Friday, November 11, 2011

6 Days until Breaking Dawn

On the 6th day until Breaking Dawn - we were all exhausted from staying awake for what I can only describe as EPIC late night TV viewing.

You know what I'm talking about.

Kristen on Jimmy Kimmel. Rob on Jimmy Fallon.

And let me tell you. When Rob is on Jimmy Fallon - I basically die because as you all probably know, Jimmy Fallon is pretty much the love of my life and so if you put him with Rob, it's kind of an unstoppable freight train headed straight for my heart which results in an explosion of mass proportions.

I LOVE volcanoes
so appropriate visualization of explosion is appropriate

So I was already out of commission following Jimmy's opening monologue as I always am because I love him madly - so naturally, when Rob came out looking like THIS:


Well obviously this happened:


And then Rob uttered perhaps the best line ever - of course with Jimmy beside him - sooo, dying as per usual.

" And now there's a placenta on the Crafts Service table."


So that line + these two PLAYING TOGETHER:




Of course, Kristen on Kimmel was just the same dose of hotness but I'm not going to lie, I wasn't absolutely crazy about the interview. She seemed really on edge for some reason and while Kimmel was being fun and light - I dunno. I think at that point after the day she'd had, she wasn't feeling it.

And that's ok.


Because she at least gave us THIS:

<span class=

she also left me with a feeling of inadequacy in my hair length department
i want that ponytail

Oh and can I have these two children? Yes?


no really, I want these children


TIME for today's photo pics!!!

Favorite Photos from the Twilight Saga
6 Day Countdown

Today's photo choice comes from @JRollin5 !! I have only recently really gotten to know J and she is one of our precious members of the fabulous bookclub I am a part of made up of a wicked crew of girls from Twitter. If you are not in this bookclub, what is your life? So here is one of J picks! Again, she sent in several and I flove her for this.

J sent in this photo as her favourite!
J was so distracted by Edward's hotness, she couldn't formulate a reason.

but I totally understand why.
edward saving bella?

And for MY choice today, yet another, Twilight pic because let's face it, it's obvious which movie out of the Saga is my absolute favorite.

I LOVE him in that shot
LOVE him.
Wish that scene was in the movie.


Tomorrow (Saturday) will be a post of several photos submitted from a bunch of you and not much ramble from me as I'm drafting it tonight to post it from the road (I'm headed to my old university stomping grounds, Halifax, Nova Scotia for the day/night - expect epic tweeting).

You have SIX days to send your photos to to be immortalized on this blog. Its kind of a BFD.

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Rachel said...

Wow those pics of Rob on Jimmy Fallon are so yummy!

I love the pic you picked, too! He looks so great in that Twi shot with the blue windbreaker and his hair as crazy!