Friday, November 4, 2011

13 days until Breaking Dawn

So. I dont even know where to begin about EVERYTHING that happened yesterday.

I mean how does one even begin to wrap their head around the fact that THESE two:

I warn you.
this will not be the last of this photo in the next 13 days

Were IMMORTALIZED (which is kinda funny if you think about... get it... immortalized... vampire movie.... bahahaha. i'm here for the next 13 days folks).

but yes. they were IMMORTALIZED at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

Allow me to demonstrate cause I've totally been there and done that...

yes this is how you do it.
sort of.
kind of.

They made it look WAY cooler than I ever could and let's face it - that's just a picture of me putting my hands in George Clooney's immortalized hands and fangirling out of control. And Rob and Kristen weren't there.

Just this guy. And his swords. And he totally challenged me to a match that I won because I refused to pay him for this photo because I had no idea who the hell he was suppose to be.


So yeah.

I totally WILL talk about THIS:

And I'm going to fangirl like a fangirl on crack about THAT:

And then I'm going to girl crush madly over her looking like THIS:


Because honestly I am still trying to wrap my head around allllll of it. read: sort through hundreds of photos.

So for tonight - since it will be Saturday here in 30 minutes, I will keep it simple.

Here is the first of the many to come,
of my favorite photos from the Twilight Saga.


I thought it was only appropriate that the FIRST shot be:

a) from Twilight where it all began
b) the photo that inspired the original header of this blog....
excuse me while I go cry as I remember when I started this blog

I LOVED that dream sequence in the movie. It comes close 2nd to the dream sequence that Stephenie Meyer veto'd be cut out but Cathy put in the Deleted Scenes because she is AWESOME like that. Because as hot as THAT is up there - well, R/K on a bed makin is like perfection. AND the use of it in the credits in B&W ALWAYS gives me goosebumps so because of that, it's:

One of my Favorite Photos from the Twilight Saga

So yeah.

SATURDAY we will have a run-down of all epic things that happened yesterday AND @KcKarasti 's favorite shot from the Saga. Be excited. Her's is totally one I would have chosen myself!

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MyCleverAlias said...

I love this idea so much!!! Finally catching up now. And thanks to you, I'll be UNFing over that picture for at least a few minutes.

Gorgeous people. Gorgeous chemistry. Gorgeous photo. And we get to see it again on screen so soon!