Friday, November 11, 2011

5 Days Until Breaking Dawn


I'm out of town right now [well let's face it, not RIGHT now, because right now I'm sitting on my couch, eating Taco Bell - I BLAME YOU KRISTEN - and flailing over Vampire Diaries] BUT when this post goes up, I am having the time of my life in Halifax, Nova Scotia with one of my best girl friends and heavily into the wine.

But yes. I'm giving my lovely ladies the floor tonight to highlight some of their favorite photos from the Twilight Saga.


cute cuddly hamster is ready

First up!

@Kate_Suena from Canada chose this photo because:
*Kate wrote an essay which I will summarize as this:
-she actually didn't hate New Moon
-she is a huge fan of angst, which means like me, if she's crying and flailing? It's doing the job.
-she doesn't agree with everything Bella does (and NEITHER DO I)
-like JoJo, she basically died in Italy when Bella ran into Edward's arms
-one of her top moments? "Possibility" Lykke li 26. (AGREED)
And finally. Why she chose this photo:
"When Bella goes over to Jacob's to find out why he's been distant lately (he's turning into a dog, duh) in the rain and she's on the verge of tears/crying a little? MY HEART. I CANNOT. She's trying SO FUCKING HARD to move and resume her normal life (which obviously isn't possible). She feels so bad and is trying to repair her friendship. Kristen made me cry in that scene (goddamn I love her) For that reason, it's my pick:

I agree with Kate 100%
this scene always leaves me in tears for poor Bella


@MyCleverAlias from USA chose this photo because:
"I have loved this still for so long. We all UNF for fierce, protective Edward,
and he was hot in this scene. Bella is terrified but standing her ground, and
you know her mind is already rolling to come up with what she can do.
I love their unity. And I just love the colors and the way they pop in this scene.
And the wig looks pretty good, so you know. #smallvictories"



@JRollin5 from USA chose this photo because:
J still too speechless at the hotness to comment.
So I'm gonna do it for her.



@j_carroll7 from California chose this photo because:
"That look. That look does things to me."

yes. yes. YES.

And lastly. My pick!

WHY was this scene cut?
*cries in the corner and rocks like a crazy person*

Alright folks. Thanks for taking the time to stop by - like EVERY day. Seriously. I've had almost 600 hits just in the past week and that's AMAZING. I mean I know it's not big leagues BUT it's something and for that I heart you all. MUCH MUCH LOVE!

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