Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I do believe spawns of satan aren't always a bad thing

I really hate Tom Cruise. Like DESPISE Tom Cruise.

I liked him in Cocktail back in the day. My best friend Bailey and I used to play Cocktail in her basement; yah, we had a bar and used empty beer bottles filled with water. We had a pool table. We made screwdrivers and orgasms. Pretty much any drink that was made in the movie - we made it. We even took turns getting to be Tom Cruise's character...

Now fifteen years later, I absolutely hate the guy with a passion. I miss the Katie Holmes & Chris Klein days.

Nonetheless. I LOVE Suri Cruise. I think she is abso-freaking-lutely adorable.

Which is why I bring you this.


Other things making me happy today. Robert Pattinson's hair is almost back to the way I love it. Unwashed & Tousled. *flails*


Lastly, I'm really super sad to hear that Mickey Rourke's chihuaha Loki died today. I realize that the dog was 18 and had a very long and happy life with Mickey I'm sure. I also realize I didn't even know who Mickey Rourke was until all of this 'Wrestler' fame but still. Its just sad because he has seemed to have the dog EVERYWHERE with him. On Oprah. On The View. Award Shoes. Tres sad.
R.I.P. Mickey Rourke's Dog :(


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JoJo said...

awe that poor chihuahua, love the pic of suri cruise!