Thursday, November 10, 2011

ONE WEEK until Breaking Dawn - and then basically the best movie trailer ever

I don't even know where to start. I really seriously do not.

Because a) i'm still sick so my head is even fuzzier than it was last night. AND b) today the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer premiered and my purpose for living basically became next June 2012.


my words exactly.


I had huge expectations for this trailer. But they were squashed by the Godzilla of epicness that WAS THIS TRAILER.

Godzilla Cat
forever squashing movie trailer expectations

First of all.

Kristen wasn't born to play Bella Swan. That just happened. And I'm totally forever grateful that it did because I cannot imagine a world where Rob & Kristen as a couple does not exist. yes I quoted Edward Cullen again tonight - get over it. But let me say it again.

Kristen was not born to play Bella Swan.
She was born to play SNOW WHITE.


her hair. the snow. her skin.

She was simply born to play this role and I'm sorry Lily Collins but you were not.


Charlize? Oh my GOD. Could you play the evil queen ANY FREAKING BETTER?


no lie.
I will have nightmares after this movie.
Because of her.

But then maybe those nightmares will be eased with the hotness that is my total new crush, Sam Claflin because THIS basically killed me.

yes hi.
I will eat a poisoned apple if I can have THAT.

Shall we look at that in motion? Sure. WHY NOT? I'm already DEAD as it is.


I know that everyone is all ZOMG the huntsman. And he's totally hot. I will not deny it. But seeing as I'm one of those girls that doesn't get turned on by muscles, and scruff (unless its on Rob), and basically giant 'imma fuck you up' arms and shoulders - I am not UNF'ing over the Huntsman.
he still looks totally badass tho.

So basically.

Summer 2012 OWNS ME

And now.

Favorite Photos from the Twilight Saga

SO today's photo contribution comes from the lovely @dizzy_ladybug or as we know her - JoJo. I don't exactly recall how it is that JoJo and I really got to know each other which like all the other girls with the same story, I think that simply means that's how special our little twitter bond is. I seriously need to find a way to plan a trip to Europe and see her because we've already been roomates in a dream of mine - having fun in Portugal just seems like the natural next step right? lol

Jojo from Portugal chose this photo because:
"Bella running to Edward in New Moon is one of my favorite parts of the movie.
Let's face it, I usually just skip all the Jacob bits from spinning depressed Bella
to jumpy depressed Bella just so I can go to Italy. First time I watched this
movie I almost died at this scene. And I had finished the book like 2hours before.
Plus New Moon Bella is the prettiest Bella ever. EVER and I can never get over
how pretty she is even when she is all sad. Let's face it, us normal human beings
(aka me) DO NOT LOOK like that when we're happy and trying.
So there. New Moon Bella for ALL the Awards. " - Jojo

I cannot agree with JoJo more.
this scene in new moon left me in shivers and tears.
even when they show a glimpse of it at the beginning of the movie.
ps: JoJo I'm glad you didn't really die. I like you in the land of living.

And my photo choice tonight, also from New Moon is:

appropriate photo to go with JoJo's is appropriate
when she threw herself into his arms.
oh my god.
my heart bursts EVERY TIME.


You all have FIVE more days to send in your photos. Please do! There is still plenty of room for more contributions!

Ok. Until tomorrow. when I'm totally going to gush over THIS:

Rob on Jimmy Fallon


Joana said...

Bahahh!I almost sent you the image you picked. But since the Twi one was a kiss I decided to go just Bella.

Once again, glad to have found so many twin brains around here!

Also, SWATH: sjfhsjkfhajkkhjaghakhd!!!!! SO WITH YOU ON THE PRINCE THING!!!

Rachel said...

ok something that the Snow White trailer left me wondering... is there going to be a Prince in this movie? As is, the typical story where she eat the apple and the prince saves her? Or it is all just the huntsman?