Monday, April 26, 2010

You say you're what? Shredding?

Alright friends, followers, creepers....

Week TWO of the 30 Day Shred is complete but before I get into how the second week went, I have collected several pictures of celebrities working out this past week - you know, to "compare".

Gisele Bunchden
aka: skinny super model who just had a baby

seriously? how did you just have a baby and you look like THAT. It makes me wonder if you just go inside the gym and watch your jerkface hubby Tom Brady workout. But I will give you this, that body is something to aspire to.

Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer
aka: Sookie & Bill on True Blood and Super Cute Engaged Couple

So first of all, way to go exercising in public. I mean, in the clear shot of papparazzi. Second of all, I'm really jealous you get to "work out" at Santa Monica Beach aka my favorite place in the world. Thirdly, Anna you make that look EASY. Maybe that's because your fiancee's hand is on your ass.

Cam Gigandet
aka: Volchuck on the OC and James in Twilight

First of all, I may be a Twihard but Cam will always be first and foremost Volchok to me because THIS killed me four years ago.

But Cam, do you really think jogging in black jeans in LA is a good idea? Or jogging in black boots? Someone needs to take you "work out" clothes shopping. I'm totally free like ALL the time.

So on the trail I take every day, there are usually quite a few people out doing the same - gettin physical! And they're all happy! They all wave or say 'hello'! Their dogs are even so excited they attack me! True Story.

But the other day I spedwalked past these two girls about my age who gave me the ugliest looks imaginable. And all I could think was THIS:

"Exercise gives you endorphins! Endorphins make you happy!
Happy people just don't kill their husband!"

clearly those bitches don't know that smiling burns more calories than frowning.

SO how did week TWO of the 30 Day Shred Go?


This workout seriously does get easier as the weeks go by! So if you think about trying it and it's beating your ass during the first week, keep it up! It gets easier! And to be honest - it only started to get easier like yesterday on Day 9.

This evening, Day 10 I was all - WOAH I did EVERYTHING.

My weaknesses? Because really - everyone has them:

I would like to think after almost a month of getting into shape that pushups would be easier. This is so not the case but they are getting there. SLOWLY.

See that woman? Yes - somedays that is me and I'm thinking 'holy shit you want me to what?'

The shred consists of three circuits each having its own "strength". If I designed this workout I would have called them "muscle tissue butchering".

So what exactly DID I do this week?

worked out 7 / 7 days
12.5 hrs this week = average 1.75 a day
walked 46km/28.5 miles

Is it doin anything? YES. one more pound gone and noticeably trimmer waist line. Based on reviews I have read, one can expect during the first two weeks very little weight loss but as you get into week three, the pounds start "shredding".

I like the sounds of that - a lot.

Note: The 30 Day Shred requires you do the 20 minute workout 5/7 days a week. It does NOT require you do extra activity. I personally enjoy hiking/walking every day for at least an hour so that is my reasoning and obviously extra exercise isn't a bad thing.

Lastly, you may wonder what a workoutaholic like myself listens to when trekking through the woods and getting lost.

Yes - Saturday I pulled a Bella and ran off into the pretty trees. Charlie would have been pissed.

But what do I listen to you ask?
Here are my three recommended categories of music for the perfect hike in the woods!

1) Pump Up Dance Music
My current jams? 90's music. "Do ya think I'm Sexy" by NTrance. "I've got the Power" by Snap "Supermodel" by RuPaul "Bust a Move" by Young MC.

2) Randoms from the 70's & 80's
I LOVE walking to "Walk like an Egyptian" by the Bangles and of course "Cherry Bomb" by the Runaways. My new fave is "Psycho Killer" by The Talking Heads.

3) Angstful Break Up Songs
My ultimate fave? "So What" by Pink. If you are single and happy you aren't with your ex-boyfriend who made you hate yourself all the time, THIS is the workout jam for you. "Decode" by Paramore also works lovely and I am love love loving "All I need" by Within Temptation from last weeks Vampire Diaries. It is GORGEOUS.

And that is all for this post.

To all my friends & followers - thank you for reading as always! Comments are bliss and in Shred posts act as further encouragement to "shred on".



Victoria said...

Sounds like a good workout. I've ost 11 pounds since December but still want my middle to be smaller and tighter... maybe I'll buy the dvd.
Keep posting so I know how it goes for you! I also heart hiking... in LA... Runyon and Fryman. Sigh. I miss it so!

Ashley said...

Congrats on keeping up with your workouts!

I've been weight lifting and I LOVE it. I asked my brother who is a weight lifter for some tips, and he told me something that might help you, too:

Don't forget to take a break. When you are working out, you are basically ripping your muscles (hence "shredding") and your body needs time to heal itself, so you can come back for more exercise even stronger! Just eat well during your break, and you won't feel bad about missing 1 day of exercise here and there.

Congrats on sticking with the program! Love you :) <3 MISS YOU!

~A~ said...

Did the shred for the first time today. Not gonna lie, it killed me. Now I read your blog and get motivated to do it again tomorrow!! *I think I can, I think I can*

Thanks for the inspiration!

PS: That supermodel... waay too skinny! :P