Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the most SHOCKING Bachelor finale ever may just take the cake afterall

So I woke up today wondering what topic would fuel my very first 'real post' - the one yesterday was merely an introduction. Then, a heated and morally awful story surrounding one of my favorite reality shows fell right into my lap. When I realized that my ridiculously awesome confident SuperSleuth had pieces of information that not even my very reliable, crack dealer had available, well I was extremely excited.

So what is this disgustingly juicy piece of dirt?

If you're a fan of
The Bachelor, this will definitely strike your interest. It may also cause you to never watch the show ever again - an oath many dedicated fans of the ABC show are declaring today following this news.

I should warn you - there are
heavy heavy heavy SPOILERS ahead. So if you like the element of surprise, I'd navigate away from my page right now. Even if you do read what I have to say, I'm sure you will still have an element of surprise. It will probably be yourself throwing some object such as the remote, cell phone, drink at the tv in disgust when the episode does air.
So, lets get started shall we?

This is what we know for sure. All of the following has been confirmed by reliable sources, so don't hate me for thinking this is product of my own sleuthing.

In the Final Rose Ceremony in New Zealand, the lucky *winner* and I use this word lightly because seriously, this show is *suppose* to be real. It's people's real feelings. Winning just makes this sound like a big joke or game. After what I've read today, I'm starting to wonder.

So the winner is...... MELISSA! Big Shock right? It's not like it hasn't be
en very obvious since the first episode to all of those who watch religiously. For those shaking their heads thinking 'well how was it REALLY obvious' let's discuss the major hint/confirmation that ABC themselves was nice enough to give us at the start of the season.

So Melissa has a pinky ring that distinguishes her as a D
allas Cowboys Cheerleader. As SuperSleuth reports "they all get those rings... kinda like an X ring... you just always wear it" She also has two distinct freckles on her arm/wrist.

So for those you who are good at figuring at simple puzzles, the puzzle of who would go on to become Jason's fiancee was easily solved very very early on in the game. Time to watch anxiously each week watching their love story unfold. So why did any red flags get raised? Cause this is SO SO NOT like ABC.

We've seen enough Bachelors to know that the recipient of the final rose and the ridiculously priced engagement ring usually doesnt score major camera time until midway through the season. Think back to Matt and Shayne. She was very minimal in the first half of the season but when Matt eventually proposed, he went on to declare in later interviews that he'd always known it was Shayne. That they'd always had the most chemistry. Well trust me, I was a Shayne rooter but I NEVER saw that so-called chemistry until much later in the season. I was always waiting for the huge disapointment of watching her go home.

But since the second episode, Melissa has been front and center. Their chemistry has always been there. In other words, they were making us all in love with these two since episode one. Maybe a little too obvious?

So in two weeks, we'll arrive to the long awaited final rose ceremony. As
SuperSleuth describes, it will be "twirly, twirly... I love you... kisses and lets have babies. Melissa is happy, Jason seems happy, Molly is pissed... but what can you do?"

Even in an interview on December 3rd, Jason describes himself as eing blissfully happy and engaged - complete with goofy big smile. Melissa's off work for awhile - also characteristic of the 'chosen one'. She gets to see Jason on weekends secretly, courtesy of ABC. Everything is wonderful, right?


What Melissa DOESNT know that that when she is not visiting Casa De Jason in Seattle, playing with her new man and Ty..... Molly IS! Apparently, Jason has been secretly seeing Molly the whole time he was engaged to Mel. Something to do with not knowing if he was over her, ect. ect. Normal stupid male babble bullshit.

In January, Melissa gets a call from producers, requesting she come to LA to film the After the Final Rose Show. Exciting, right? You get to see your new fiancee, proudly display your new bling, suck faces with him in front of millions of viewers. Something to look forward to. So imagine her shock when she arrives and it's a closed set. No audience. No clue what the hell is going on. This all occured on Jan 23 or 24th and was taped, which is why this has been confirmed.

So on NATIONAL TV, Jason, "re-defines douchebaggery" says
SuperSleuth. The tears and bloodshed will air on March 2nd, in front of millions of viewers when the asshole Jason takes back her bling and pretty much gets back with Molly.

An email leaked to
Reality Steve the go to guy for all reliable reality tv gossip/spoilers, which proved Melissa had NO idea and that the producers of the show were behind the public break-up. The email was from Melissa to Jason, written the day after the taping of the After the Final Rose show were she was "bamboozlefucked". She asks why he lied to her when she asked if he still had feelings for Molly (one guess : because he's a GUY) and more importantly, why would he tell her all was well when he was planning on telling her otherwise on National Television (one guess : MONEY from ABC)

Jason's reply to said email, was that the show said he HAD to do it on TV if he was going to break up with her. These emails ARE Legit, written from their confirmed real email addresses. The reliable source that leaked them can't be named because of a break of contract.

That's what we do know for sure. The rest is all still up in the air. It's questioned whether this will even air now that the secret has gotten out. Does ABC really want to be responsible for airing such an awful humiliating episode? Or will ABC spin it in their favor, making Melissa look like the bad guy? The fact that Melissa knew NOTHING is just awful and wrong.

There are also rumors that this was all done to make way for Melissa to become the next Bachelorette. The obvious screencaps of Melissa getting proposed to since day one, only fueled viewers love for Melissa, leading us to feel even more for her when she get's her heartbroken, in turn, getting very excited when we heard she will be the next Bachelorette.

Think about it....
Brad choses no one, leaving a broken Deanna who goes from being the victim to the next contestant.
Deanna goes on to actually LET Jason propose before dumping his ass. Honestly. What girl would let a guy get down to propose THEN break his heart. This is also rumored to be ABC's doing.
Then, broken hearted Jason gets the chance to find true love again, becoming the next Bachelor only to break Melissa's heart.

You seeing the pattern?

Lastly, there is also speculation that MAYBE Melissa is a damn good actress and this is was all part of the masterplan. Some also hope and pray this is a big fat promotion lie made up by ABC to fool us, but people like
SuperSleuth think its highly doubtful.

On a final note - for the Molly fans. You'll be happy to know that there is supposedly a AFTER the After the Final Rose show to air the night after the one where Jason publicly humiliates Melissa on live tv. He apparently proposes to Molly on this episode.

Douchebag. That is all I'm saying.

Oh. I'd also like to see Jason's ex-wife on this show. I used to think, 'aww poor divorced single Daddy.' I'm starting to think Mommy had reason to divorce Daddy.


Ashley said...

That's crazy!

I totally think ABC had it all planned, though. Their ratings suck!

Nathalie said...

OMFG. Like Woah!

C r y s t a l said...

I know eh?
If this all goes down - its going to be so awful for poor Melissa

JoJo said...

I am such a melissa fan, i can't believe that jason would go through with this after being dumped last season. If melissa is the next bachelorette, they are going to lose so much interest..although i'll still watch :P