to read her copy of Fifty Shades*

[If you're shaking your head - MOTU = Master of the Universe which was basically the best Fanfiction in the universe until the amazing author got it published and it became Fifty Shades of Grey. You can buy it HERE It's pretty much a prized possession of mine.]

And LASTLY, as always - Best of P I N T E R E S T taken from my board found HERE

You need to be weird. Cause I'm a little weird. In a totally cute, endearing kind of way

Confession? I've always wanted to go to a carnival on a date

I cannot. Just. Cannot.

the moment I read this I started crying.
Then tweeted @kate_suena the following


because it hit hard. it hit HARD.


[A/N: SO it is that time of year where I disappear and go on SUMMER VACAY. Yes. That time of year where the car is loaded with a cooler of goodies, beach towels, overnight bags, and in this year's case, PASSPORTS and OFF we go! We are headed to Grand Manan Island, which I wrote a post about including some pretty pictures LAST summer found HERE. And THEN we are heading to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to spend some time "beaching in Maine". Yeah. I really REALLY like the sounds of that. I also REALLY love that I'll be spending time vacationing by a pier that bare's major resemblance to my favorite pier in the world at my favorite place in the world - Santa Monica. SO. Next Friday - I will still be posting even though I'll be on vacay. It will be a special This Week in Photos dedicated to VACAY PHOTOS. Excited? You should be. Until then - have a wonderful weekend/week! - C xx]


Bloggin in PA said...

1. Great post!
2. I'm adding you to my pinterest.
3. Tay looks like he has a boner in the movie poster. I know he doesnt and its some weird shadowing thing, but I just can't shake the thought!

Have fun on your vacation!!

ladybug said...

I love that you number the post items, so I can number my comments:

#1: HolyShit that movie looks GOOD! *stalks theater website to see when that premieres here*

Also, Ingrid Michaelson AND Can't Help Falling in Love With You is all kinds of <333

#2: Will have to check that out because hmm..The Gos and The Clooney. Yup, sounds fool proof plan to me.

#3: I refuse to acknowledge that thing.

#4: I seriously went like this:

D'aw Bella's moving and getting married! She's all grown up! :')

when I saw that 1st pic. I need someone to slap me into reality sometimes.

Also, people don't like Liz Reaser? I never knew that. I don't mind her at all, I think she's funny and sweet. And yes, they should totes be getting married right about NOW.

As for Pinerest. That is all.

Have a great VACATION!! :)

Jessie said...

Breaker High = Amazing! Used to love that show! And of course, Sean was my favorite of the gang (Sean=skinny geeky Ryan.)

I hope you'll have a fabulous vacation week :) My Saturday was full of happy little things (like, spending the day at the cottage, picking nuts in trees, eating them, playing washers, good food, bonfire and finishing the day in a whirlpool watching the stars with my own Ryan Gosling = lovelovelove!) --> My bf looks more like a Seth Cohen tho..anyway!
Looove you! XO