Tuesday, November 8, 2011

9 days until Breaking Dawn

And then there were 9 days left until Breaking Dawn...

I swear. Time flies like this cat.

No really. It does.
ps: this photo is all kinds of awesome.

But since I rambled profusely yesterday about Cosmopolis Rob that will probably be the death of me because if he's anything like a certain Fifty Shades we all love and adore... read: i swear. master of the universe still owns my heart and soul like woah. And if you don't know what I'm talking about when I say Fifty Shades. Master of the Universe. MY FAVORITE FANFIC EVER. Well then you should probably go to this link and buy a copy of the fanfic turned successful novel now - Fifty Shades Because this Edward [turned Christian in the novel] is basically my achilles heel.

going to re-read motu over and over again.

Ok. Now. Onto today's pictures.

Favorite Photos from the Twilight Saga
9 Day Countdown

Our follower photo tonight comes from @MyCleverAlias who much like the other girls, could not simply chose ONE photo so she sent in three. Again, people who have a hard time doing just the bare minimum are basically meant to be my BFF. Because that's the story of my life. Tell me to run a mile, I'd pull a Forest Gump and run all across the country.

except not really because I hate running but you get the idea

MyCleverAlias chose this photo as her favorite because:
"They were just SO CUTE AND HAPPY in their love,
and the beginning will always be my favorite.
Poor Edward actually let go and let himself be happy.
Only to have it all go to shit, of course.
But I clung to that kiss for the rest of the movie."

they were pretty freakin cute before a fucking papercut ruined it ALL.

AND my photo of the day, keeping with MCA's New Moon image:

how awesome am I?
not only did I keep it with the movie.
I kept it within the same scene.
This kiss. UNF.
I'm pretty sure if I'd looked that sexy -
kissing my boyfriend in the parking lot like that -
my zero detentions ever record wouldn't have stood a chance
ok so maybe it wasnt that innapropriate but come on.
rob makes everything too hot to handle.

See you all on Wednesday!

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