Sunday, November 13, 2011

4 Days Until Breaking Dawn

So. Here we are.

We are under the 5 day countdown.


We are FOUR days away from THIS:

in a nutshell.

SO when I last left you last Friday (because remember last night's post was predrafted because I was getting my drink on) I was sick. Let me tell you something. Working 7 days straight, 56 hours and getting sick in the middle of that, does NOT do wonders for your body. And while I did not let the cough from hell (no really, Satan SPAWNED this cough) stop me from having the time of my life out of town last night - I am basically dying right now and have NO voice.



Which has left me thinking ALL kinds of things, like WHAT IF I needed to call 911, WHAT IF someone came up to me and said "I'll give you a million dollars if you can spell your name backwards." or, more realistically WHAT IF aliens landed and offered to give me the meaning of life but because I couldn't formulate words they were like "earthlings are dumb - let's peace out". NO ONE WOULD EVER KNOW.

Shit I ponder people.

And let's not even talk about how I probably look right now. I mean, I want to think I look like this:

you know, adorable and cuddly

When in reality, I probably look more like THIS:

except you know as like a girl zombie
ps: I use this zombie photo way too much.
it's my "Go To" zombie photo

And really - I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I just want to do THIS:

yes please. satin sheets and all

which ummm when I googled Blair Waldorf in bed (because I always strive to look as elegant as Blair when I sleep) this came up and then I basically cried. Gossip Girl fans will understand.


Where was I?


Epic weekend was still Epic. And I figured, I would share three wonderful things from the weekend with you all.


If you ever go to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
you need a picture with THE WAVE

Bellinis are Love
Girls Nights are Love


if you have never been to Halifax, Nova Scotia
you need to.
I lived there for six years and it's East Coast Canada at its best

That is all.

NOW. Today's photo because I need to go to bed and try not to die of this cough.

Favourite Photos from the Twilight Saga
5 Day Countdown

OK. Today we have two photo contributions from the ladies who sent in the most photos (because they are AWESOME. never forget it ladies).

@JRollin5 from USA chose this photo because:
"This one is great. One of the few very comical parts of the movie.
First of all, FACE PUNCH?! I can't even with that title... *dies*
Second, her sitting there, between them, wanting to be ANYWHERE else..
L.O.L. Good times."

I agree. this scene ALWAYS kills me with laughter.

@j_carroll7 from California chose this photo because:
"That smirk that started it all.
This is the scene
where Edward Cullen stole my heart,
among other parts of my anatomy."

..... *dead*

And tonight, instead of giving you a favorite photo, I'm giving you a favorite gif. to go along with that smirk of perfection from Jenn. You can thank me after you've all finished swooming.


yeah. he's perfect.

See you all Monday - as long as you know, I haven't died of the ebola/bird flu I apparently have which if it's anything like the movie Contagion, well, it was nice knowing you all.


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