Wednesday, November 9, 2011

8 days until Breaking Dawn

On the 8th day until Breaking Dawn.....

I got sick.

Which is AWESOME because if I'm going to be sick I'd much rather it be this Thursday than NEXT Thursday. Although I've said it before and I'll say it again - I could be in a stretcher and you could wheel me into the movie theatre before I'd miss out on that shit.

And when I say I got "sick" I mean I have scratchy throat and a sniffly nose and I can function perfectly fine but that's not the point. The point is, my head is fuzzy and therefore I can't remember if I'm coming or going so someone feel free to remind me at any point.


no really.
I need Siri.

Anyway. Because I'm also in the middle of bookclubbing with some fabulous ladies right now, I'm going to keep this post rather short compared to some of the other ones. So #letsdothis

Favorite Photos from the Twilight Saga
8 Day Countdown

Tonight's photo contribution comes from the lovely Jenn @j_carroll7 who I love madly and seriously need to find a way to haul my ass to California so we can finally tackle hug for realz. Someone asked the other day how our little group of gals on Twitter came to be and the honest, 100% truth is that half the time I have no sweet clue. It's like one day I was on Twitter and trying to be cool but having no followers and then the next day I woke up and there were these INCREDIBLE ladies in my life that I honestly don't think I could live in a world where they don't exist ever again - EVER.

And yes I quote Edward Cullen. Sue me. but please dont because I have like no money as it is.

But one day I really noticed how much @kate_suena LOVED Jenn and it was seriously a moment of, well, if Kate thinks Jenn is the shit - she probably is. So I kinda love her too. So I followed her and the rest is history. This girl is awesome and I LONG for the day I can tackle hug the shit out of her.

With that note, I give you one of the many photo selections she sent me. Noticing a pattern here are you with these ladies I call close friends not being able to settle for one photo? *grins*

*Jenn was VERY passionate with her reasons for choosing her photos. So passionate - only the F-Word would suffice and I love her for that fucking shit. Oops. please take no offense.

Jenn from California chose this photo because:
that is all.
(ps: you can edit that F-Bomb out if necessary.
God I'm starting to feel like Summit. Editing out all the good stuff.) - Jenn

He's fucking Perfect.

AND my choice, keeping with Eclipse, IS:


I LOVE Charlie.
basically he will be half the reason I will cry in Breaking Dawn.
The wedding. When he breaks down crying in the trailer.
I can't handle sad Charlie.
So because Charlie is awesome.
And because when he stood up for her at graduation,
I literally started sobbing,
I needed to post a Charlie pic.

See you Thursday when it will officially be ONE week until Breaking Dawn. Can I get a "wut wut?"

PS: im totally discussing THIS tomorrow.

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Joana said...


Come on! I may be a day late, and in the mids of getting my bedroom to look like a bedroom instead of a clothes storage room..but I have to comment!! #OCDParagraph

OHH're SO FUCKING right! Eclipse Edward was my favourite Edward. Unpopular opinion, I know most people prefer Twi Eddie. Not me though.Eclipse was PEEERRFECT and if you have any doubts go watch him in the tent scene. Than freeze the image in his face. Then stare at it for 30min...Not that I've ever done that. *cough*

Also, i'm abstaining from Charlie comment 'cause I'm saving the crying for a week from mow. *hiccup sob*