Saturday, November 5, 2011

12 days until Breaking Dawn....


Can I just say that after taking on this whole 'posting every day until breaking dawn' project I'm realizing the commitment I've really, truly taken on and I'm pretty excited about it? Because I know how I roll. I don't half ass. And in my head, I might have originally thought - this will be so easy. I'll post a pic. Write a sentence or two. BAM.

But who am I kidding?

I would NEVER just do that. disclaimer : except for maybe next saturday because i'm going out of town for the night and there's drinking and fine dining involved but i swear i'll still post #priorities

So even though upon telling bestie B tonight that I am doing this and her being all 'WOAH' - I am totally confident that I can pull this off.

Now. Without further ado.

Let's talk THURSDAY EPICNESS and get to the 12th Day Photo.


Was there EVER another couple more gorgeous than these two?
I mean come on.
I just needed to start with that comment.

Thursday was basically a religious holiday for any fan of Twilight and R/K. Another upcoming religious holiday? Ummm November 17th obviously. For which I booked a four day weekend. No lie. I had leftover vacay days people. I'm not THAT obsessed. *shifty eyes* The cast were immortalized at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. They delivered the PERFECT interview with MTV cutiepie of epic proportions Josh Horowitz. And Kristen looked incredible in a Monique Lhuillier mini on Leno.

And now I'm going to talk about it ALL.

FIRST. Graumans.


I really don't need to "talk" about it because you've all seen it. If you haven't, I highly suggest you haul ass to youtube, get a bottle of wine, and perhaps even a pack of smokes because even if you're like me and you've never had a cigarette in your life you're going to feel like you need to smoke one or several after watching this utter hotness take place. SERIOUSLY.

So how about we just flail over the pretty.

playful kristen is the best kristen.
you know along with sexy kristen.
vamp kristen. gorgeous bella kristen.
adventureland kristen. runaways kristen.

umm hi. I love you both.

And honestly. As if the whole experience wasn't history in the making or epic of enough... several other factors made it even far more spine tingly than I could have ever imagined.

Such as:

1) Kristen looking FLAWLESS with her Snow White hair.

2) Rob reminding us all that he is among the most gorgeous men on planet earth.

3) their Family and the fact that Papa Stew is standing proud and filming that as if it was grade one and it's Kristen's first spelling bee #myheart

4) how absolutely madly in love these two are with each other

5) the fact that they ask their team to take a snapshot of their perfect moment... for them.


because after three years of being a fan
this moment was PERFECT.

Of course.

Perfect moments get even more perfect when Josh Horowitz is involved and THIS happens during the interview.


that is all.

And to finish the day with a bang, we get THIS on Leno.

hi Kristen.
I would love to steal this dress thanks.

And not only is the interview perfect - she is her usual perfectly, beautifully, stumbly self and it is the most precious thing EVER.


And then this guy comes along...

And can I just say that I LOVE when celebrities stay for the rest of the interview. I realize that sometimes they have other commitments and places to be. But let's face it. Kristen had a BUSY day that day and yet she stayed when she could have easily peaced out. And because she stayed, it was like getting DOUBLE the interview fun because her interaction with this guy was SPOT ON.

I mean come on.


I die. Seriously.

In a nutshell. Thursday was perfect.

And now.

Favorite Photos from the Twilight Saga
12th day countdown

The first photo sent in by a follower is from KcKarasti !!! Kasey has been a follower of this blog for basically ever - since the early days of take me to bliss at least! And it is always a joy to see her tweets with my name in them, endless #FFs, and lovely comments left on the blog! So I was really excited she was one of the first to send her photo in!

KcKarasti from Side Lake, MN chose this photo because:
"because who doesn't want to have Robward grab their leg while
they have it hitched around his hip - nuff said!"

thanks again Kasey!

AND my chosen photo for today from the Twilight Saga:

I have forever LOVED this shot of Bella from New Moon.
Because Bella OWNED New Moon.
Not the puppy.

See you all Sunday!

AND send in your favorite photos from the Twilight Saga to !! OR tweet them to me at @takemetobliss !!!


Kasey said...

Awesometastic (yes this is a 'Kasey" word ha) way to start off the countdown posts Crystal!! Loved it and the hand/footprint ceremony on Thurs was epicness!! I died many times :) This was fun, though I had a hard time choosing my fav picture; and cant wait for more!!!! Welcome back again; we missed ya!

MyCleverAlias said...

I love both of those shots! For the first, it's partly because it's so hot ... and NGL, it's partly because it makes me thnk of #Commentree. Rob and Kristen were so surprised that fans were eager for the #LegHitch. And I'm surprised that they were surprised! They KNOW how fixated people are on the sexing. Or, in this case, the sorta-close-but-ultimately-cockblocked sexing. ;)

And New Moon Bella is just so beautiful. Heartbreakingly so at times. That's such a gorgeous shot.

I'll be sending along my choice, but I must think about it! #BigDecisions


Joana said...

ZOMG your photo choice is <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 !!!!! LOVEEEEE NM Bella! She owned the world with her pretty!

Also, the leg hitch...who could not love the leg hitch?! *sigh*

I can't even with the awesomeness that was Thursday. Now excuse me, while I go back and stare at all the pretty pics again.