Sunday, November 6, 2011

11 days until Breaking Dawn

On the 11th day until Breaking Dawn, this blogger kinda half-assed her post ONLY because after yesterday's post covering the sexiness that is putting one's hands in cement beside one's ridiculously gorgeous English boyfriend, leg grazing during the delivery of yet another Josh Horowitz perfection, and Kristen owning Leno....


I don't want to overwhelm you all - now do I?

And I know that some of you are still trying to wrap your head around the fact that I disappear for two months and reappear only to blog EVERY DAY for 14 DAYS.

SO I want all of you to have a chance to catch up.

AND @kate_suena is one of our photo contributors today and she basically wrote an essay for each photo she sent in - which is totally why I love this girl. Neither one of us can express our thoughts in anything short of a novel - maybe even a series.

So here we go.

Favorite Photos from the Twilight Saga
11th day Countdown

As mentioned above, the follower favorite photo today comes from twitter (and totally real life bestie) Kate - you may all know her as @kate_suena and if you are lucky enough to have met Kate in real life, you know she is quite possibly one of the sweetest and funnest people you will ever meet - she's totally the sister I never had. And not only did she write an essay for each photo, she also sent in three photos SO today won't be the last you hear from her!

So I'm going to let Kate's words take it from here.

Kate from Canada chose this photo because:
"I have been part of this fandom for over four years. WHAT EVEN. I remember going to see Twi at the theatre with my sister and just falling in love all over again..... My favorite scene would have to be the gazebo one at the end. That's where you really feel the extent of their love. Like that's it. They want each other and nothing less will suffice."

reason #1028364 why Kate and I are friends.
this totally would have been one of my top 3 choices too.

AND keeping with the Twilight movie theme, my chosen photo for today is this:

This scene - woah.
When she walks away from him into the woods at school.
I die.
The music. The colors in the shot. Him in that coat.
One of my favorite scenes.

See you all Monday!

And - do you want to see your picture featured on here? SEND OR TWEET @takemetobliss away!!!!!!!!!!!

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Joana said...

Well, I can in fact confirm that Kate is one of the most decent, funny, friendly and wonderful human beings on planet Earth. So there's that!

NOW GTFO Kate 'cause you totes stole my favourite pic ever! I mean...gazebo scene anyone?! I still don't make it out alive of that one. And I've seen it at least 1736746127617 times!

Also, when she gets to school and the music starts playing and I need to go watch Twilight.

Ok, you'll deb be getting some mail from me tomorrow! JS